Michaelmas Term 2010

1st Week Thursday 14th October, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
Freshers' Drinks featuring The Curse of the Fatal Death
A chance to sample society cocktails like the "Sonic Screwdriver" and the "Doctor-Donna", and to see Steven Moffat's 1999 Comic Relief parody The Curse of Fatal Death, starring Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley as the Doctor & Julia Sawalha as the companion
2nd Week Thursday 21st October, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Fifth Doctor
The TARDIS lands in the middle of a military investigation into a missing team of scientists, in a network of caves under 26th century Earth (although something strange has obviously happened in the evolution of human technology, as all their computer equipment looks as if it was made in the 1980s). Funnily enough, this disappearance turns out to have alien involvement, so the Doctor investigates.

Meet one of the Doctor's oldest foes! Find out what really killed the dinosaurs! Marvel at the technological advances of the next six centuries!
3rd Week Thursday 28th October, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Ninth Doctor
The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances
Earth again, this time during World War II. Classic Moffat, with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, Rose as the companion (back when she was good) and the first appearance of Captain Jack Sparrow Aubrey Harkness! A perfect example of Moffat's tight plots and tighter grasp of audience-terrifying - in 2005, nothing was more fun than phoning up friends and whispering, "are you my mummy?" (and by 'fun', I mean 'incredibly mean').

The Oxford Doctor Who Society accepts no liability for any sofa-hiding needs caused by this episode, although we apologise for the lack of sofas in our meeting space.
4th Week Thursday 4th November, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Third Doctor
Doctor Who and the Silurians
Exiled to Earth and now working for UNIT as their scientific advisor (the previous holder of the title becoming his companion), driving a souped-up vintage roadster named "Bessie" - the Doctor's life was quite different in the 1970s. In this story, a series of mysterious power losses at an underground research centre lead to the discovery of an ancient reptilian race, who existed long before humanity, hibernating deep underground. If this plot sounds suspiciously similar to that of The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood from last season, that's because it is! But this one has dinosaurs, immobile costumes, and a Doctor who'd never be seen dead in a fez (although satin capes and velvet jackets are a different story).
5th Week Thursday 11th November, 8pm

North Quad Lecture Room, St. John's
The Geek Quiz
In the now-legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". Start writing your rounds now!
6th Week Thursday 18th November, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The First Doctor
The Chase
Are you sick of the Doctor talking his way out of interactions with the Daleks? Surely, by now, they should know just to shoot on sight? Well, they certainly knew that back in the time of the First Doctor - this term's black-and-white serials is six glorious episodes of the Doctor and his companions (science teacher Ian, history teacher Barbara, futuristic miniskirt-wearer Vicki) running away from the Daleks. This takes them (and the Daleks) to locations as diverse as an alien desert, a haunted house, and the Empire State Building. Remember, once, the Daleks were actually scary...
Saturday 20th November

Cardiff Trip
A trip to Cardiff, home of a prodigious collection of Doctor Who artefacts. Also:

  • Visit the Ianto Jones shrine at the "Pizza Delivery" entrance to the Torchwood Hub!
  • Visit more Doctor Who filming locations than you can shake a stick at, including Bad Wolf Bay!
7th Week Thursday 25th November, 8pm

Atomic Burger, Cowley Road
DocSoc Meal
This term, we continue our quest to eat every type of cuisine available in Oxford with a trip to Atomic Burger. This is a B-movie of a burger bar, with sci-fi memorabilia hanging from the ceiling, cult films and vintage adverts projected onto the back wall, and a mural of a Cowley Road like the 50s thought the future would be, with hover-cars and neon everywhere. The menu evokes an 80s nostalgia for the 50s (keeping up at the back?) and the food is incredible.
Saturday 27th November, 3pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Fourth Doctor
Season 17 Marathon
As well as starring legendary Doctor Tom Baker, Season 17 is perfect for a marathon because it starts with two excellent stories -
  • 15:00 Destiny of the Daleks - starting with Romana picking a new body - in the end she picks Lalla Ward's
  • 16:45 City of Death - a delightful romp around Paris with fake Mona Lisas and evil aristocrats
Then things start to get a bit silly with -
  • 18:30 The Creature from the Pit
  • 20:15 The Nightmare of Eden - we're definitely heading in the direction of monsters in fursuits and platform boots..)
So that, by the time that the sleep deprivation and/or drunkenness begins to set in, we're thoroughly prepared for the legendary -
  • 22:00 The Horns of Nimon, whose eponymous villain wears platform boots, tiny silver hotpants, and a seen-to-be-believed minotaur mask.

One possible suggestion for a drinking game will be to spot all of the ideas later re-used by Douglas Adams, who was script editor at the time...
8th Week Thursday 2nd December, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Sixth Doctor
Once more, Eighth Week is Eighties Week! This term (postponed from last term - we promise we'll have a copy this time!), our trip through the worst excesses of the Colin Baker era brings us to Timelash. Here we have the usual themes of aliens perving over Peri and the Sixth Doctor being overly pompous and terribly dressed; to this heady mix we add Paul Darrow camping things up even more than he used to as Kerr Avon in Blake's 7, and cutting-edge special effects made entirely of tinsel.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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