Trinity Term 2012

1st Week Thursday 26th April, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Ninth Doctor
Boom Town & The Lost Boy
Our link this week is the Slitheen: in the first story we will be watching tonight, we get a dose of the Ninth Doctor and Rose, trying to stop Slitheen-in-disguise Margaret from building a nuclear power plant right in the centre of Cardiff, on the Rift. People from Swansea might see this doing away with Cardiff as an altogether good thing, but the Doctor doesn't, especially when he finds out that the design contains an intentional flaw that would cause a meltdown to open the Rift and destroy the Earth. Next tonight is a story from The Sarah Jane Adventures, where the Slitheen make a return to kidnap Luke in order to exact revenge on him for defeating them earlier in the series.
2nd Week Thursday 3rd May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Fourth Doctor
The Android Invasion
This week, we get the classic combination of Tom Baker and Liz Sladen in this Season 13 four-parter. We land on what we think is Earth, near Devesham, a quaint English village, but, in line with the TARDIS's dodgy time and space guidance systems, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane have actually arrived on Oseidon, where the Kraals have built a replica of Devesham in order to plan for an invasion of Earth. All the inhabitants are androids and Harry makes a surprising reappearance, but with the Brig away in Geneva, the race is on to try and halt the android invasion...
Saturday 5th May

East Hagbourne & the Rollright Stones
Society Trip
Having watched The Android Invasion, this weekend we will be venturing outside of the Oxford bubble to see the village of East Hagbourne a.k.a. Devesham. We also hope to combine last term's postponed trip to Little Compton and the Rollright Stones (filming locations for The Stones of Blood) in today's outing. Standby for more information in upcoming meetings!
3rd Week Thursday 10th May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Fifth Doctor
Planet of Fire
In this Fifth Doctor four-parter, the TARDIS, with Turlough and Kamelion onboard, responds to the distress call of a strange artefact discovered by a professor, who's daughter is (unfortunately) Perpugilliam (hereforth known as Peri) Brown. Yes, that's right, ladies and gents: this is Peri's first story in which she so nearly drowns right at the beginning but is saved by Turlough (another reason to dislike him). Meanwhile, the Master asserts his power over Kamelion again and makes him bring the TARDIS to the planet Sarn whose supply of numismaton gas the Master hopes to use to restore his shrunken body to its correct size... Has Eighties' Week come early? Oh yes, it has, but don't worry: we have more cheese from the Eighties for you in Eighth Week too!
4th Week Thursday 17th May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Eleventh Doctor The Tenth Doctor
Planet of the Ood & The Doctor's Wife
We are in for some new Who fun this week with two stories, one with Tennant and one with Smith. The connection between these two stories is the Ood (even though Neil Gaiman had wanted to create his own monster for The Doctor's Wife on account of budgetary constraints). But let's be fair: this is an excuse to re-watch the brilliance that was Gaiman's contribution to Season 6, where the Doctor, Amy and Rory follow a Time Lord distress call from an asteroid outside the universe. Awesomeness then ensues. In Planet of the Ood, the Ood are slightly more conventional (their eyes glow the usual red, not green) and are being sold as slaves to human buyers and need to be freed by a compassionate Doctor-Donna.
5th Week Thursday 24th May, 8pm

Ferrar Room, Hertford College
The Geek Quiz
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". Be there and not feel square for once (unless your round foxes everyone).
6th Week Thursday 31st May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The First Doctor
The Daleks
In the second story of Who ever, the First Doctor, along with Susan, Ian and Barbara, lands on the desolate planet of Skaro where they meet two races in the aftermath of an all-out nuclear war (see Genesis of the Daleks for more details). The Thals are primarily pacifist until the Doctor et al. turn up and convince them of the need to fight for their own survival against their fellow indigenous Skaroean race who believe in their own supremacy, have been genetically mutated and accordingly trundle around in armoured pepper pots: no, it's not the first Cushing movie, but rather the first (canon) Dalek story!
Saturday 2nd June, 12pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
The Fourth Doctor The Second Doctor
The Madoc Marathon
For this term's marathon, we will be paying tribute to the late Philip Madoc who had some serious Who credentials: not only did he appear in the second Cushing film, Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., but he also featured in two Second Doctor stories, The Krotons and The War Games, and two Fourth Doctor stories, namely The Brain of Morbius and The Power of Kroll, as well as the Big Finish audio story, Master. Today, therefore, we shall be watching: The War Games, Dalek - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. and The Power of Kroll.
7th Week Thursday 7th June, 8pm

Yeti Nepalese Restaurant, 237 Cowley Road
DocSoc Meal
This term, in keeping with our endeavour to east as many different cuisines as Oxford has to offer, we have provisionally planned to visit a curry house on Cowley Road: the Yeti Nepalese Restaurant.
8th Week Thursday 14th June, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Seventh Doctor
The Happiness Patrol
Considering this is Eighties Week and therefore strictly requires some cheesy Who, you may be wondering why the Seventh Doctor and Ace are appearing this week. I have two words for you to explain this: the Kandyman, and no, not the one whose name you can't say five times in a mirror without being hooked to death by him, but rather the pathological, psychopathic robotic killer who is made out of liquorice allsorts (no, he's not Bertie Bassett either!). On Terra Alpha, it is against the law to be unhappy and if you are such a killjoy then the Kandyman won't just make your dentist have a go at you for having so many cavities, but also your coroner for taking up one of his gurneys. Come for Seventh and Ace, stay for the cringe.

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