Philosophers: Haack to Hypatia

Susan Haack (b.1945 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Dr Susan Haack
Her Departmental page at the University of Miami.
+ Susan Haack
Short Wikipedia article.
+ Review of Evidence and Inquiry
Review by Kelley L. Ross, from the Proceedings of the Friesian School.
+ Review of Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate
Review by John Bedell from his Bensozia pages.
+ Review of Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate
Review by Hugh Lloyd-jones, from the National Review 7th December 1998; provided by Find Articles.
Texts & translations
+ Vulgar Rortyism
Article from The New Criterion, November 1997.
+ Science, Scientism, and Anti-Science in the Age of Preposterism
Article from the Skeptical Inquirer magazine, November/December 1997.
+ Coherence & Co.
Article from The Philosophers' Magazine.
Han Fei-zi (280-233 BCE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Han Feizi
Short Wikipedia article.
+ Legalism, Qin Empire and Han Dynasty
From Sanderson Beck's Ancient Wisdom and Folly.
+ Han Fei Tzu
Page of links maintained by by Kyle M. (14) at Iolani School, Honolulu.
+ Han Fei
John Knoblock's "intellectual biography of the 3rd century 'Legalist' philosopher Han Fei and excerpts from two of his most important works."
Texts & translations
+ Selection from Han Fei Zi
From W.K. Liao [trans.] The Complete Works of Han Fei Tzu (1939), pp 40, 45-47. Provided by the UCLA Center for East Asian Studies Centre. Also provided by Paul Halsall (Brooklyn College).
+ Having Regulations – A Memorandum
From W.K. Liao [trans.] The Complete Works of Han Fei Tzu (1939); provided by Humanistic Texts.
Translated by Lydia Gerber, from Reading About the World Vol. 1 [edd  Paul Brians, Mary Gallwey, Douglas Hughes, Azfar Hussain, Richard Law, Michael Myers, Michael Neville, Roger Schlesinger, Alice Spitzer, & Susan Swan]; provided by Paul Brians (Washington State University).
Richard Mervyn Hare (1919-2002 CE)
+ R.M. Hare
My own page, offering an introductory sketch of Hare's work, an incomplete bibliography, and relevant links (duplicated here).
+ R. M. Hare
From Peter Singer's pages, containing Hare's own writings, secondary literature, reviews, obituaries, an interview, bibliography — indispensable.
+ R.M. Hare
Wikipedia article.
+ Richard Mervyn Hare
Italian introduction maintained by Matteo Berlanda for Quaderno Filosofi e Classici.
+ Sidgwick & Hare
Work by UCHII Soshichi (Kyoto University).
Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992 CE)
+ Friedrich Hayek Scholars Page
"contains dozens of papers on or about Friedrich Hayek & his writings on the Internet & the Web, along with a complete bibliography of Hayek's writings, papers & interviews by Hayek, quotes on Hayek, and other information dealing with Friedrich Hayek and his work."Edited by Greg Ransom.
+ Friedrich Hayek
Wikipedia article.
+ Hayek-L
A searchable Electronic Archive: "contains discussions on such topics as the relationship between the work of Hayek & Rawls, the philosophical implications of the Hayek-Hebb synaptic network model of mind & brain, along with full search resources and references & passages from much of the current literature on Hayek."
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Hegel Society of America
"a learned society, founded in 1968, whose goal is to promote the study of the philosophy of Hegel and Hegelianism, its place within the history of thought, and its relation to social, political, and cultural movements since his time."
+ Hegel Society of Great Britain
Details of the society, membership, publications, events, etc. (Irritatingly tells you what resolution – and thus, perhaps, what sort of monitor – you should be using.)
+ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Article by Paul Redding for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ G.W.F. Hegel (1770-1831): Social and Political Thought
Article by David A. Duquette from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Hegel's Philosophy of History
An on-line paper by David Burrell.
Texts & translations
+ G.W.F. Hegel
On-line texts (primary, in translation, and secondary), provided by J. Carl Mickelsen (University of Idaho).
Martin Heidegger (1889-1976 CE)
+ Martin Hedegger
My own short introduction.
+ Martin Heidegger
Article by W. J. Korab-Karpowicz from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Martin Heidegger
Wikipedia article.
+ Martin Heidegger
Short introduction, with bibliography and links, by Garth Kemerling.
Hippocrates of Chios (c.450-c.480 BCE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Hippocrates
Article by Michael Boylan from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Hippocrates of Chios
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ Hippocrates
Wikipedia article.
Texts & translations
+ Hippocrates
Translations by Francis Adams, provided by the Internet Classics Archive.
+ Hippocrates
Translations by Francis Adams, provided by eBooks@Adelaide.
Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Hobbes's Moral and Political Philosophy
Article by Sharon A. Lloyd for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679): Moral and Political Philosophy
Article by Garrath Williams from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Thomas Hobbes
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ Thomas Hobbes
Wikipedia article.
+ Thomas Hobbes
Introduction by Garth Kemerling, with bibliography and links.
+ Thomas Hobbes
Featuring a biography, online works, and links.
Texts & translations
+ Texts provided by George MacDonald Ross
Elements of Law (translated into modern English)
Elements of Law (Hobbes' own wording)
Objections to Descartes' Meditations
Preface to Mersenne's Ballistic
Optical Treatise
On Body
On the Human Being
Ten Dialogues of Natural Philosophy
Supplementary extracts on cause
Answer to Dr Bramhall
+ Thomas Hobbes
McMaster University's on-line texts:
     De Cive: Liberty
     De Cive: Dominion
     De Cive: Religion
     The Elements of Law Natural and Politic
     Leviathan (PDF)
+ On the Life and History of Thucydides (1628)
Following the pagination of Grene, Chicago, 1989; provided by the Perseus Project"
+ De Cive
J. Carl Mickelsen (University of Idaho)
Constitution Society
+ Leviathan
J. Carl Mickelsen (University of Idaho)
Secular Web
Constitution Society
Ted Honderich (b.19?? CE)
+ Homepage
His own page: " These are a philosopher's pages. They change monthly. Writings by him are in them, some on consciousness. Also the Determinism and Freedom Philosophy Website".
+ Ted Honderich
Short (in fact, at present [5 xii 04] a placeholder) Wikipedia article.
+ Ted Honderich: A Philosopher in the Trenches
Article by Paul de Rooij for CounterPunch.
+ Philosopher Ted Honderich tells his story
Shallow and journalistic (I suppose the former adjective is redundant) article by Robert Fulford for The National Post.
David Hume (1711-76 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Articles from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Hume (William Edward Morris)
Hume's Aesthetics (Ted Gracyk)
Hume's Moral Philosophy (Rachel Cohon)
+ Hume Society
Details of the Society, its activities (including the annual Hume conference), the Hume Studies Archive, and how to join.
+ Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: articles on Hume by James Fieser
Life and Writings
Metaphysics and Epistemology
Moral Theory
Writings on Religion
Essays, Moral, Political and Literary
+ David Hume
Wikipedia article.
+ Ty's David Hume Homepage
Maintained by D. "Tycerium" Lightner. Hume events, Hume links, information about mailing lists, etc.
+ Calendar of Hume events in Japan
Maintained by ISE Toshihiko (Ritsumeikan University).
+ The Leeds Hume Project
"a new web project co-ordinated by Peter Millican, Director of the Leeds Electronic Text Centre and a keen Hume scholar. Starting in May 2000, the aim of the project is to provide a permanent resource for scholars and students wishing to have access, free of charge, to high quality texts of works by, and associated with, the great philosopher and historian David Hume, together with relevant bibliographic materials."
     An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (1777 edition) (Displayed with page breaks corresponding to the standard Selby-Bigge edition, for ease of scholarly reference, with Hume's footnotes at the end of each such page, and Hume's endnotes at the end of the text.)
+ McMaster University's Archive for the History of Economic Thought:
Of Commerce
Of the Refinement in the Arts
On Money
On the Balance of Trade
On Interest
On the Jealousy of Trade
On Public Credit
On Taxes
Of the Origin of Government
On the First Principles of Government
My Own Life
A Treatise of Human Nature
Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
+ Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Provided by Project Gutenberg.
+ An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
eBooks@Adelaide (Harvard Classics, Vol. 37, Part 3)
J. Carl Mickelsen
Institute for Learning Technologies
Secular Web
+ An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals (1777 edition)
Provided by Project Gutenberg.
+ Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary
Provided by the Library of Economics and Liberty.
+ Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul: The Complete 1783 Edition
Produced by James Fieser; provided by David Banach (St Anselm College).
+ The History of Britain from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Abdication of James II
Provided by Making of America Books, university of Michigan.
+ Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth
Provided by the Constitution Society.
+ A Letter from a Gentleman to his Friend in Edinburgh
Provided by Infomotions.
+ The Natural History of Religion
Provided by J. Carl Mickelsen (University of Idaho).
+ Of the Original Contract
Provided by the Constitution Society.
+ Of the Standard of Taste
Provided by Julie Van Camp.
+ Suicide
Provided by the Secular Web.
+ A Treatise of Human Nature
Mc Master University
Project Gutenberg
J. Carl Mickelsen
Edmund Husserl (1859-1938 CE)
+ Edmund Husserl
Article by Christian Beyer for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Edmund Husserl
Article by Marianne Sawicki from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Edmund Husserl
Wikipedia article.
+ Husserl Page
Maintained by Bob Sandmeyer. "Aim: To provide easy access to those net resources pertaining to the life and work of the 20th century philosopher, Edmund Husserl."
"The goal of is to make Husserl's thought more accessible by providing free resources and scholarly tools. These tools include: a searchable database of keywords, a database of Husserl's writings and Husserl scholarship, and, coming soon, a concept-database and interactive time-line." Designed and created by Jeff Yoshimi.
+ Edmund Husserl
Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg - Wegweiser durch die Husserl-Literatur.
Hypatia (c.370-415 CE)
+ Hypatia
My own brief introduction.
+ Hypatia of Alexandria
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ Hypatia of Alexandria
Wikipedia article.
+ Hypatia
A brief introduction, from the University of Alabama's "4,000 Years of Women in Science"
+ Hypatia of Alexandria
Page from Alexandria on the Web, offering three translations of biographical texts:
     The Life of Hypatia from Damascius's Life of Isidore, reproduced in The Suda; translated by Jeremiah Reedy
     The Life of Hypatia by Socrates Scholasticus, from his Ecclesiastical History
     The Life of Hypatia by John, Bishop of Nikiu, from his Chronicle 84.87-103
+ Hypatia of Alexandria
Introduction and links from Peter Alfeld, at the University of Utah.
+ Hypatia
Introduction, bibliography, and links, provided by the pages.
+ Hypatia of Alexandria
Assembed and maintained by Howard A. Landman; offers its own on-line texts, plus links to other resources.


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