Trinity Term 2016

1st Week Thursday 28th April, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Twelth Doctor The Tenth Doctor
School Reunion and The Caretaker
We begin this term by comparing and contrasting two new series episodes set in schools, featuring the Doctor's old alias, "John Smith". First, in School Reunion, the Tenth Doctor and Rose go undercover in a school to investigate strange occurrences, including hyper-intelligent students and bizarre administrative decisions, and bumps into his old friends, Sarah Jane Smith and K-9. Then, in The Caretaker, the Twelfth Doctor goes undercover as the new caretaker in teacher Clara's school to track down a dangerous alien on the loose and finally meets her boyfriend.
Saturday 30th April, 11am

Second Floor, St Aldate's Tavern
2nd Annual Varsity Quiz against the Cambridge DocSoc
We will be welcoming members of the Cambridge Doctor Who Society to Oxford for a Doctor Who trivia quiz of Oxford vs. Cambridge and having lunch with them.
2nd Week Thursday 5th May, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Fourth Doctor
The Android Invasion
When the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane travel to then modern-day Devesham, the two must avoid mysterious beings dressed in white shooting at them while trying to figure out why the town is deserted. This episode features the Fourth Doctor's visit to a pub.
Saturday 5th May, Time TBD

Meeting place TBD
"Let's try the pub"
We will be taking a short train ride to Didcot to visit the pub featured in The Android Invasion, the Fleur De Lys.
3rd Week Thursday 12th May, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Third Doctor
The Claws of Axos
The Axons, a group of aliens, land on earth near UNIT HQ, offering to exchange a revolutionary substance called Axonite, which can turn into any substance, for fuel. Is the miracle substance too good to be true? Why is the Master involved? Can the Third Doctor, Jo, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart save the day?
4th Week Thursday 19th May, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Nineth Doctor The Eleventh Doctor
Vincent and the Doctor and The Unquiet Dead
This week's theme is "saving the world with historical creative figures". In Vincent and the Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy must save Vincent Van Gogh's village from a giant, invisible alien only the artist can see. The episode was written by Richard Curtis of Blackadder and Love, Actually fame, who also gave Steven Moffat his first Doctor Who writing job, The Curse of the Fatal Death. In The Unquiet Dead, the Ninth Doctor and Rose team up with Charles Dickens to save Cardiff from murderous reanimated corpses.
5th Week Thursday 26th May, 8pm

Dorfman Center, St Peter's
The Geek Quiz
In the legendary Geek Quiz, members of Oxford's geekiest societies get together in order to battle it out for the crown of "team who won that term". If you can write a round not entirely related to Doctor Who, bring it along. A really fun evening, and who knows, you might even get an answer right occasionally... As a fun twist, cosplay will be encouraged but not compulsory. Please come dressed in a way that represents our society, if you would like to.
6th Week Thursday 2nd June, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
Fan Videos
We will be watching our favourite fan-made Who-related videos. We will send out a link to a public YouTube playlist beforehand for you to add any videos you like to watch with the society. On the day, we will play the list at random.
Saturday 4th June, Time TBD

Meeting place TBD
The Second Doctor
Scavenger Hunt (weather-permitting) or The War Games Marathon
To take advantage of the summer, we will be holding a Who-themed scavenger hunt around Oxford with a prize! If the weather is unkind, we will instead be having a marathon. In The War Games, the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe land in the midst of what appears to be WWI only to discover that multiple wars from different human eras are occurring simultaneously. Join us for the last black and white serial and the appearance of Patrick Troughton's son, David. We will let you know the plan a few days in advance based on forecasts.
NB: The Scavenger Hunt was abandoned and the War Games Maraton was moved to 7th Week.
7th Week Thursday 9th June, 7:45pm

Gino's Spaghetti House
WhoSoc Meal
We're visiting Gino's Spaghetti House, one of Oxford's many Italian restaurants this term. Join us for good food and entertaining company.
Saturday 11th June, Time TBD

Meeting Place TBD
Scavenger Hunt (weather-permitting) or The War Games Marathon Alternative Day
We will be either doing the scavenger hunt or a marathon, depending on which event took place the previous Saturday. If the weather is unkind on both weeks, we will not be holding an event.
8th Week Thursday 16th June, 8pm

Miles Room, St. Peter's College
The Seventh Doctor
Delta and the Bannermen (and Committee Meeting)
Eighth week is Eighties week! The Seventh Doctor and Mel have won a free trip to 1959 Disneyland with an intergalactic tour company! They soon learn that one of their fellow passengers, Delta, is an alien queen being pursued by a group of genocidal humanoids called the Bannermen. This episode features the introduction of the Doctor's question mark umbrella!

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