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Imre Lakatos (1922-74 AD)
+ Lakatos
The LSE's site; "established to commemorate the life and work of Imre Lakatos on his 80th birthday. To celebrate this occasion both audio and text versions of Science and Pseudoscience - one of Lakatos's last public talks before he died - are provided here."
J. Karel Lambert (1928- AD)
+ J. Karel Lambert
His own Web page, containing biographical info, plus a select bibliography.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716 AD)
+ Leibniz
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Leibniz
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Leibniz
A very full page of resources, maintained by Markku Roinila.
+ Monadology
Robert Latta's translation is available from CMU's English server, from the Eris Project, and from Roge r B. Jones' collection - the last of these having a glo ssary (almost unusable for those using Lynx) and an attempt at some sort of hypertext (though I haven't been able to work out what it's supposed to do). The other two are plain text.
+ Drole de Pense
An on-line critical edition of this lesser-known work, plus other material.
+ Leibniz Gopher
Based in Italy - it promises much, and already delivers a fair bit, including a couple of on-line texts, the Monadology and the Meditations on Knowledge, Truth, & Ideas, guides to resources and societies, and the beginnings of an on-line Leibniz dictionary (though this hasn't moved since I first saw it nearly a year ago).
+ Leibniz Society Review
The journal of the Leibniz Society of North America. This site gives details of both the journal (published annually) and the Society.
+ Leibniz
Maintained by Markku Roinila. An extensive sites, with links to relevant resources, including on-line papers.
+ G.W. Leibniz: texts & translations
Maintained by Donald Rutherford. A Comprehensive guide to on-line texts (primary and secondary).
+ Leibniz
From Ed Zalta's Metaphysics Research Lab.
David Lewis (1941-2001 AD)
+ David Lewis
My own page (very much under construction).
Alain Leroy Locke (1886-1954 AD)
+ Alain Leroy Locke Society
Details of the Society, events, etc.
+ Alain Leroy Locke
A brief introduction and biography compiled by Roger Hiemstra.
John Locke (1632-1704 AD)
+ John Locke
My own brief introduction to his life and philosophy, with a set of links that duplicates what's here.
+ John Locke
Article from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
+ John Locke
Article by William Uzgalis from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
+ John Locke
Another article by William Uzgalis, this time from his pages at Oregon State University.
+ John Locke
The article from Wikipedia.
+ John Locke
An article, with bibliograpy and links, from Garth Kemerling's Philosophy Pages.
+ A Guide to John Locke's Essay concerning Human Understanding
By Garth Kemerling, again from his Philosophy Pages.
+ John Locke
A page of Internet resources from Episteme Links.
+ John Locke Bibliography
A cumulative listing of recent publications by and about Locke, maintained by John C. Attig at Pennsylvania State University Library. Huge and very useful.
+ Locke
A short intoduction from Bjorn Christensson's pages, including links to on-line versions of major texts.
+ Locke
A Hall of Minerva page. A brief introduction, plus a couple of links.
+ Locke Studies
An Annual Journal of Locke Research, edited by Roland Hall.
+ Locke's writings on the Internet
Maintained by Daniel McKiernan. Links to on-line texts.
+ Locke, Two Treatises
A study guide by John Kilcullen.
+ Locke, A Letter Concerning Toleration
A reading guide by John Kilcullen.
Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984 AD)
+British Lonergan Association
Details of events, meetings, membership, etc.
+The Lonergan Web Site
Large and exhaustive site.
+Los Angeles Lonergan Centre
Now nicely redesigned to be usable by any browser.
John Macmurray (1891-1976 AD)
+ John Macmurray Fellowship
Details of the Fellowship, and introduction to Macmurray, and a bibliography.
Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527 AD)
+ M achiavelli
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Machiavelli
Another brief introduction, this one from Political Theory on the Internet.
+ The Machiavelli Page
An introduction to Machiavelli and his work (apparently mostly gleaned from a CD-ROM Encyclopaedia), maintained by Jaap van Ganswijk.
+ Discorsi & Il Principe
Brief introductions to these two works, from the Fileroom.
+ The Prince
From the Eris Project.
+ The Prince
Translated by W.K. Marriott; from the Tech Classics Archive.
Bryan Magee (19??-AD)
+ Bryan Magee
Maintained by Jennifer Warr.
Maimonides (1135-1204 AD)
+ Moses Maimonides
A brief introduction from "Philosophers' Corner".
+ Houston Maimonides Society
Usual details of the Society.
Nicolas Malebranche (1638-1715 AD)
+ Malebranche
Basic introduction from the MacTutor Philosophy of Mathematics archives. It can also be found here.
+ Malebranche
A fairly long introduction, including some basic cross-references to other philosophers.
+ Malebranche
Another basic introduction, this time in French.
+ The Search after Truth
On-line extracts, offered by the The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Ernst Mally (1879-1944 AD)
+ Mally
From Ed Zalta's Metaphysics Research Lab.
Damaris Masham (1659-1708 AD)
+ Damaris Cudworth Masham (1659-1708)
A Time Line introduction.
Alexius von Meinong (1853-1928 AD)
+ Meinong
From Ed Zalta's Metaphysics Research Lab.
Julien Offroy de la Mettrie (1709-51 AD)
+ Julien Offray de la Mettrie
German site maintained by Bernd A. Laska. Messy with a text-based browser, but usable.
+ Julien Offray de la Mettrie
English translation of L'homme machine, Frederick the Great's Eulogy, and a bibliography; maintained by Cosma Shalizi at the University of Michigan.
John Stuart Mill (1806-73 AD)
+ Mill
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Mill
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ On Liberty
+ On Nature
+ Representative Government
Part of the ThinkNet guide.
+ The Subjection of Women
+ The Subjection of Women
Part of the ThinkNet guide.
+ Utilitarianism
Part of Nigel Phillips' site.
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533-92 AD)
+ Montaigne
A brief introduction from Political Theory on the Internet
+ Essays
From the Eris Project; translated by Charles Cotton.
+ Essais
On-line text, maintained by Jean-Jacques Delfour.
Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755 AD)
+ Cahiers Montesquieu and Oeuvres completes de Montesquieu
From the Voltaire Foundation
Jean George Pierre Nicod (1893-1924 AD)
+ Institut | Nicod
"hosted by the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. The main scientific areas covered by the Jean Nicod Institute are: linguistics (semantics and pragmatics), cognitive anthropology, philosophy of mind and political science. Although most members of the group are professional philosophers, the issues addressed are not purely conceptual: they have a strong empirical component."
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900 AD)
+ Friedrich Nietzsche Society
Details of the society, plus related resources. The society produces the Journal of Nietzsche Studies.
+ Nietzsche Chronicle
Prop. Malcom Brown. A nicely organised biography.
+ The Nietzsche Page at USC
Based at the University of Southern California. Offers a wide variety of resources and links.
+ Nietzsche Research Group at Nijmegen University
Details of membership, activities, publications, events, etc.
+ Friedrich Nietzsche
Jens Dechering's large, well-organised site (in German).
+ Nietzsche
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Nietzsche
A Hall of Minerva page. Still under construction [23 xii 97], so offers only a couple of links at the moment.
+ Nietzsche
Helmut Walther's site in English and German.
+ Nietzsche en castellano
Maintained by Horacio Potel, in Spanish.
Parmenides of Elea (c.515-after 450 BC)
+ Parmenides of Elea
"On Nature". Edited by Allan F. Randall, from translations by David Gallop, Richard D. McKirahon, Jr, Jonathan Barnes, John Mansley Robinson, and others.
Blaise Pascal (1623-62 AD)
+ Pascal
From the Fileroom. Brief biographical details.
+ Les Pensees
On-line text, maintained by Jean-Jacques Delfour.
Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914 AD)
+ Arisbe
"A Home for Charles S. Peirce Studies".
+ C.S. Peirce
From the Miami University Almanac.
+ Peirce
A Thinknet guide.
+ Charles S. Peirce
Full and detailed synopsis of a book on Peirce by James Liszka.
Alvin Plantinga
+ Alvin Plantinga
His own Home Page.
+ Alvin Plantinga: The Analytic Theist
"A Website Devoted to the Philosophy of Alvin Plantinga", maintained by Michael Sudduth as part of his Analytic Philosophy of Religion Website.
Plato (c.428-c.348 BC)
+ Plato
A brief introduction from ILTweb: Study Place.
+ Plato
A Thinknet guide, hosted by Bjorn Christensson.
+ Plato
A DynaWeb guide. Brief biography and introduction, plus links to on-line texts and relevant sites.
+ Complete Works of Plato
From the Tech Classics Archive.
+ Exploring Plato's Dialogues
Maintained by Tony Beavers. The site has been redesigned, and is now a pleasure to use. It's a genuinely useful philosophical resource, offering an on-line study centre devoted to Plato's middle dialogues.
+ Plato's Republic in Plain English
"The site describes a version of Plato's Republic suitable for high school and first-time college readers, and offers that version as a shareware download on the honour system. The site also compares other English versions of the Republic, examines problems in the Jowett versions available online, and offers a cleaned-up "Super-Jowett" download with Stephanus page numbers and other formatting features."
+ Plato
From Ed Zalta's Metaphysics Research Lab.
+ Plato in Greek and English translation
From the Perseus Project.
+ Plato: Socratic Dialogues
From CMU's English server.
+ The Apology: A Hypertext Edition for Students
"This hypertext edition of Plato's Apology was written for students taking their first philosophy course at Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa 52001."
+ The Hypertext Crito
Tim Rohrer's version of the Jowett translation, with introduction and essay.
+ Plato and his Dialogues
Prop. Bernard F. Suzanne. Basic information about Plato and his works, plus links to other resources, and the proprietor's own theories. This site is growing, and worth watching.
+ D. Anthony Storm's Web Site on Plato
A frames victim, but usable with text-based browsers. Offers bibliographies, links, etc.
+ Temple of Plato
Quite a full site, including an introductory article, links, quotations, images, etc.
+ Ralph Waldo Emerson on Plato
Plotinus (c.205-70 AD)
+ Plotinus
"The Six Enneads", translated by McKenna and Page. From the Eris Project).
+ Plotinus
"The Six Enneads", translated by McKenna and Page. From the Tech Classics Archive.
Karl Popper (1902-1994 AD)
+ The Karl Popper Web
Prop. Ray Scott Percival. Information, events, and links to related sites.
+ Japan Popper Society
In Japanese, with an English version under construction.
A.N. Prior (1914-1969 AD)
+ Foundations of Temporal Logic
"The WWW site for Prior-studies". The first place to look for material related to the philosophy of A.N. Prior.
+ Arthur Prior
From the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.
+ Life of A.N. Prior
Short introduction (and bibliography) by Per Hasle.
Willard van Orman Quine (1908-2000 AD)
+ Quine
A huge site, maintained by his son, Douglas Boynton Quine.
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