Modern Greek

    Pietro Bortone (BA, MSt, MPhil, DPhil)


Wolfson College
Oxford OX2 6UD
                     University of Oxford  





       Fields of interests
  • Modern Greek Studies, Turkish Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Classics, Byzantine Studies
  • Historical Linguistics, Descriptive Linguistics, Comparative Philology, Sociolinguistics
  • Languages, esp. Greek, Latin, Turkish, Hebrew, Romanian, Swedish, Italian

       Current research area
  • Language and ethnic identity in Greece and Turkey 

       Some past awards
  • Institute for Advanced Study (SCAS), Uppsala University: Fellowship
  • Institute for Advanced Study (Wissenschaftskolleg), Berlin: Fellowship
  • Rhodes University: Hugh LeMay Research Fellowship in Classics
  • UIC Institute for the Humanities: Research Fellowship  
  • Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks: Summer Research Fellowship  
  • Princeton University: Research Fellowship at the Program in Hellenic Studies
    Princeton University: College Fellowship at Wilson College Princeton
  • University of Athens: Onassis Foundation Scholarship 
  • University of Oxford: Wingate Foundation Scholarship 

Pre-doctoral positions
  • University of Oxford: Instructor in Ancient Greek for the Faculty of Classics 
  • University of Oxford: Tutor in Greek linguistics
  • Oxford University Press: Etymologist for the Oxford English Dictionary 
  • Bloomsbury Publishing, London: Etymologist for the Encarta World Dictionary 

  • University of Oxford: DPhil in Greek Philology
  • University College London: Scandinavian Studies
  • University of Oxford: MPhil in Comparative Philology 
  • University of Oxford: MSt in Linguistic Theory
  • King’s College London: BA in Classical, Medieval, & Modern Greek

       Institutions where lectures were given
  • Harvard University, University of London (SOAS), University of Chicago, Uppsala University, Rhodes University,
    Bibliotheca Classica Petropolitana, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Centre for Advanced Studies at Sofia,
    Saint Petersburg State University,
    University of Pretoria, Institute for Advanced Study (NEC) at Bucharest, 
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
    University of Athens, Ohio State University, Stockholm University,
    University of Pennsylvania, University of Thessaloniki, Princeton University,
    City University of New York

       Book published
  • Bortone, P. 2010. Greek prepositions from antiquity to the present. Oxford: Oxford University Press
    [see scholarly reviews]

       Recent publications
  • Bortone, P.  2013. 'Greek grammar'. ODLA. Oxford: Oxford University Press [in press]
  • Bortone, P.  2013. 'The Latin language'. ODLA. Oxford: Oxford University Press [in press]
  • Bortone, P.  2013. 'Bilingualism'. ODLA. Oxford: Oxford University Press [in press]
  • Bortone, P.  2013. 'The Greek language'. ODLA. Oxford: Oxford University Press [in press]
  • Bortone, P. 2013.  ‘[Ancient Greek] Adpositions’. EAGLL. Boston: Brill [in press]
  • Bortone, P. 2009. 'Greek with no history, no standard, no models’. A. Georgakopoulou,  M. Silk  (eds.),
    Standard Languages and Language Standards:
    Greek, Past and Present. London: Ashgate [free pdf]

      Some of the articles published as a student
  • Bortone, P. 2002. ‘Division of labour according to age:  the Medieval Greek prepositional system’. Clairis, Ch. (ed.) Recherches en linguistique grecque. L’Harmattan, Paris, 111-4
  • Bortone, P. 2002. The Status of the Ancient Greek cases’. Studies in Greek Linguistics 22:1, 69-80.

Formal training for university teaching
  • University of Oxford, Faculty of Classics 
  • Princeton University, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • University of Oxford, Academic Staff Development & Training
  • University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education

       Courses taught at various universities

  • Modern Greek Culture
  • Modern Greek Literature
  • Modern Greek Authors
  • Lower Intermediate Modern Greek 
  • Beginners' Modern Greek 
  • Classical Greek Syntax
  • Modern Greek Linguistics
  • Katharevousa and its literature
  • Advanced Modern Greek 
  • Upper Intermediate Modern Greek