Hilary Term 2015

1st Week Thursday 22nd January, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Ninth Doctor
Bad Wolf & The Parting of the Ways
We start off the new year with a farewell to Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. When the Doctor wakes up in the Big Brother house, separated from his companions, it quickly becomes apparent that he has stumbled upon a far greater threat. With Rose and Captain Jack trapped in deadly games, human society collapsing on the Earth below and the jaws of a trap long in the making closing around him, time has started to run out for the Ninth Doctor, and it might just cost him everything he holds dear...
2nd Week Thursday 29th January, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Second Doctor
The Tomb of the Cybermen
This week, we watch one of the most iconic serials of the Patrick Troughton era. The TARDIS arrives on the planet Telos, as a human archaeological mission seeks to unearth the legendary Tombs of the Cybermen. However, with members of the crew plotting to revive the Cybermen for their own ends, the situation hurtles out of control, as an ancient force awakens once more... This serial was once thought lost, but was returned to the archives after an absence of 13 years.
3rd Week Thursday 5th February, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Third Doctor
Carnival of Monsters
This week, we join the Third Doctor on a cargo ship where nothing is quite as it seems. When the Doctor and Jo land on the S.S. Bernice, they encounter dinosaurs, time loops and enormous and mysterious beings snatching the TARDIS. It soon becomes obvious that the ship and everyone on it are caught up in a bigger mechanism, and the Doctor must battle to save everybody on board.
4th Week Thursday 12th February, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Eleventh Doctor The First Doctor
The Gunfighters and A Town Called Mercy
We have a Wild West-themed double bill this week, as we join Matt Smith and William Hartnell for two rather different conceptions of what life in the Old West was like. Firstly, when the Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in the Wild West, they find themselves caught up in a plot to assassinate Doc Holliday. With the gunfight at the OK Corral looming, and the Doctor being mistaken for Doc Holliday, the team may have reached its Last Chance Saloon...
Then, we join the Doctor, Amy and Rory as they land near a town with a few secrets - a miracle healer, technology decades ahead of its time and a mysterious cyborg stalking its borders that will force the Doctor to his moral limits...
5th Week Thursday 19th February, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Geek Quiz
As always, Fifth Week sees us host the legendary Geek Quiz. A collection of Oxford's finest, taken from a selection of the geekiest societies, meets up to compete for the prestige and the honour of being "the team who won that term". Everyone's welcome to come along and compete - if you want to write a round of questions that isn’t just related to Doctor Who, then please feel free to bring that along.
6th Week Thursday 26th February, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Twelfth Doctor The Fifth Doctor
Black Orchid and Mummy on the Orient Express with Society Elections
We have a 1920s-themed double bill this week. Firstly, we join the Fifth Doctor, as he finally gets to play the game of cricket that the character was born for. With identical doppelgängers, hidden passageways and a murder at a fancy dress ball, the serenity of the moment does not last long.
Then, in a Doctor Who Society first, we welcome Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, as he takes Clara on a long-promised trip on the Orient Express... in Space! With Clara determined to have one last hurrah before she stops travelling, the scene is set for a long-running conspiracy and a mysterious mummy killing the passengers to thoroughly throw the spanner in the works of an opulent holiday...
After the episodes, it's time for the annual Doctor Who Society elections. All members are welcome to vote for who they would like to see on the Doctor Who Society Committee for the next year - if you think you could do a good job, you’re more than welcome to stand for any position too!
7th Week Thursday 5th March, 8pm

Qumins, 86 St. Clement's Street
DocSoc Meal
Join us for the termly Doctor Who Society Meal. We’re visiting Qumins, one of Oxford's many Indian restaurants this term. Join us for good food and entertaining company.
Saturday 7th March, 12 pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
The Seventh Doctor The Sixth Doctor The Fifth Doctor The Fourth Doctor
Classic Davros Marathon
This term's marathon follows the story of Davros, creator of the Daleks and one of the Doctor's most iconic enemies, throughout the original run of the show. Appropriately, we start with Genesis of the Daleks (Fourth Doctor), followed by Destiny of the Daleks (Fourth Doctor), Resurrection of the Daleks (Fifth Doctor), Revelation of the Daleks (Sixth Doctor) and Remembrance of the Daleks (Seventh Doctor)
8th Week Thursday 12th March, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Sixth Doctor
The Twin Dilemma
Eighth Week is Eighties Week! Considering that we started the term with a farewell to a Doctor, it only feels right to send the term off with the introduction of another. Following the events on Androzani Minor, Peri finds herself alone on the TARDIS with a brand new Doctor in the form of the Sixth Doctor. However, it quickly transpires that this Doctor is rather different to the previous one, and is dangerously unstable. With the threat of the evil Mestor looming, and the Doctor being particularly unreliable, the fate of a world hangs in the balance...

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