Michaelmas Term 2008

1st Week Wednesday 15th October, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Tenth Doctor
Freshers' Drinks featuring Blink
We start the term with free wine at Freshers' Drinks! On WEDNESDAY from 8pm in the Video Room of St. John's College (directions at the bottom) we'll have various wines, juices, and soft drinks along with snacks free to all (first come, first served, though we've never run out before). The evening is a casual get-together for us all to meet each other and have a good time. At some point, we'll also put on Blink, a very popular episode from the 2007 season. Technology permitting, we might have some token fan-works from the internet.
2nd Week Thursday 23rd October, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Tenth Doctor The First Doctor
The Doctor's Daughter & The Edge of Destruction
A pairing of new and old this week, but with a theme in common. From the latest series we've got The Doctor's Daughter, where David Tennant's tenth Doctor finds himself unexpectedly a father. (The Doctor's eponymous Daughter, Jenny, is incidentally played by Georgia Moffett, real-life daughter of fifth Doctor Peter Davison.) Then it's back to 1964 for a two-parter from the show's very first season. After an explosion in the TARDIS, the Doctor's grand-daughter, Susan, starts behaving very oddly indeed...
3rd Week Thursday 30th October, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Fourth Doctor
Pyramids of Mars
A touch of horror for Hallowe'en eve from perhaps the most iconic Doctor of them all, Tom Baker, and one of the most popular companions of all time, Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elizabeth Sladen). A Doctor Who twist on the classic Mummy movies, this 1975 story features ancient evil entombed in pyramids, robot mummies, and the revelation that the Egypition gods were in facy aliens nearly twenty years before Stargate did it.
4th Week Thursday 6th November, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Tenth Doctor
David Tennant Night
A couple of gems from the back-catalouge of the present Doctor, the versatile David Tennant. The Quatermass Experiment is a 2005 live-broadcast adaptation of the classic 1953 sci-fi series of alien posenssion and paranoia; Tennant, whoe plays Doctor Gordon Briscoe, was cast in Doctor Who during rehearsals for Quatermass.

And in the BAFTA-winning Takin' Over the Asylum, a drama set in the radio station of a mental health hospital, we find a very young David in one of his first TV roles.
Friday 7th November, 7pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Seventh Doctor
Season 24 Marathon
It's this term's marathon extravaganza! This Michaelmas we're going to be watching the whole of Who's somewhat flawed twenty-fourth season - the first season of Sylvester McCoy's tenure, when the Doctor regenerates due to tulmultuous buffeting, takes up playing the spoons, and voluntarily spends time with Bonnie Langford. Bring your own gin, vodka, or rum. Drinking games highly recommended.
5th Week Thursday 13th November, 8pm

North Quad Lecture Room, St. John's
The Geek Quiz
The Doctor Who Society presents the termly Geek Quiz! We invite as many "enthusiastic" societies as possible to battle for the title of the geekiest in Oxford. As usual this is a bring-your-own-round event, so if you want, prepare a round of roughly 10 questions and you might get a chance to present it to the room. The more unusual the format the better, though please try and keep the questions at least vaguely answerable (I aim of an average score of 7).
6th Week Thursday 20th November, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Third Doctor
Spearhead from Space
It's back to 1970 this week for a story of important firsts - the first Who story in colour, the first to star Jon Pertwee and his crushed velvet suits, the first appearance of companion Liz Shaw, the first appearance of the Autons (who also featured in the first episode of the new series of Who in 2005), and the first of UNIT's regular appearances. Everyone's favourite UN taskforce recently returned in The Sontaran Stratagem; here they're commanded by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, soon to appear in The Sarah Jane Adventures.
7th Week Thursday 27th November, 8pm

Makan La, 6 St. Michael's Street
DocSoc Meal
This week we head off for a more social event by having our termly meal (let's say its the 45th anniversary meal). This term we're heading to Makan La for a Malaysian meal (no, I don't know what that means, but that's more reason for me to want to go).
8th Week Thursday 4th December, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Ninth Doctor
Christopher Eccleston Night
Let us not forget the brilliant (if brief) tenure of The Other New Doctor, Chris Eccleston. This Thursday from 8pm we're going to be showing the whole of the 2003 miniseries The Second Coming, written and produced by Who writer, executive producer, driving force, and everything else up to and possibly including set-painter, Russel T. Davies. Eccleston stars as Steven Baxter, the Son of God, in this thought-provoking drama. Mankind has five days to produce the Third Testament, or face Judgement Day.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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