Pietro Bortone
, BA, MSt, MPhil, DPhil

Research Fellow (Classics and Linguistics)
University of Oxford
Wolfson College
Oxford OX2 6UD


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Fields of training and interests
  • Classics (Ancient Greek & Latin languages, literatures, philosophy)
  • Historical, Comparative, and Descriptive Linguistics; Sociolinguistics
  • Modern Greek Studies; Byzantine Studies; Turkish Studies; Balkan Studies

Some past awards
  • Uppsala University, Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS): Fellowship
  • Institute for Advanced Study at Berlin (Wissenschaftskolleg): Fellowship
  • Rhodes University: Hugh LeMay Research Fellowship in Classics
  • UIC Institute for the Humanities: Research Fellowship  
  • Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks: Summer Research Fellowship  
  • Princeton University, Program in Hellenic Studies: Research Fellowship 
  • Onassis Foundation, Athens, Greece: Full-time Scholarship 
  • Wingate Foundation, London: Full-time Scholarship 

  • University of Oxford: D.Phil. in Greek Philology
  • University College London: Affiliate Student in Scandinavian Studies
  • University of Oxford: M.Phil. in Comparative Philology 
  • University of Oxford: M.St. in Linguistic Theory
  • King’s College London: B.A. in Classical, Medieval, & Modern Greek

Current research areas
  • The interrelation between the Greek language and Greek ethnic categories
  • Explanations for lexical semantic shifts in the history of the Greek language
  • The role of language in the construction of ethnicity
  • The concept of identity in a cross-disciplinary perspective

Some other positions held
  • Institute for Advanced Study at Bucharest (NEC): Guest Professor
  • University of Oxford: Instructor in Ancient Greek for the Faculty of Classics 
  • University of Oxford: Tutor in Greek Linguistics
  • Princeton University, Wilson College: College Fellow
  • Oxford University Press: Etymologist for the Oxford English Dictionary 
  • Bloomsbury Publishing, London: Etymologist for the Encarta World Dictionary

Book published 

Some institutions where lectures have been given upon invitation

Available downloads of some of the articles in Greek philology

Formal training for university teaching
  • University of Oxford, Faculty of Classics (course for the teaching of Ancient Greek and Latin)
  • Princeton University, Center for Teaching and Learning (course for teaching as career academics)
  • University of Oxford, Academic Staff Development & Training (course for tutorial teaching)
  • University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education (course for lecturing and small-group teaching)