Michaelmas Term 2015

0th Week - 8th Week Saturday Evenings

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Twelfth Doctor
Doctor Who Series 9
Join us on Saturday evenings throughout this term for screenings of the latest episodes of Doctor Who, shown live! Each week we’ll watch and discuss the new episode with fellow Society members at St. Peter's College.
Screenings begin on Saturday of 0th Week with Before the Flood; join us in the Miles Room from 8pm to meet new and existing members of the Society and Committee before transmission begins at 8:25pm.
Transmission times vary on a weekly basis, so keep an eye on the schedules, but we will in general meet 10-15 minutes before each episode to get ready and settle in, and details will be announced at each Thursday meeting beforehand.
1st Week Thursday 15th October, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Ninth Doctor
Freshers' Drinks with Rose
We start the year with Freshers' Drinks, followed by a screening of modern Doctor Who's first episode, Rose. Freshers' Drinks are our annual opportunity to get to know all our new members, and for all the newcomers to get to know us, and to a feel for how the society works.
After the drinks, we will watch the episode intended to reintroduce a whole new audience to Doctor Who. In contemporary London, an utterly ordinary woman has her life turned upside down by living shop dummies, and a stranger who calls himself the Doctor...
2nd Week Thursday 22nd October, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Tenth Doctor
New Earth and Gridlock
This week, join us for a double bill of episodes set on the planet New Earth, nearly five billion years in the future. In New Earth, the Tenth Doctor and Rose follow a message from a dying friend to a hospital hiding dark secrets and an old enemy. In Gridlock, the Doctor and Martha find themselves deep in the underbelly of New New York; when Martha is kidnapped, the Doctor has to make his way through a stagnant, choking society, and to solve the mysteries of the missing cars and the endless traffic jam...
After these episodes have finished, we will have the chance to have an in-depth discussion about them both, and how they relate to this era of Doctor Who and to each other - a perfect opportunity for newer fans looking to learn more, or more experienced fans looking to develop their opinions or theories.
3rd Week Thursday 29th October, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Second Doctor
Guest Speaker - Saied Marham, Missing Episode Discoverer
This week, we welcome a very special guest to speak to the society. Saied Marhem was involved in the recovery of The Evil of the Daleks Part 2 and The Faceless Ones Part 3, two iconic stories, and a large debt is owed to him by the fans. Saied will tell us about his story and we will watch one or both of the episodes he found.
4th Week Thursday 5th November, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Fourth Doctor
The Ark in Space
This week, we’re watching some vintage Tom Baker, in one of his first serials in the role. When the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry stumble across a seemingly-abandoned space station, it quickly becomes apparent that humanity is in terrible danger, with a mysterious creature feeding on the preserved remnants of the human race...
5th Week Thursday 12th November, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Geek Quiz
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, bring it along.
6th Week Thursday 19th November, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Third Doctor
Spearhead From Space
This week, we’re doing our termly Book Club, looking at a piece of Doctor Who literature and comparing it to the TV series. This time, the literature in question is the novelisation of the Third Doctor’s opening story, Spearhead From Space. First of all, we watch the show, which features the Third Doctor acclimatising to his new body and new life while trying to repel an Auton invasion, and then we talk about how and why an extract of the novelisation differs from it. This is an ideal opportunity to take a wider view of Doctor Who as a whole, and to go into greater detail of one of Doctor Who’s most iconic stories.
7th Week Thursday 26th November, 8pm

Atomic Burger, Cowley Road
DocSoc Meal
This week sees the termly Doctor Who Society meal. Join us for good food, and good company.
8th Week Thursday 3rd December June, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Sixth Doctor
Revelation of the Daleks
As always, Eighth week is Eighties week! Join us this week for the Sixth Doctor's encounter with his most iconic foes, the Daleks. As the Doctor makes his way to a funereal planet to pay his last respects to an old friend, it quickly becomes apparent that the whole thing is a trap - Tranquil Repose’s Great Healer has sinister intentions for the organic matter in the facility, and the Daleks will rise again...

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