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Here I used to have a search facility to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, permission to use which was supposed to be an honour, the result of a Best Website award. However, without warning they've started using the link to put cookies onto the computers of anyone viewing my page. I regard that as unethical, and I've removed the facility and any links.
To be honest, it wasn't a very useful facility anyway...


If you're interested in what's on offer Philosophically, you should skip to Philosophy around the Web.

There's also a simplified index of the main sections.

If you're interested in what's new (over all the sections), you can look here first:


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Warning: Most of the following sections are in woeful need of up-dating, having been neglected for about four years. I've made a good start on the whole site, but my first and main concern has been the Philosophy sections. I should get on to this side of things soon though. [January 2005]


[Texts] Buying, reading, searching texts on the Internet. Links to bookshops and publishers, and to on-line libraries.


Serious Links

Academic Links: Including Archaeology, Classics, Languages, Mediaeval Studies, etc.
Links: A miscellany of sites - some political, some cultural, some educational.
Distance Learning: Including continuing education and vacation courses.
Green Links: Environmental and conservation issues.
Local Links: Oxford - the City and the University.
Miscellaneous Links: Whatever doesn't fit into the other categories.
Parapsychology Links: Institutes, research groups, individuals.
Religion Links: A wide variety of sites offering information and discussion about all the major and many minor religions.
Scepticism Links: Atheism, humanism, cults, the paranormal, etc.
Science Links: Institutes, research groups, individuals, etc.
The World: The things people do to each other: political prisoners, oppression, etc.



Authors: A selection of authors whose work I enjoy; bibliographies and links to other sites.
Crime Fiction: (and thrillers). Authors, publishers, bookshops, and a variety of other sites.
Dance: With an emphasis on early dance and various traditional dance forms. Definitely no classical ballet.
Fantasy &
S.F.: Authors, films, television, etc.
Games: Bridge, cricket, go, etc.
Gardening: Personal pages, societies, reference sites, etc. (new & very much under construction).
Humour: Comedians, humourists, amusing sites, and some of my own contributions.
Miscellaneous: Whatever doesn't fit into the other categories.
Music: Mainly traditional music, jazz/blues, and early music, though I've introduced an Opera section.
Poetry: Poets, poetry archives, and magazines.


[My bit] Some of my own philosophical papers, journalistic pieces, humour, and poetry.

[Surf] Of course, if you want to search the WWW for yourself, there are plenty of resources here to help you get started.

me] If your browser doesn't support `mailto:', then you can reach me at:



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