Trinity Term 2015

1st Week Thursday 30th April, 8pm

Lodge Seminar Room, LMH
The Tenth Doctor
The Waters of Mars
We begin the term with the Doctor Who Society’s first Episode Discussion week. First, join us as we watch David Tennant's Tenth Doctor on one of his final adventures. As the Doctor is faced by a famous mission, a base under siege and a race against time, we learn precisely what happens when the Time Lord goes too far... After the episode, we will be trialling a new format of meeting, as we talk through the episode and its themes, as well as related topics. It’s a perfect opportunity to really dig into the substance of the episode in a group setting.
2nd Week Thursday 7th May, 8pm

Lodge Seminar Room, LMH
The First Doctor
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
This week, we watch one of Doctor Who’s most iconic serials, as the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan land in a recognisable, yet oddly deserted London in the 22nd Century. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the travellers, along with the rest of humanity, are in grave danger; the Daleks are back, and this time their sights are set on Earth...
3rd Week Thursday 14th May, 8pm

Lodge Seminar Room, LMH
The Twelfth Doctor The Eleventh Doctor
Hide and Listen
This week, we have a spooky double bill, featuring both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi's Doctors. First, we join the Eleventh Doctor and Clara as they arrive at Caliburn House, a legendarily haunted manor. With a twisted figure stalking the halls, a gifted psychic sensing doom and a strange apparition manifesting itself in the House, it soon becomes clear that this is no simple haunting. Then we join the Twelfth Doctor and Clara as the Doctor attempts to face his fears, and Clara attempts to face an increasingly disastrous date. As the Doctor looks for answers at the end of the universe, it might be that they lie right at the beginning...
4th Week Thursday 21st May, 8pm

Lodge Seminar Room, LMH
The Seventh Doctor
Remembrance of the Daleks
This week, we’re with the Seventh Doctor and Ace as they go right back to the show's beginning. The year is 1963, and Coal Hill School is once again home to strange alien activity. This time, however, the stakes have never been higher - two warring factions of Daleks have descended upon London in search of an ancient and deadly Time Lord weapon, and the Doctor must use all of his wits and cunning to ensure that the Hand of Omega doesn’t fall into the wrong hands...
We'll be following up the episode with a Book Club-style discussion; we will circulate a passage from the novelisation of the book and discuss the role of the novelisations of the series and their place in the history of Doctor Who
5th Week Thursday 28th May, 8pm

Daubeny Lecture Theatre, Magdalen
The Geek Quiz
As always, Fifth Week sees us host the legendary Geek Quiz. A collection of Oxford's finest, taken from a selection of the geekiest societies, meets up to compete for the prestige and the honour of being "the team who won that term". Everyone's welcome to come along and compete - if you want to write a round of questions that isn’t just related to Doctor Who, then please feel free to bring that along.
6th Week Thursday 4th June, 8pm

Lodge Seminar Room, LMH
The Fourth Doctor
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
This week, the Fourth Doctor and Leela land in Victorian London, in the middle of a crime wave. Dozens of women have been vanishing from the streets, a murderous ventriloquist's dummy has been on the loose, and mysterious creatures are roaming the sewers. It all seems to hinge on the latest turn at the Palace Theatre - Li H’Sen Chang’s remarkable magic act holds some dark secrets...
7th Week Thursday 11th June, 8pm

Zheng, 82 Walton Street
DocSoc Meal
Join us for the termly Doctor Who Society Meal. We’re visiting Zheng, a new and highly-rated Chinese-Malaysian restaurant in Jericho. Join us for good food and entertaining company.
8th Week Thursday 18th June, 8pm

Lodge Seminar Room, LMH
The Fifth Doctor
Arc of Infinity
Eighth Week is Eighties Week! Join us this week for an adventure for the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa. As mysterious monsters and old friends converge in Amsterdam, the Doctor becomes embroiled in an elaborate plot that stretches right up to the highest levels of Time Lord society. With an ancient evil fighting its way into the universe, and the Time Lords turning against him, the Doctor must prevent this old threat from tearing the universe apart.

An archive of past termcards from the last few years can be found here.

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