Trinity Term 2013

1st Week Thursday 25th April, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Fourth Doctor
Genesis of the Daleks
This term kicks off with the Fourth Doctor, who is charged by the Time Lords with the task of destroying the Daleks before they have even developed. The Doctor travels back in time to the planet of Skaro, to a point where he could prevent the evolution of the Dalek race, but he faces a crisis of conscience as he questions the ethics of what amounts to genocide. Will he be able to destroy an entire species to save countless lives in the future?
2nd Week Thursday 2nd May, 8:30pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Tenth Doctor
The Infinite Quest and Dreamland
New Who with a twist this week, featuring an animated Tenth Doctor. Firstly, The Infinite Quest shows The Doctor and Martha Jones in a race to discover the location of a lost spaceship, the Infinite, which according to myth can grant anybody their heart's desire. Then, in Dreamland, the Doctor stumbles upon a mysterious alien artefact that leads him on a mission to rescue Rivesh Mantilax from the threat of the Viperox and the clutches of the American military.

NB:Please note that this week's event is half an hour later than normal, at 8:30pm
3rd Week Thursday 9th May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The First Doctor
The Reign of Terror
The animation continues with this First Doctor story, which has been partially reconstructed. The TARDIS materialises in Paris in 1794 - one of the bloodiest years following the French Revolution. The travellers become involved with rescuing prisoners from the guillotine, but are soon caught up in the schemes of an English undercover spy...
4th Week Thursday 16th May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Eleventh Doctor The Fifth Doctor
Kinda and Amy's Choice
In Kinda, the Fifth Doctor arrives on the paradise planet of Deva Loka to find a colonial mission on the verge of collapse, whilst Tegan becomes possessed by the Mara, a force of pure evil that lives in dreams and preys on fear. Continuing the theme of dreaming, Amy's Choice sees the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory facing peril in two different scenarios - but which is real?
5th Week Thursday 23rd May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Geek Quiz
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, then bring it along. A really fun evening, and who knows, you might even get an answer right occasionally...
6th Week Thursday 30th May, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Sixth Doctor The Second Doctor
The Two Doctors
This week sees the Sixth Doctor and Peri teaming up with the Second Doctor and Jamie. The Doctor discovers the Sontarans about to dissect his past self in a genetic operation. But just why are they operating on the Doctor? And how will their findings aid their enslavement of the universe? Deadly questions to which the Doctors must find answers in order to escape their own death...
7th Week Thursday 6th June, 8pm

My Sichuan, Gloucester Green
DocSoc Meal
This time, we're heading to Chinese restaurant My Sichuan for our termly meal.
Saturday 8th June, 12 pm

Old Law Library, Magdalen
The Tenth Doctor The Seventh Doctor The Fourth Doctor The Third Doctor
The Master Marathon
For this term's marathon, we're following the history of the Master, featuring Terror of the Autons (Third Doctor), The Deadly Assassin (Fourth Doctor), Survival (Seventh Doctor) and Utopia, The Sound of Drums & The Last of the Time Lords (Tenth Doctor).
8th Week Thursday 13th June, 8pm

Lecture Room 2, Christ Church
The Third Doctor
The Mind of Evil
Eighth week is Eighties week Season 8 week! The Third Doctor is again pitted against the Master, who plots to plunge the world into war through a complex scheme involving an alien entity that feeds on evil and fear.

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