Philosophers: Radhakrishnan to Ryle

Sarvepali Radhakrishnan (1888-1975 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: Life and Writings
Brief introduction with extensive bibliography from Uma Ramamurthy.
Texts & translations
+ Indian Philosophy, Volume I
Preface & list of contents, provided by Uma Ramamurthy.
+ Religion in Transition
Short extract provided by Uma Ramamurthy.
+ The Principal upaniShads: Edited with Introduction, Text, Translation and Notes by S. Radhakrishnan
Preface & list of contents, a large part of the Introduction, and two Appendices, provided by Uma Ramamurthy.
Rāmānuja (1040-1137 CE)
+ Rāmānuja
My own brief introduction.
+ Rāmānuja
Article by Shyam Ranganathan from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Ramanuja
Short, placeholder Wikipedia article.
+ Sri Ramanuja
An overview of the Vedartha-sangraha and a brief introduction to the Sribhashya, provided by the Sri Vaishnava Home Page.
Ayn Rand (1905-82 CE)
+ Ayn Rand Institute
(A rather messy and irritating site for those using text-based browsers, and the last time I checked [25 xii 04] it had problems for a graphics-based browser too.)
Those outside North America might be puzzled at this name; she's something of a cult figure in the U.S., though it's difficult for the non-believer to see why. This site is huge, and seems to me, at least, to capture the semi-religious fervour with which her followers treat her.
John Borden Rawls (1921-2002 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Articles from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Original Position (Fred d'Agostino)
Reflective Equilibrium (Norman Daniels)
+ Articles from Wikipedia
John Rawls
A Theory of Justice
+ John Rawls Resource Page
A Policy Library page, offering an introductory essay and a set of links and pointers to various on- and off-line resources.
+ The Enduring Significance of John Rawls
Article by Martha Nussbaum for the Chronicle of Higher Education.
+ The rigorous compassion of John Rawls. Justice, Justice, Shalt Thou Pursue
Article by Thomas Nagel for The New Republic.
+ John Rawls, influential political philosopher, dead at 81
Obituary by Ken Gewertz for the Harvard Gazette.
+ Introductory material by John Kilcullen (Macquarie University)
Rawls: The Original Position
Rawls: Decisions in the Original Position
John Rawls: Liberty
+ Justice as Fairness
From Philosophical Review LXVII (1958): pp 164-194; provided by HIST-Analytic.
+ Two Concepts of Rules
          (from The Philosophical Review 64 (1955): pp 3-32)
Digital Text International[Frames-crippled]
+ Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers' Brief
With Judith Jarvis Thomson, Robert Nozick, Ronald Dworkin, T. M. Scanlon, & Thomas Nagel, for the New York Review of Books 44:5 — 27th March 1997.
Thomas Reid (1710-96 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Thomas Reid
Article by Gideon Yaffe for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Thomas Reid
From Knud Haakonssen's Dictionary of Eighteenth-Century British Philosophers, provided by the Thoemmes Encyclopedia of the History of Ideas.
+ Thomas Reid
Wikipedia article.
+ Selected Bibliography
Compiled and maintained by Martino Squillante.
+ Reid Society
Membership, events, research, etc.
+ Reid Project
This has now been superseded by the Centre for the Study of Scottish Philosophy, and the journal Reid Studies has been incorporated into the Journal of Scottish Philosophy; details of the old journal up 'til its disappearance in 2001 are available here.
+ Thomas Reid Research Tools
Includes searchable catalogue of Reid manuscripts, complete bibliography of printed works by and on Reid, and page conversion table for the comparison of different editions. Provided by the Centre for the Study of Scottish Philosophy.
+ Thomas Reid Links
A page of links provided by the History of Psychology Web site.
+ Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man
Chapter 14, provided by J. Carl Mickelson.
+ The Papers of Thomas Reid
Includes scanned images from some of his mathematical manuscripts.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-78 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Jean Jacques Rousseau
Article from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Article from Wikipedia.
+ The Social Contract
Article by G.M. Sauvage, from the Catholic Encyclopedia.
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Philosopher
Introduction and list of resources from Lucidcafé Interactive Café and Information Resource.
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Introduction, bibliography, and links provided by Garth Kemerling.
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Introduction by Richard Hooker, from World Cultures.
+ Rousseau Association
A rather messy site with a text-based browser, it offers links to Web-based resources, as well as the usual details of the Association -- membership, publications (including the Rousseau Bulletin, events, etc.
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Offers a variety of resources, with more planned. Maintained by Aia El Shahawi for the Classics Network.
Texts & translations
+ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Pierre Perroud's Athena page; a vast array of texts (philosophical and others), many provided by Athena, as well as links to other sites.
+ Du contrat social (Social Contract)
Athena (The 1762 edition, with modernised spelling)
ABU: la Bibliothèque Universelle (French text)
Mondo Politico Library (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
4Literature (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
Constitution Society (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
J. Carl Mickelsen (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
+ Les Confessions (Confessions)
Athena (French text)
Jean-Claude Cau (French text)
ABU: la Bibliothèque Universelle (French text)
Constitution Society (translated by W. Conyngham Mallory)
4Literature (translated by W. Conyngham Mallory)
Bill Uzgalis (translated by W. Conyngham Mallory)
Politics Hypertext Library (translated by W. Conyngham Mallory) (translated by W. Conyngham Mallory)
eBooks@Adelaide (translated by W. Conyngham Mallory)
Classics Network (no translator acknowledged; astonishingly, it's not the W. Conyngham Mallory...)
+ Discours: Si le rétablissement des sciences et des arts a contribué à épurer les moeurs (Discourse on the Moral Effects of the Arts and Sciences)
Athena (French text)
4Literature (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
+ Discours Sur L'Origine et les Fondements de L'Inégalité parmi les Hommes (Discourse on the Origins of Inequality)
Athena (French text)
4Literature (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
Constitution Society (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
J. Carl Mickelsen (translated by G.D.H. Cole) (Harvard Classics, Vol. 34, Part 3; translated by Charles W. Eliot)
+ Discours sur L'Economie Politique (Discourse on Political Economy)
McMaster University (French text)
4Literature (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
J. Carl Mickelsen (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
Constitution Society (translated by G.D.H. Cole)
+ Considerations on the Government of Poland
No translator acknowledged; provided by the Constitution Society.
+ Constitutional Project for Corsica
No translator acknowledged; provided by the Constitution Society.
+ Emile
Translated by Barbara Foxley; provided by Project Gutenberg.
+ Excerpt from Emile: Confessions of a Savoyard Priest
Marxists Internet Archive (no translator acknowledged) (Harvard Classics, Vol. 34, Part 4; translated by Charles W. Eliot)
Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1872-1970 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Bertrand Russell
Article by A.D. Irvine for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Bertrand Russell
Wikipedia article. Includes a short list of on-line texts by Russell.
+ Bertrand Russell Research Centre (McMaster University)
Home to the Bertrand Russell Archives, the Russell-L discussion list, and much more.
+ Bertrand Arthur William Russell
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ Bertrand Russell Society
"Founded in 1974, the Society seeks to foster a better understanding of the life, work, and writings of Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) and how his contributions relate to today's world." Information about the Society, its activities and publications, and how to join, as well as links to Web resources.
+ Writings by Bertrand Russell: Electronic Texts on the WWW
Surprisingly long list of texts available on line, together with a few other relevant links (provided by the Bertrand Russell Society).
+ Texts provided by Digital Text International
A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz (1900) — so far [22 xii 04] up to chapter one
The Problems of Philosophy (1912)
A Debate on the Argument from Contingency with F. C. Copleston, broadcast in 1948 on the Third Program of the B.B.C. Published in Humanitas (Manchester) and reprinted in Russell's Why I Am Not a Christian (1957)
+ Texts provided by Cosma Shalizi
Icarus; or The Future of Science (1924)
On Denoting (from Mind 1905; text from Logic and Knowledge ed. Robert Marsh (1956))
Vagueness (from The Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy 1 (June 1923): pp 84--92; this text taken from Collected Papers vol.9, pp 147-154)
What Is the Soul? (1928)
On Youthful Cynicism (c.1930)
+ Philosophical Consequences Of Relativity
From Encyclopedia Britannica Thirteenth Edition (1926); provided by HUMANUM (Chinese University of Hong Kong).
Gilbert Ryle (1900-76 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Gilbert Ryle
Short introduction, bibliography, & set of links from Garth Kemerling.
+ Gilbert Ryle
Short introduction from Philosophy Professor.
+ The Philosophy of Gilbert Ryle
Long introduction by Colin James Hamer. Warning: This not only plays "music" at you, it plays the most irritating music I remember hearing on a Web site. You can't say that you weren't warned.
+ The Thinking of Thoughts: What Is "Le Penseur" Doing?
Originally published in University Lectures, no 18, 1968; provided by the University of Kent's Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing.


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