Philosophers: Feng Youlan to Fuller

Feng Youlan (1895-1990 CE) (Fung Yu-Lan)
Articles & Web pages
+ Feng Youlan
My own brief introduction.
+ Feng Youlan
Wikipedia article.
Texts & translations
+ Philosophy of Contemporary China
From the Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Philosophy, 1934; provided by the Radical Academy.
Paul Feyerabend (1924-1994 CE)
+ Paul Feyerabend
Article by John Preston for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Paul Feyerabend
Wikipedia article.
+ Feyerabend Archive
Archives of the Feyerabend Forum, accessible by anonymous ftp, gopher, and WWW, plus details of how to join the Forum; maintained by Marko Toivanen.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814 CE)
+ Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Article by Dan Breazeale for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Article by Curtis Bowman from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Wikipedia article.
+ North American Fichte Society
"The NAFS consists primarily of scholars in North America devoted to the study of the German philosopher J. G. Fichte. Although this site is intended to complement the business of the NAFS, anyone with an interest in Fichte is surely [sic] to find useful information herein. Be sure to visit the archive of issues of Fichteana, our official newsletter. Each issue contains, among other things, an extensive bibliography of the latest Fichte publications."
+ Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte-Forum
German site (based at Universität München) offering, aside form the discussion forum, on-line texts, bibliography, etc.
+ The Philosophy of Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Introduction, plus on-line texts, from the Radical Academy.
+ Johann Gottlieb Fichte
On-line texts, both primary (the Vocation of Man, excerpts from Addresses to the German Nation, & Outlines of the Doctrine of Knowledge), secondary, and reviews; provided by the University of Idaho's Readings in Modern Philosophy pages, maintained by J. Carl Mickelsen.
Philippa Foot (b.1920 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ On Virtue and Its Rewards
Interview with Georgina Ferry for Oxford Today.
+ Philippa Foot: A Selected Bibliography
Compiled by Eddie Yeghiayan for the University of California, Irvine..
+ Philippa Foot
Archive of articles and reviews from the New York Review of books.
Bas C. van Fraassen (b.1941 CE)
+ His own pages:
departmental Web-page, Princeton (including a page of corrections to his published work)
Bas C. van Fraassen: "This is not a CV properly speaking, but a sort of informal equivalent. Below you will find my Personal & Academic History, Teaching, Professional Activities, and Stories & Such."
+ The Empirical Stance
Review by James Sage for Metapsychology.
Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege (1848-1925 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
Gottlob Frege (Edward N. Zalta)
Frege's Logic, Theorem, and Foundations for Arithmetic (Edward N. Zalta)
+ Gottlob Frege
Article by Kevin C. Klement from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ Gottlob Frege
Bibliography and brief introduction from Edward N. Zalta's Metaphysics Research Lab.
+ Gottlob Friedrich Ludwig Frege
Brief details from the Mathematics Genealogy Project.
+ Gottlob Frege: Jena und die Geburt der modernen Logik
In German, maintained by Werner Stelzner.
Texts & translations
+ Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik
German text, maintained by Alain Blachair, Académie de Nancy-Metz.
R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983 CE)
+ Buckminster Fuller Institute
"This site is devoted to advancing Humanity's Option for Success" Offers, among other things, a number of on-line texts by Fuller.
+ Buckminster Fuller
Wikipedia article.
+ Synergetics on the Web
Maintained by Kirby Urner.


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