Michaelmas Term 2013

1st Week Thursday 17th October, 8pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
The Eleventh Doctor
Freshers' Drinks with Asylum of the Daleks
Freshers' Drinks is a chance to meet the other members of WhoSoc (we don't bite, honest!) plus free drinks and snacks - what more could you possibly ask for? We'll also kick off the termcard with Asylum of the Daleks. Kidnapped by his oldest foe, the Eleventh Doctor is forced on an impossible mission - to a place even the Daleks are too terrified to enter...
2nd Week Thursday 24th October, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Third Doctor The Second Doctor The First Doctor
The Three Doctors (with Stargazing)
In the first ever multi-Doctor story, the first three incarnations of the Doctor meet up to face Omega in a universe of antimatter. Then, weather permitting, we'll head to the Christ Church Master's Garden for some stargazing with the JCR telescope.
3rd Week Thursday 31st October, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Tenth Doctor The Fourth Doctor
The Brain of Morbius and Tooth and Claw
We begin this Hallowe'en-themed evening with The Brain of Morbius, in which scientist Mehendri Solon is building a body to house the disembodied brain of Time Lord Morbius, and fancies the Fourth Doctor's head as the final piece...
Then, in Tooth and Claw, the Tenth Doctor is transported to 19th Century Scotland, where he tries to protect Queen Victoria from a ravenous werewolf and a band of assassinating warrior-monks.
4th Week Thursday 7th November, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Ninth Doctor The Sixth Doctor
Vengeance on Varos and The Long Game
This week is themed around "Doctor Who and the media", beginning with Vengeance on Varos. Seeking to repair his TARDIS, the Sixth Doctor arrives on Varos, a world where political prisoners are subjected to sadistic tortures viewed by inhabitants on interactive television, and the Doctor and Peri become the latest unwilling participants...
Then, in The Long Game, the Ninth Doctor arrives in the year 200,000 to see The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire, but not all is well - those who are promoted to Floor 500 disappear, humanity is possibly being manipulated by news, and who exactly is the sinister Editor's employer?
5th Week Thursday 14th November, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Eighth Doctor
The Geek Quiz featuring The Night of the Doctor
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, bring it along. A really fun evening, and who knows, you might actually know an answer occasionally...
6th Week Thursday 21st November, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Seventh Doctor The Fifth Doctor
Earthshock and Silver Nemesis
In Earthshock, the Cybermen plot to crash a space freighter into Earth in order to destroy a conference uniting military powers against them. The Fifth Doctor must stop them, whatever the cost...
We'll then continue the Cybermen theme with Silver Nemesis, in which the Seventh Doctor must also evade neo-Nazi Herr de Flores and villainous sorceress Lady Peinforte, as well as the aforementioned Cybermen, as a Gallifreyan super-weapon hurtles ever nearer to Earth.
Saturday, 23rd November

3pm, Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen


7pm, Vue Cinema, Ozone Leisure Park
The Eleventh Doctor The Tenth Doctor The War Doctor
DOCTOR WHO 50th ANNIVERSARY - An Adventure in Space and Time & The Day of the Doctor
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first ever broadcast of Doctor Who on 23rd November 1963, and of course we'll be marking the occasion with a special event: we will first gather to watch Mark Gatiss' docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time in Magdalen, before decamping to the Vue Cinema on the outskirts of Oxford for the highly-anticipated 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, alongside the mysterious War Doctor.

NB: Attendance of the cinema trip is ticketed, and by prior arrangement only. Everyone is welcome to attend the screening of An Adventure in Space and Time, but please do not expect to be able to join the society cinema trip on the day.
7th Week Thursday 28th November, 8pm

The Big Bang, 42 Oxford Castle Quarter
DocSoc Meal
As always, DocSoc's termly meal will take place on Thursday of 7th Week, this time at The Big Bang.
Saturday 30th November, 12 pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
The Eleventh Doctor The Tenth Doctor The Fourth Doctor The Third Doctor The Second Doctor
Classic Monsters Marathon
The theme for the Michaelmas 2013 termly marathon is "Classic Monsters" - we'll be watching The Web of Fear (Second Doctor, including the recently found episodes!), The Sea Devils (Third Doctor), The Sontaran Experiment (Fourth Doctor), The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit and Blink (both Tenth Doctor) and Cold War (Eleventh Doctor).
8th Week Thursday 5th December, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Eighth Doctor
Doctor Who - The Movie
Eighth week is Eighties week Eighth Doctor week! To mark the 50th anniversary, this term we're including all eleven Doctors in the termcard, and that of course means watching the 1996 TV movie. The Doctor is charged with transporting the remains of the Master back to Gallifrey only to discover he's not quite dead, costing the Doctor a life and spelling disaster for Earth. The newly-regenerated Eighth Doctor must take on the Master on the turn of the Millenium.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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