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* Philosophical Pieces *

+ One Hundred Philosophers (2004)
U.S.A.:     Barron's Educational Books
U.K.:        Apple Press
Australia: A.B.C. Books
"There ain't half been some clever bastards" (Ian Dury)
The book covers the history of philosophy chronologically from Thales of Miletus (6th century BCE) to Peter Singer (b.1946 CE), with philosophers from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and the U.S.A., about 60% getting a page, 40% two pages. Scattered through the book are brief introductions to such topics as African, Chinese, and Indian philosophy, scepticism, women in philosophy, mind and body, the philosophy of science, and moral philosophy. The book's divided into periods, each with its own introduction and timeline of other important events. There's also a glossary, suggested further reading, and an index.
The book has been published in a number of languages, including Chinese, Estonian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, and Portuguese. The French and Estonian editions, at least (I haven't seen the others), have omitted the article on Putnam and replaced it with one on Derrida — with no indication that the new material isn't by me.
+ Is Nothing Sacred?
An introduction to the philosophy of religion, in the form of dialogues. I've put some of the completed dialogues here (as PDF files); a couple are also available as HTML Web pages: The Problem of Evil: I (originally published in Philosophical Writings 9, 1998) and Morality & Religion: I. Another of the dialogues – on Petitionary Prayer – is due to be published in the Richmond Journal of Philosophy in 2006.
(I originally offered this book to Routledge, who showed interest, but my work on it was interrupted; they've since published another book with the same title — so I'm now looking for a new title, and a different publisher).
+ One Man's Meat is Another Man's Person? - a brief abstract
Due to be published in Mind: Its Place in the World, edd Alexander Batthyany, Dimitri Constant, & Avshalom Elitzur (Ontos Verlag)
+ Lycan on Lewis and Meinong
Originally published in Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society xciii, 1993.
+ Other Times - a brief abstract.
Published in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy 73:4, December 1995.
+ Parapsychology with out the "para" (or the psychology) [PDF file]
Published in Think 3, 2003.
+ Comment on a comment on "No Plaything"
Ethel Quayle, the director of the COPINE project, University College Cork, in collaboration with Lars Loofand Tink Palmer, wrote a paper in which she seriously misrepredented my views. I wrote to her about it, but was ignored. This explains things in a little more detail.
+ African Philosophy
A review of African Philosophy: The Essential Readings, ed. Tsenay Serequeberhan (Paragon House, 1991). Originally published in Philosophical Books XXXIII:2, 1992. I've included this largely because it contains some ideas that illustrate what I said in my note on philosophy (see the index page).
+ Readings in African Philosophy
A review of Readings in African Philosophy: An Akan Collection, ed. Safro Kwame (University Press of America, 1995). Originally published in Canadian Philosophical Review. I've included this as a continuation and expansion of some of the thoughts in the previous piece.
+ Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals
Review of a book by Frans de Waal for Human Nature Review 2004 Volume 4: 130-132 (23rd May).
+ Web Pages
Some of the links in the Philosophers section are to pages that I've set up - usually because no-one else had, and I regretted the omission, sometimes for other reasons. I'm slowly adding more, some relatively obscure, some not. So far they include:

* Gadfly Pieces *

+ Democracy and Anti-Democrats
A rather journalistic piece on the question of what should be done when anti-democrats look as though they're going to win democratic elections.
+ Against Tolerance
Another rather journalistic piece. This one was originally published in Philosophy Now 11, Winter 1994/95.
+ For Intolerance
The last paper was replied to by Jonathan Gorman in Philosophy Now 12. My response to his piece arrived too late to be included in issue 13, and the editor has decided that the resulting gap would be too wide for the discussion to continue into issue 14. So here's my reply, exclusive to the Web...
+ Smoking & Science
A short squib (fag end?) concerning some smokers' reactions to recent scientific research.
+ The Limits of Creation
Musings on the dependence of a writer's creations on their creator's abilities.
+ Slogans & Blinkers
A short piece on a confusion in the abortion debate.
+ The Culture Card
Thoughts on the use of the terms "culture" & "tradition" in polemic.

* Poetry *

+ The Poetry Section
  • Inspecting the Wounds. A selection of poems, most of them written a fair time ago.
  • The Sockets of Golgotha. Another collection, again fairly elderly.
  • Nepenthe. (with Andrea Christofidou) A small selection of translations from Kostas Karyotakis' 1921 book.
  • Artificial Flowers. (with Andrea Christofidou) A selection of translations from the poetry of Kavafis.
  • Potted Philosophers. A few clerihew-type sketches.
* About me
A little information about me (leading to information about here) - though you've probably already seen it in Note 2 on the first page.

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