Distance Learning
Including Vacation Courses, Continuing Education, etc.

Of necessity I haven't limited these links to Philosophy sites; in particular, few if any Extra-Mural (Continuing Education) Departments have separate pages for individual subjects.
Note: The terms "Continuing Education" and "Extra-Mural Studies" are used differently in different places. Here they refer to education offered to adults, usually by Universities. Although I've divided sites up by geographical location, some Universities offer courses internationally, or have pages of international interest.
The term "Distance Learning" also covers some e-mail (especially slow reading) lists, for which see my Discussion page.
Note well: Some of the sites linked to belong to commercial organisations; I can't guarantee the quality of the education offered by such organisations (nor, of course, by any of the other sites listed here).

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Individuals & Organisations

* Archaeological Texts
"We offer several courses for anyone who is interested in taking an 'A'-level or University certificate distance learning course."
* Cafés Philos
Bernard Roy: Café Philo Central
Philos Cafés Philo: French | English | Italian | German
Association philosophie par tous
cafe-philo.net (French on-line Café Philo)  [Well written]
Oxford Café Philo (details of the first meeting of the Oxford Cafe Philo (October 1999).)
* International Centre for Distance Learning [Well written]
Offers databases of relevant literature and courses.
* Jones International University
"The University of the Web". Although I'm very interested in the notion of distance learning, I tend to take a step back when faced with the offer of distance University degrees. The principle is probably fine, but one can't help thinking of the "degrees by post" industry, found mainly in the U.S. I have no idea as to the status of this organisation; it has been accepted as a candidate for accreditation by a local U.S. accrediting agency (but I'm not sure that its degrees would be accepted elsewhere in the world — important, given its claim to be international). Also, it only seems to offer degrees in business, management, etc., so it hardly counts as a genuine University. Caveat emptor...
* Journals & Newsletters for Distance Education
Maintained by Charles Darling. Oddly, few of these are on line, but there are links where relevant, and subscription information, etc., for the others.
* North American Council for Online Learning
"NACOL increases educational opportunities and enhances learning by providing collegial expertise and leadership in K-12 online teaching and learning."
* Open & Flexible Distance Learning in Finland
Maintained by Ruth Vilmi. The title of the page is, in fact, more than a little modest; there are links to resources concerning distance learning in many regions apart from Finland, as well as more general resources.
*Pathways to Philosophy
"Open learning programs from the Philosophical Society of England based at Sheffield University, with study guide, essay archive, philosophy notebook, web links and Ask a Philosopher." For some reason the first page has eight images, none of which is of a real philosopher (apart, perhaps, from the anonymous "Cambridge student", who in fact seems to be there because she's attractive, young, & female).
* Peterson's Distance Learning [Well written]
"Find distance learning degree programs and online courses. Learn more about life long learning and online education options. Obtain financial aid and prepare for school with a comprehensive test preparation selection."
* The Virtual School [Frames-crippled]
Even linking to the main frame, if it were possible, wouldn't help much, because it's both frames- and javascript-crippled.
* What is Distance Learning? [Well written]
Maintained by Theresa Gilliard-Cook. Useful selection of links to information, distance-learning sites, advice, etc.
* World Lecture Hall  [Well written]
Maintained at the University of Texas ay Austin, it "publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language."



* Open Universities Australia — nothing can stop you now
Well, nothing except their Web-page designer. The main site wouldn't let me in — it insisted that I have Javascript & cookies enabled, and that I use a browser from their list. Whichever cretin decided to do things that way, at least they provide an "alternative (non-javascript) website for users with special needs" — except that it has an address about three lines long [Note], which Lynx, for one, can't access.
* Sydney University
Centre for Continuing Education. This has moved — but the redirection page points to a non-existent address. I'll up-date my link when I can find them again.


* Atlantic Universities
First-Year Courses on the Web.
* University of Calgary
Distance Learning Centre.
* Dalhousie University
DalTech Continuing Education.
* Okanagan University College
Faculty of Adult and Continuing Education.
* University of Phoenix
Distance and On-line Education.
* St James-Assiniboia
Continuing Education.
* Saint Mary's University
Distance Learning Centre.

Europe (except the U.K.)

* Regional Technical College, Galway
Adult & Continuing Education.

Far East

* Sukothai Thammathirat Open University
Distance Education Services

The United Kingdom

* Durham University
Department of Continuing Education. See also details of their Courses.
* University of East Anglia
Centre for Continuing Education.
* The Open University
International Centre for Distance Learning.
* University of Oxford
Department of Continuing Education. Something of a frame victim, I'm afraid.
* Sheffield University
Division of Adult Continuing Education. See also Pathways to Philosophy Distance Learning Programme - in conjunction with the Philosophical Society of England.
* University of Wales, Lampeter
"Offers an M.A. in Ancient Philosophy and Mythology, completely or partially external (depending on individual circumstances)." [Paul Bjarnason]

The United States

* Auburn University
Distance Learning Department: information on courses and programmes.
* University of California, Davis
University Extension: Professional & Continuing Education.
* California State University
"Offers a completely external Master of Arts in the Humanities (a possible option includes many philosophy courses)." [Paul Bjarnason]
* Colorado Summer Seminar for Undergraduates
CU/Boulder; 10-28 July, 2000.
"a three-week intensive seminar for promising undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy. We hope to attract a small and serious group of students who will benefit from the chance to take a graduate-level seminar. The topic is the theory of universals, and the course will be team-taught by various faculty members."
* Cornell University
Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.
* De Anza College
Distance Learning Centre.
* Florida State University
School of Information Studies Distance Learning information. Poorly coded, so difficult to read with a text-based browser.
* Franklin Pierce College
Continuing Education.
* University of Indiana
Distance Learning Courses and the School of Continuing Studies.
* Maricopa Centre for Learning and Instruction
Among other things, there is a searchable index to help find courses that are using Web technology as an instructional tool, and a page that talks about using the Web as a presentation tool.
* Paducah Community College
Continuing Education Programme.
* Southern California University for Professional Studies
Distance learning.
* Stanford University
On-Line Distance Learning System.
* University of Tennessee
Distance Learning Resource Library.
* Texas Distance Learning Association
Includes a useful page of Links.
* University of Washington
Distance Learning.
* University of Wisconsin
Division of Continuing Study.
* University of Wisconsin - Extension
Extension courses.
* Distance Education Clearinghouse
Maintained at the University of Wisconsin. Provides a comprehensive collection of distance education resources, course information, conference databases, funding sources, legislative issues, as well as numerous links to additional sites and resources.

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