Philosophers: F-K

Paul Feyerabend (1924-1994 AD)
+ Feyerabend
Details of an e-mail list.
Michel Foucault (1926-84 AD)
(another one for my Lit. Crit. type visitors)
+ Foucault
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
Bas van Fraassen (1941- AD)
+ Bas van Fraassen
Maintained by Nancy McGough. Biographical and academic details, bibliography, etc. Essentially, his cv.
Gottlob Frege (1848-1925 AD)
+ Gottlob Frege
From Ed Zalta's Metaphysics Research Lab.
+ Frege
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983 AD)
+ Synergetics on the Web
Maintained by Kirby Urner.
Pierre Gassendi (1592-1655 AD)
+ Gassendi
A MacTutor introduction.
+ Gassendi
A Galileo Project introduction.
+ Gassendi
A Time Line introduction.
Ernest Gellner (1925-1995 AD)
+ Ernest Gellner Resource Page
Maintained by Jeffrey Cormier & Philippe Couton.
Nelson Goodman (1906- AD)
+ Nelson Goodman
Bibliography by Sigrid Berka; up-dated and maintained by John Lee.
Gregory of Nyssa (c.330-c.394 AD)
+ Gregory of Nyssa
Written and maintained by David A. Salomon, with translations and some introductory material by Casimir McCambley. Well-designed (apart from an irritating instruction to get Netscape so that you can use the frames-crippled version...).
Robert Grosseteste (c.1168-1253 AD)
+ Robert Grosseteste
From the Catholic Encyclopaedia.
+ Robert Grosseteste
Maintained by Marcos Emanoel Pereira. Offers links so far, but more is planned. (In Spanish.)
+ MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive: Grosseteste
Mirrors in Hungary & Scotland.
+ Electronic Grosseteste
Project Director: James Ginther. Apart from its main aim of providing on-line and down-loadable versions of Grosseteste's writings, the site also offers materials relating to him and his time.
Richard Mervyn Hare (1919-2002 AD)
+ R.M. Hare
My own page, offering an introductory sketch of Hare's work, an incomplete bibliography, and relevant links (duplicated here).
+ Sidgwick & Hare
Maintained by UCHII Soshichi.
Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992 AD)
+ Friedrich Hayek Scholars Page
"contains dozens of papers on or about Friedrich Hayek & his writings on the Internet & the Web, along with a complete bibliography of Hayek's writings, papers & interviews by Hayek, quotes on Hayek, and other information dealing with Friedrich Hayek and his work."
+ Hayek-L
A searchable Electronic Archive: "contains discussions on such topics as the relationship between the work of Hayek & Rawls, the philosophical implications of the Hayek-Hebb synaptic network model of mind & brain, along with full search resources and references & passages from much of the current literature on Hayek."
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831 AD)
+ Hegel's Philosophy of Right
An English translation of the complete text.
+ Hegel
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Hegel
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Hegel Society of Great Britain
Details of the society, membership, publications, events, etc.
+ The Owl of Minerva
A journal of Hegel Studies.
+ Hegel's Philosophy of History
An on-line paper by David Burrell.
+ Hegel
I'm not sure whose site this is, but it seems rich in resources and links.
Martin Heidegger (1889-1976 AD)
+ Heidegger
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Heidegger en castellano
Maintained by Horacio Potel, in Spanish. Somewhat messy for text-based browsers, but usable.
Hippocrates (C5th BC)
+ Hippocrates
From the Tech Classics Archive.
Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679 AD)
+ Hobbes
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Hobbes
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Hobbes
A brief introduction from Political Theory on the Internet.
+ Leviathan
From the Eris Project.
David Hume (1711-76 AD)
+ Hume
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Hume
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Hume
A DynaWeb guide. Brief biography and introduction, plus links to on-line texts and relevant sites.
+ Hume
Maintained by D. "Tycerium" Lightner. Hume events, Hume links, information about mailing lists, etc.
+ Hume
A brief introduction from Political Theory on the Internet.
+ The Hume Society
Details of the Society, its activities (including the annual Hume conference), and how to join.
+ The Hume Archives
A very extensive collection of works by and about Hume, plus links to other Hume-related resources.
+ An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
From Roger Jones' collection.
+ James Fieser's Texts
A letter from a gentleman to his friend in Edinburgh and The Natural History of Religion.
+ Calendar of Hume events in Japan
Maintained by Ise Tosihiko.
Edmund Husserl (1859-1938 AD)
+ Husserl Page
Maintained by Bob Sandmeyer. Offers biography, bibliography, secondary sources, links, etc.
Hypatia (c.370-415 AD)
+ Hypatia
A brief introduction, from the University of Alabama's "4,000 Years of Women in Science"
+ Hypatia
An account of her death (murdered by Christians), provided by the University of Kentucky.
+ Hypatia of Alexandria
Maintained by Uwe Wiedemann.
William James (1842-1910 AD)
+ William James
Maintained by Frank Pajares.
+ William James
Maintained by Owen Thomas. Texts, links, etc.
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804 AD)
+ Introduction la philosophie d'Emmanuel Kant
In French; offers versions with & without frames.
+ Kant
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Kant
This Thinknet guide used to be maintained by Kent Palmer. It's now been taken over by Reinhard Brandt, Werner Stark, and Thomas Sturm in co-operation with the Kant-Archive in Marburg and the Kant-Edition of the Goettingen Academy of Sciences.
+ Kant
Another version of the Thinknet guide (slightly different in design, but even containing the same spelling mistakes), this one hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Kant on the Web
Maintained by Steve Palmquist. A treasure trove. It includes on-line texts, lexical help, links to other resources. The only Kant site you'll need. (Also includes information about the Kantian Review.)
+ Kant Links
Maintained by Richard Lee. Apart from the usual links to texts and other resources, this site includes some of his own work on Kant.
+ Kant
A Hall of Minerva page. Links to the main Web resources, plus an essay by Shino Maruyama.
+ Critique of Pure Reason
Translation by Norman Kemp Smith. A very usable on-line edition, based at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Research Institute for the Humanities (maintained by their Humanities Computing & Methodology Programme).
+ Two Critiques
From the Eris Project, plain-text editions of the Critique of Practical Reason (translated by Thomas Kingsmill Abbott) and the Critique of Pure Reason (translated by J.M.D. Meiklejohn).
+ Critique of Pure Reason
The J.M.D. Meiklejohn translation again.
+ Ueber Paedagogik (On Pedagogics, 1803)
In German; HTML (160 KB). [Hartmut Krech: "The Culture & History of Science Page".]
+ Beantwortung der Frage: Ist es eine Erfahrung, dass wir denken?: On Comprehension and Transcendental Consciousness: (1788-1791)
In German; HTML (32 KB). [Hartmut Krech: "The Culture & History of Science Page".]
+ "Vorrede" to Metaphysische Anfangsgruende der Naturwissenschaft (On the Nature of Physical Bodies, 1786)
In German; HTML (64 KB). [Hartmut Krech: "The Culture & History of Science Page".]
+ North American Kant Society
Details of events, other sites, on-line texts, etc.
Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55 AD)
+ Kierkegaard on the Internet
Proprietor: Per L. Larsen.
+ Kierkegaard
Maintained by D. Anthony Storm.
+ Kierkegaard
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ The Present Age
On-line text, based at Washington State University.
Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996 AD)
+ Thomas Kuhn
Introductory article from Britannica Online.
+ Thomas Kuhn
Frank Pajares' page. Introduction and links to a number of useful sites.
+ Kuhn
Uwe Wiedemann's page (in German).
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