Centres, Institutes, etc.

* Academic Dialogue on Applied Ethics
Full details of the project, including how to join in.
* Advertise
An experimental on-line philosophy papers directory from the Philosophy Department of the University of Hong Kong.
* Bowling Green Philosophy Documentation Centre
The two most important resources here are probably Books in Philosophy and POIESIS: Philosophy Online Serials.
* Cambridge Centre for Hermeneutic and Analytic Philosophy
"The Centre is a joint activity of the Philosophy Division of Anglia Polytechnic University, and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science of Cambridge University. Its aim is to encourage contacts between the various continental traditions of philosophy and mainstream Anglo-Americal approaches."
* Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Based at De Montfort University, and rapidly expanding.
* Centre for Environmental Philosophy
* Centre for Philosophical Studies
Based at King's College London. Brief details of the Centre and its work.
* Centre for Philosophy of Science
At the University of Pittsburgh. Details of the Centre, its work, forthcoming events, visiting Fellows, etc.
* Centre for Research Ethics.
Details of the Centre's current research, staff, and publications, together with links to related sites.
* Centre for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI)
Based at Stanford; Director - John Perry.
* Centre of Philosophy, Technology and Society
Based at the University of Aberdeen. They produce a journal (in both electronic & paper versions) called Ends and Means.
* Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centre for Textual Studies
Based here in Oxford - it includes support for Philosophy.
* Consciousness in the Natural World Project
Based at the University of Stirling.
* University of Hertfordshire Philosophy Research Centre
* The History of Philosophy of Science Working Group
Details of the Working Group, forthcoming events, etc.
* Institute for Business and Professional Ethics
Information about the Institute and its activities and research, plus links to related resources, and the On-Line Journal of Ethics
* Institute for Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Milan
* The Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics at Dartmouth College
Details of the Institute, its activities (course, newsletter, videos, etc.), plus links to related sites.
* Institute Vienna Circle
Society for the Advancement of the Scientific World Conception, in an English version and a German version. Yes, it was like stumbling on a fossil on the beach at Lyme Regis... perplexing yet interesting.
* Minnesota Centre for Philosophy of Science
Details of the Centre, its staff, activities, and publications (with a down-loadable image of founder, Feigl!), plus a few links to other philosophy sites.
* Paideia Project: Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy
More than 1,100 contributed papers presented at the Twentieth World Congress, plus information about the project, some inter-active sections, and more.
* PhilNet [Recommended]
A very full philosophy site, with many sections, in German. Based at the University of Hamburg.
* Philosophy in Britain
Details of the charity, its history, aims, etc.
* Philosopher's Information Centre
A non-profit organisation, publishers of the Philosopher's Index. The site gives details of the paper, CD-ROM, and on-line editions of the Index.
* Poynter Centre for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions
ftp site | gopher site | WWW site
The WWW site is a good place to look for ethics-related resources, as well, of course, as giving information about the Centre.
* Prato Centre
Centre of Philosophy & Organisations (?) at the Free University of Amsterdam. Frames-crippled but usuable.
* Proyecto de Filosofia en Espanol (in Spanish)
Based at the University of Oviedo. Details of the project, plus a bibliography, and an archive of philosophical texts in Spanish.
* Register
A German-language, general-purpose mailing list for philosophy, based in Austria.
* Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
An on-line encyclopaedia.

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