Philosophers: Thalēs to Voltaire

Thalēs of Miletus (c.625-c.545 BCE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Thales of Miletus
Article by Patricia O'Grady from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ Thales
Short Wikipedia article.
+ Thales of Miletus
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ Thales of Miletus
Useful and informative page from the Albert College of Idaho's Maths Department.
+ Thales
Introduction from Thomas Knierim's The Big View.
+ Thales
A short piece by S. Marc Cohen (University of Washington).
+ Thales of Miletus
Bried introduction to his (especially mathematical) work by Don Allen (Texas A&M University).
+ Thales of Miletus
Article by Salim George Khalaf from the Encyclopedia Phoeniciana.
+ Thales
Introduction by Michael Lahanas.
Texts & Translations
+ Fragments and Commentary
Taken from Arthur Fairbanks [ed. and trans.] The First Philosophers of Greece; provided by the Hanover Historical Texts Project.
Judith Jarvis Thomson (b.1929 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Judith Thomson
Her Departmental page at M.I.T.
+ A Defence of Abortion
From Philosophy & Public Affairs 1:1 (1971), reprinted in Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Medical Ethics 5th edition, ed. Ronald Munson (1996): pp 69-80. Provided by Chris Heathwood.
+ Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers' Brief
With John Rawls, Robert Nozick, Ronald Dworkin, T. M. Scanlon, & Thomas Nagel, from the New York Review of Books 44:5 — 27th March 1997.
Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954 CE)
(Alan Turing wasn't a philosopher but a mathematician; nevertheless, his 1950 paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" has had a great impact on the philosophy of mind, though is often misunderstood.)
Articles & Web pages
+ Articles from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Alan Turing (Andrew Hodges)
The Church-Turing Thesis (B.Jack-Copeland)
Turing Machines (David Barker-Plummer)
+ Alan Turing
Wikipedia article.
+ Alan Mathison Turing
Article by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson, for the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive (University of St Andrews)
+ The Alan Turing Home Page
Extensive site maintained by Andrew Hodges.
+ The Turing Digital Archive
"This digital archive contains mainly unpublished personal papers and photographs of Alan Turing from 1923-1972. The originals are in the Turing archive in King's College Cambridge. [...] The images in this archive are copyrighted. You must read and agree to the terms of use before you can view the contents of the archive."
+ Computing Machinery and Intelligence (from Mind LIX (1950), pp 433-60)
Abelard Public Education Site
Steven Harnad
Pierre-Marie Ventre (1897-1956 CE)
+ Report on Resistentialism
Article by Paul Jennings, provided by The Yew Tree.
+ Things Are Against Us
Defence of Resistentialism by Charles Harrington Elster from The New York Times Magazine (21st September 2003).
Giambattista Vico (1668-1744 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Giambattista Vico
Article by Timothy Costelloe for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
+ The Institute for Vico Studies [Frames-crippled]
Based in the Department of Philosophy, Emory University. Extensive site, offering information about Vico as well as about the Institute — so long as you're using the right kind of browser.
+ Giambattista Vico Homepage
From the Northern Illinois University; very much a work in progress at the moment [17 xii 04].
+ Giambattista Vico Centre
Giorgio A. Pinton's site, offering information about his translations of Vico's work and more.
+ Giambattista Vico
Introduction by Jimmy (Hiu Nam) Lo (Georgia Institute of Technology).
Texts & Translations
+ Principi di Scienza nuova d'intorno alla communi natura delle nazioni
Searchable text, provided by the Giambattista Vico Homepage.
+ Giambattista Vico, The New Science (1725)
A short extract from Thomas G. Bergin & Max H. Fisch, The New Science of Giambattista Vico, revised translations of the third edition of 1744. Provided by Steven Kreis's History Guide.
Voltaire (François Marie Arouet) (1694-1778 CE)
Articles & Web pages
+ Voltaire
Short Wikipedia article.
+ Institut et musée Voltaire, Genève
Details of the Museum and Library.
+ Voltaire Society of America
It's chief purpose is "to foster the spirit of the Enlightenment, tolerance and respect for the rights of the individual as exemplified by the life of Voltaire and as reflected in the beliefs of his contemporaries, the founders of the United States."
+ Voltaire's Page
F. DeVenuto's page of links.
Texts & Translations
+ Oeuvres complètes
Provided by Daniel Boudin. Includes, most notably:
       Dictionnaire philosophique
       Discours en Vers sur l'Homme
       Correspondance complète de Voltaire et Frédéric II, roi de Prusse
+ French texts from Pierre Perroud's ATHENA
Commentaire sur le Livre Des Délits et des Peines
L'Education des Filles
Memnon ou la Sagesse humaine
Songe de Platon
Traité sur la Tolérance
+ Voltaire
Various texts, in French, English, and Spanish from Project Gutenberg.
+ De l'horrible danger de la lecture
Graphics-based reproduction of pamphlet provided by the Voltaire Society of America.
+ Lettres Philosophiques (Letters on the English)
Translated by Charles W. Eliot [?] (Harvard Classics Vol. 34, Part 2); provided by
+ Dictionnaire philosophique (Philosophical Dictionary)
Extracts selected and translated by H.I. Woolf; provided by the Hanover Historical Texts Project.
+ Sermon des Cinquante
Provided by Gianluca Mori's Clandestine E-Texts from the Eighteenth Century.
+ Micromegas
No translator acknowledged (it's not wholly literate); provided by Free Sci-Fi Classics.
+ Plato's Dream
No translator acknowledged; provided by Free Sci-Fi Classics.


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