Philosophers: Iqbal to James

Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal
My own short introduction.
+ Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Wikipedia article.
+ Muhammad Allama Iqbal
Biographical article provided by the Official Pakistan Page.
+ Muhammad Iqbal-The Thinker Poet of Islam
Very graphics-heavy page from Islamica; slow in a graphics-based browser, difficult to navigate with a text-based browser.
Texts & translations
+ Iqbal - Poet Philosopher of Pakistan
This site aims to contain his entire works with English translations, as well as works on Iqbal. Unfortunately it's partly frames-crippled, partly crippled by dependence on Usemap menus. The main text is linked to below.
+ The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam
Iqbal - Poet Philosopher of Pakistan (the link to the "Preface" leads to one in peculiar English, which seems to have nothing to do with the work in question...); the rest of the text seems to be the same version as the previous link, including the same problems with coding some accented letters.
William James (1842-1910 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ William James
Huge site maintained by Frank Pajares, offering on-line texts (and links to those at other sites), secondary literature, teaching materials, photographs, and much more.
+ William James
Article by Russell Goodman for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ William James
Wikipedia article.
+ William James
Introduction by Garth Kemerling, plus bibliography and links.
+ The Philosophy of William James
(Anonymous) introductory essay from .
+ The Webbing of William James
Page maintained by Marc Fonda (University of Florida), including teaching material on The Varieties of Religious Experience and an on-line version of The Will to Believe.
+ William James Society
Details of the Society, membership, events, etc.
+ On-line books & papers provided by the Mead Project (Brock University)
An oddly written, gimmicky, and garish site, but below I link to the texts themselves:
The Meaning of Truth (1911)
Pragmatism: A new name for some old ways of thinking (1907)
The Chicago School (from the Psychological Bulletin (1904): pp 1-5)
The Moral Equivalent of War (lecture 11 in Memories and Studies (1911): pp 267-296)
Remarks at the Peace Banquet (lecture 12 in Memories and Studies (1911): pp 299-306)
+ On-line books & papers provided by the Classics in the History of Psychology, maintained by Christopher D. Green (York University, Toronto)
The Principles of Psychology (1890)
The Stream of Consciousness (chapter XII of Psychology (1892))
Are We Automata? (from Mind 4 (1879), pp 1-22)
         — a reply to Thomas Huxley's paper On the Hypothesis that Animals Are Automata, and Its History (1874), provided by The Huxley File
The Chicago School (from Psychological Bulletin 1 (1904), pp 1-5)
The Consciousness of Lost Limbs (from the Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research 1 (1887), pp 249-258)
Does 'Consciousness' Exist? (from the Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods 1 (1904), pp 477-491)
The Energies of Men (from Science N.S. 25 (1907) pp 321-332)
What is an Emotion? (from Mind 9 (1884), pp 188-205)
A World of Pure Experience (from the Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods 1 (1904), pp 533-543, 561-570)


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