Trinity Term 2009

1st Week Thursday 30th April, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Third Doctor
The Mind of Evil
This week we begin with The Mind of Evil, a Third-Doctor-and-UNIT story where the Doctor and Jo visit a remote prison to investigate a dangerous-sounding psychological technique being used to 'cure' criminal impulses. Meanwhile, someone appears to be trying to sabotage the World Peace Conference...
2nd Week Thursday 7th May, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Seventh Doctor
The Curse of Fenric
Codebreaker Dr Judson (based on Alan Turing) discovers that something far more sinister than the Nazis is threatening his quiet Northumbrian village. The Seventh Doctor is seen at his darkest and most manipulative when he and Ace investigate...
3rd Week Thursday 14th May, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Second Doctor
The Mind Robber
The Second Doctor travels with Jamie (kilts) and Zoe (glittery catsuits) into the land of fiction. See how they dealt with cast illness in the 1960s - by recasting a companion for an entire episode! Metatextuality, referentiality, and other things likely to please English students abound.
4th Week Thursday 21st May, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Ninth Doctor The Fifth Doctor
Warriors of the Deep & The End of the World
A Peter Davison story featuring nasties like Silurians, Sea Devils, and Turlough, teamed with a Ninth-and-Rose story about - you guessed it! - the end of the world. The theme of this meeting appears be "stories with 'of the' in the title".
5th Week Thursday 28th May, 8pm

North Quad Lecture Room, St. John's
The Geek Quiz
Once again we return to battle for the crown of geekiest of the geek societies, as representatives from DocSoc, TolkSoc, OUSFG, AnimeSoc, and others, convene to ask each one another rounds of questions.
6th Week Thursday 4th June, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
The Ninth Doctor The Fourth Doctor
Robot & Dalek
Another shockingly clever theme - single-word two-syllable episode-names. Robot is fourth Doctor Tom Baker's first story, featuring regeneration effects, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, and the Brigadier, while the Ninth-and-Rose story Dalek contains what mediawatch-uk (think Mary Whitehouse) called "a sado-masochistic torture scene". Enjoy!
7th Week Thursday 11th June, 8pm

Café Sojo, Cowley Rd
DocSoc Meal
We continue our quest to visit a different cuisine every term with a visit to Café Sojo on the Cowley Road.
8th Week Thursday 18th June, 8pm

St. John's College Video Room
Red Dwarf Night
In order to heal ourselves from the horror of the Easter specials, which seemed to contain more Blade Runner than Red Dwarf, we will be watching a selection of episodes from the first six seasons of this fantastic British sci-fi sitcom.

Season 1
- The End

Season 2
- Parallel Universe

Season 3
- Polymorph

Season 4
- Dimension Jump

Season 5
- Terrorform

Season 6
- Psirens

And to finish: The Arnold Rimmer Song from Blue.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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