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Jean-Luc Godard Man with a film camera Dziga Vertov
Jean-Luc Godard 'Man with a film camera' by Dziga Vertov Dziga Vertov

Here is the list of the available videos
Number Title Year Price Checkbox
VHS1 Midnight Movie 1998 2.00
VHS2 Pollock 2000 2.00
VHS3 Shower of Blood 2000 2.00
VHS4 Wild at Heart 1992 2.00
VHS5 Mrs Miniver 1942 2.00

Here is the selection of the available DVD's
Number Title Year Price Checkbox
DVD1 The Big Brass Ring 2.00
DVD2 The Big Finish 2.00
DVD3 Pure Danger 2.00
DVD4 Miami Hustle 2.00
DVD5 I shot a man in Vegas 2.00

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