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* Bookshops and Publishers
+ Publishers, Bookstores, and Books in Print
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University Presses

Bookshops & Other Presses
+ Amazon Books
Warning: There's a rather disturbing story in the news today (12 viii 99) concerning Amazon. A researcher for the Wiesenthal Institute in Germany ordered Nazi material (I think it was "Mein Kampf") from Amazon. Such material is illegal in Germany, but Amazon sent it anyway. The worrying thing, though, is that Amazon then e-mailed the researcher wth a follow-up: "if you enjoyed this book, you might be interested in the following..." The recommended material was more Nazi & U.S. ne-Nazi material. My e-mail to Amazon asking for clarification was answered with the usual customer-relations guff, but boiled down to the simple statement that they hadn't actually broken any laws, and amyway they were only in it for the money, so why was I bothering them with this stuff about morality? I'll not be using Amazon, and I'd recommend that you didn't either.
+ Barnes & Noble [Well written]
The publishers of my own first book, so how could I not include them here?
+ Bibliophile Mailing List
"maintained [by Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson] for the benefit of sellers and/or collectors of rare, out-of-print, scarce books in all subject areas. Our subscribers include librarians, students, scholars, and book lovers of all kinds. Participants will find books offered from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars." An e-mail list, plus on-line resources, articles, etc.
+ Blackwell's on the Internet
"Welcome to the World's Finest Academic Bookseller". Probably true, at that. This site gives access to the bookshop (with a very useful search engine, allowing you to look up books by partial details) and to the publishers. Ordering books is simple and straightforward.
+ Blake's Books
Various on-line services for searching, ordering, etc. Messy & difficult to use for text-based browsers.
+ The Bookshop
My local bookshop in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, run by Patrick and Polly Neale.
+ The Children's Literature Web Guide
Maintained by David K. Brown. An extremely rich site, including a guide to Children's Literature - Publishers & Booksellers and much, much more.
+ Dummies Press [Frames-crippled]
Publishers of the "... for Dummies" books. It's almost impossible to use this site with a text-based browser — and with a graphics-based browser it's dominated by adverts, dubious-looking competitions, etc.
+ Interdart; Resources for Booksellers & Book Collectors
Very full site, offering links to U.K. booksellers, publishers, associations, etc.
+ Kenny's, Galway [Frames-crippled]
An interesting page, offering a news-letter, book club, an on-line catalogue, and more, with an emphasis on Irish books. Unfortunately they've crippled part of the site with frames; I've linked to the main part of the front page, but some of the sub-pages are also crippled.
+ +Penguin Books
One of the best-known popular publishers. The site offers the usual features (don't expect to find out anything about Penguin though — the link with that title leads to a practical FAQ page.
+ Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
Organised by country.
+ Philosopher's Information Centre
A non-profit organisation, publishers of the Philosopher's Index. The site gives details of the paper, CD-ROM, and on-line editions of the Index.
+ Routledge Online
Details of new books, publisher's events (such as signing tours), etc. It's a bit messy with a text-based browser, but what used to be a very useful Philosophy resource page is now frames-crippled.
+ Town's End Books
A mail-order bookseller, specialising in C20th first editions. Also offers a useful page of links to Other Book Sites. A bit gimmick-crippled here and there, but generally usable.
+ University Press of America [Poorly written]
Almost impossible to use with a graphics-based browser.
+ White Horse Press
Specialises in books and journals on environmental issues.
* Electronic Texts
+ Banned Books and Censorship: Information and Resources
Maintained at Loyola University, Chicago. An introduction to the history and practice of book banning (a bit parochial, to be sure, as it deals only with the U.S.), with very useful links to other banned-books sites (with on-line texts, etc.).
+ Children's Literature Web Guide
Maintained by David K. Brown. An extremely rich site.
+ InteLex Corporation
"We publish the largest collection of electronic texts in philosophy in the world. We publish both in English translation and in languages other than English. We are also engaged in a pilot project to place philosophy journals online."
+ Internet Classics Archive
Was the "Tech Classics Archive". One of the main on-line texts sites.
+ On-line Books Page
Now based at the University of Pennsylvania. Over 20,000 on-line books listed, plus special exhibits.>br clear=left>
+ Oxford Text Archive [Poorly written]
Archive of on-line texts, but written so as to be used by M$-users (iffy with Opera, and completely unusable with a text-based browser).
+ Project Gutenburg
Their aim is to provide on-line versions of all public-domain texts -- a huge task, but well under way. A laudable (and fascinating, and useful) site in every respect.

See also my Individual Philosophers pages.

* Miscellaneous Resources
+ AddALL Book Searching and Price Comparison
"A book meta search engine which compares prices at over forty on-line bookstores and reports its findings with the cost of shipping included. It compares new as well as used, rare and out-of-print books."
+ Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Information, on-line catalogues, etc.
+ Centre for the Book in the Library of Congress
"established in 1977 to use the resources and prestige of the Library of Congress to promote books, reading, libraries, and literacy."



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