Leila Tamara Alexander

I started my DPhil in 2009 at the Doctoral Training Centre, University of Oxford.

In my projects I attempt to identify structural mechanisms that modulate conformational changes in protein kinases using:

- Bioinformatics (sequence and structure analysis),

- Site-directed mutagenesis (cloning, expression, purification),

- Biochemical and biophysical assays (DSF, Caliper, SPR, ITC)

- X-Ray crystallography (crystallisation, structure solution and refinements).

I work mainly at the Structural Genomics Consortium , but I am also a member of the Oxford Protein Informatics Group and make regular visits to the Novartis site in Basel.

Conferences and meetings attended:

Pseudokinases as modulators of signal transduction in normal and cancer cells

Symposium on Epigenetic Mechanisms in Health and Disease

GPCR & Kinase Targets: Advances in drug development from molecular to clinical

3Dsig Structural Bioinformatics & Computational Biophysics (ISMB), poster presented, Wolfson College conference grant awarded.

Dynamics within and between proteins, poster presented, Biochemical Society student bursary awarded.

CCP4 Study Weekend - Data Collection and Processing, student bursary awarded.

Advanced Methods in Macromolecular Crystallization, FEBS Youth Travel Fund grant awarded.

Oxford Symposium on Rare Diseases 2013: 'Protein misfolding and aggregation, organiser.


Lori C, Lantella A, Pasquo A, Alexander LT, Knapp S, Chiaraluce R, & Consalvi V (2013) Effect of single amino acid substitution observed in cancer on Pim-1 kinase thermodynamic stability and structure. PLOS ONE (in press).


Dr Henrik Moebitz, Novartis

Dr Sandra Jacob, Novartis

Professor Charlotte Deane

Professor Stefan Knapp

Contact: leila.alexander@sgc.ox.ac.uk