Fantasy & S.F. - Individual Authors

* Robert Benchley
From Authors Links & Info.
* David Brin
From Authors Links & Info.
* Octavia Butler
An unofficial home page, maintained by Laura Quilter.
* David Eddings
Full (some might say disproportionately full) details of Eddings' various series of fat fantasy books, with all the information and trivia a fan could want.
* Harlan Ellison
+ Ellison Webderland
+ The Islets of Langerhans
* Ursula K. Le Guin
+ Laura Quilter's unofficial page.
+ from Authors Links & Info
* Mervyn Peake
From Authors Links & Info
* Kurt Vonnegut
+ Welcome to the Monkey House
A good place to look for other sites, related newsgroups, etc.
+ K.V. I
From Authors Links & Info. Bibliography, audio files, related links.
+ K.V. II
Prop. Kevin A. Boon. Images, bibliographies, audio files, and some actual writings.

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