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This website will expire soon. Check out my new website at http://tsjuzek.com

Chances are that you are here for the CLS abstract on the empirical foundations of syntactic theory. You can find an extended PDF here:
Häussler Juzek CLS Abstract Lab or Armchair.

I am a DPhil candidate in general linguistics at the University of Oxford, with a focus on experimental syntax. My supervisors are Prof Dalrymple and Dr Kochanski and the preliminary title for my thesis is "Aspects of Grammaticality".

I have studied Communication Science & Phonetics, General Linguistics, and Philosophy at various universities. In 2012/2013, I was on a research visit to Stanford University, where Prof Wasow was my sponsor.

Currently, I am looking into the methods that are used to measure the acceptability of certain grammatical phenomena. You can find both a paper and a poster of my last project here.

Last modified:  16 Sep 2015