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Objectifying mental health, symptom by symptom

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What's this all about?

Engineering and technology have come to a point now, where mobile and wearable monitoring (together with advanced data analysis) could provide an insight into day-to-day behaviours, as well as cognitive and emotional processes of human beings. This is especially important for mental disorders, where diagnostics heavily depend on clinical judgement of patient's behaviour and often confounded by subjective factors.

What is my contribution?

My DPhil research project at the University of Oxford, Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation (under supervision of Dr. Gari Clifford and Dr. David Clifton), aims to create tools and methods for automated assessment of certain symptoms of mental health. It covers broad spectrum of technologies, starting from mobile apps for behaviour assessment, wearable instrumentation for physiological measurements and concluding with a framework for automated symptoms scoring.


Mobile application for long-term (months/years) collection of physical activity, light exposure and social interaction (calls, texts and location) patterns.


Wearable physiology and environment probe, acquires heart rate, SpO2, ambient temperature and humidity as well as 3D acceleration with up to 100Hz frequency.


Methods and algorithms for complex analysis of physiological, behavioural and environmental information.

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All developed code and methods are published as Open Source, so you are free to adopt it for your own projects.

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GitHub is wonderful for collaborative development, forks are very welcomed.

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