Aquinas as authority? Seven centuries of problems and perspectives

Congress 2000 of the Thomas Instituut at Utrecht

Call for Papers

Utrecht, the Netherlands;
14-16 December, 2000

The main speakers will be Prof. Thomas O'Meara OP (University of Notre
Dame), and Prof. Fergus Kerr OP (Oxford University).

* send in a proposal before July 1, 2000 (either by mail, email or fax).
The Conference committee will inform you before August 1, 2000 if your
proposal has been accepted.

* The proposal has to be written in English, French or German and should
take approximately 20 minutes.

* The Conference committee will select a number of papers for publication
in the Proceedings. If you think your contribution qualifies for
publication, please have a full version (approximately 15 pages) ready by
December 2000.

* For more information you may contact the Conference committee:
Thomas Instituut, c/o Harm Goris, PO Box 80101, NL-3508 TC Utrecht,
The Netherlands.

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