Jacob M. Nebel

I'm a BPhil candidate in Philosophy at the University of Oxford, specializing in ethics and epistemology. I received my AB in Philosophy from Princeton University in 2013.

You can reach me at .

Current Research Interests

  • Population ethics
  • Imprecision in value and the strength of reasons
  • The value of knowledge
  • Cognitive biases
  • Publications

    1. Status Quo Bias, Rationality, and Conservatism about Value. Ethics 125(2), January 2015: 449-76.
    2. Teaching Philosophy through Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Teaching Philosophy 36(3), 2013: 271-89. Co-authored with Peter Van Elswyk, Ben Holguin, and Ryan Davis.
    3. Does Dworkin's Moral Reading Rest on a Mistake. The Journal Jurisprudence, 2013.
    4. A Counterexample to Parfit's Rule Consequentialism. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Discussion Note, 2013.
    5. The Nuclear Disarmament Movement: Politics, Potential, and Strategy. Journal of Peace Education 9(3), 2012: 225-47.


    You can view or download my CV here.