Hilary Term 2016

1st Week Thursday 21st January, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Seventh Doctor
Survival (and Discussion)
This term kicks off with the final Classic Who story to air before the show's hiatus in 1989. The Seventh Doctor returns Ace to London only to find that cats are teleporting humans to a planet ruled by cheetahs. Why are the beings from another dimension targeting Earth and why does the Doctor find the Master on the feline planet as well?
2nd Week Thursday 28th January, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
Arts and Crafts and Circular Gallifreyan (oh my!)
Have you ever wanted to learn how to write circular Gallifreyan? Do you need another Whovian decoration for your room? We'll teach you the written language of the Time Lords and use hama beads to craft Doctor Who-themed designs. (£1 contribution to cover the cost of supplies)
3rd Week Thursday 4th February, 8pm

Bangkok House, Hythe Bridge Street
DocSoc Meal
This time, we're heading to the Thai restaurant, Bangkok House, for our termly meal.
4th Week Thursday 11th February, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The First Doctor
The Tenth Planet and Committee Elections
In The Tenth Planet, the First Doctor faces his final voyage, journeying to the South Pole in the then future 1986. A space probe notices a planet moving toward Earth, which is soon revealed to be Mondas, once Earth's sister planet. As Ben, Polly, and our hero race to help the probe return safely, metal humanoids land on earth and begin to disguise themselves. Join us for the Cybermen's first storyline, the first glimpse of the Second Doctor, and the regeneration that shocked the nation.
5th Week Thursday 18th February, 8pm

Dorfman Centre, St. Peter's College
The Geek Quiz
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, bring it along. A really fun evening, and who knows, you might even get an answer right occasionally...
6th Week Thursday 25th February, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Fourth Doctor
Full Circle
To prepare for next week's speaker meeting, we will be viewing Full Circle. On the way to Gallifrey, the Fourth Doctor and Romana accidentally enter a planet in a pocket universe called E-Space. Its crash-landed colonists, including the young, mathematically-gifted Adric, must protect themselves from the forces of the planet and the aggressive, native Marshmen, who have already taken one of their leaders. Can their ship protect them from external dangers? Will they be able to repair their ship in time?
Saturday 27th February, 12 pm

Meeting Location TBD
DocSoc Trip to Cardiff
Join us as we travel to Cardiff to visit the Doctor Who Experience and other Doctor Who related points of interest such as Llandaff, the location for both Leadworth and the church in Vincent and the Doctor! (Deposit required in advance for transportation)
7th Week Thursday 3rd March, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
Speaker Meeting with Andrew Smith
We welcome Andrew Smith, writer of Full Circle as well as the novelisation of Full Circle, the short story, The Constant Doctor, and various stories for Big Finish audio plays, including The Invasion of E-Space, released in October 2010. At the time of the airing of Full Circle, he was the youngest writer for Doctor Who.
Saturday 5th March, 3pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Sixth Doctor
The Trial of a Time Lord
For this term's marathon, we're following the trial of the Doctor, which spans the entire 23rd season. After breaking the laws of Gallifrey, the Sixth Doctor is prosecuted by the mysterious Valeyard in front of the High Council of Time Lords. Stories shown include events of the Doctor's past and present (The Mysterious Planet and Mindwarp), events from his future (Terror of the Vervoids) and events that may change his destiny (The Ultimate Foe). Please stay for the whole event or feel free to pop in and out at your leisure. We will break for dinner.
8th Week Thursday 10th March, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Fifth Doctor
Snakedance (and Committee Meeting)
Eighth week is Eighties week! The planet Manussa is in the midst of celebrating the banishment of the snake-like, telepathic Mara as the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan land on the planet’s surface. Little do they know that Tegan is in fact possessed by the evil Mara.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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