Appropriate media for training and development

Zeitlyn, J.

1995, 124pp. ISBN 90-70857-27-8 NLG 22.50/US$ 15.00


This handbook published in both Amsterdam and Dhaka, argues that people are the appropriate media for real training and development in the third world. It is a practical book which aims to help those people use simple and appropriate media to make their face to face communication more effective.

The book is drawn from experience of working in several countries and continents. It is illustrated with examples of material from all round the world. It therefore provides the sort of ideas and techniques that many people can use - teachers, trainers, development and communications workers in all fields. It is for all those who are involved in transferring skills and are concerned that development be sustained.

The book includes ideas on the organisation of training and communication as well as on the practical media options that can be considered. It takes into account the problems of using media in the field, when the power fails or the bulb bursts what can be done if you are using a projector?. It points to the other options - such as using folk media and song - which may not be a usual option for a trainer but in rural development may be far more effective than the high tech electronic solutions used in `developed' countries.

The development of an appropriate communication and training technology is essential if people in third world countries are going to take up the developments of projects and overcome the problems of passing on skills and ideas to those rural people who really need them. Overcoming the barriers of isolation and lack of education found in the countryside requires appropriate techniques and media as well as resources. Without them the development expertise leaves with the experts and the development cannot be sustained.

The handbook is published and printed in Dhaka Bangladesh by University Press Ltd. It is also published by TOOL Publications of Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the rest of the world. This partnership is part of a growing network which will enable ideas and technologies to be disseminated effectively. The handbook costs $14 from TOOL Publications in Amsterdam. Or Tk 250 from UPL Dhaka Bangladesh.



Many people have contributed to the production of this handbook. In particular Shahidul Alam and DRIK. Text editing was done by Shelley Anderson and production by UPL in Dhaka. TOOL in Amsterdam and UPL in Dhaka have worked together to publish the book.

Materials used as examples and illustrations in this handbook have included the work of:

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