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* Conferences (& calls for papers) in Canada
Details in English and in French
* Forum for European Philosophy Discussion Group
Details of forthcoming events.
* International Calendar of Bioethics Events
Maintained by Russell McIntyre.
* Philosophy Research Seminars: 1999-2000
Centre for Philosophy, University of Manchester.
* Philosophical Events in London
Maintained by Tim LeBon on behalf of the Philosophical Society of England (London Group). Focusses on events "suitable for those without an academic background in philosophy"
* Philosophy Programme (London School of Advanced Study
Philosophy meetings, lectures, etc.



* Reasons of One's Own
Utrecht University; 25-28 April, 2001.
* Society for Philosophy and Geography: Third Annual Conference
Towson University; 27-29 April, 2001.
* Beijing International Conference on Political Philosophy
Beijing, China; 27-29 April, 2001.


* Reason and Nature: A Graduate Conference in Philosophy
University of Toronto; 4-6 May, 2001.
* Predication and Truth: the Hermes Lectures -- Donald Davidson
Universita di Perugia; 14-15 " 21-22 May, 2001.
* Mind and Action III: The Explanation of Human Interpretation
Lisbon; 24-27 May, 2001.


* One Hundred Years of Russell's Paradox: International Conference in Logic and Philosophy
University of Munich; 2-5 June, 2001.
* Epistemology of Basic Belief
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; 20-22 June, 2001.
* Military Obedience. Ethical, Military and Legal Perspectives
Royal Military Academy of Belgium (Brussels); 27-29 June, 2001.


* Nature and Technology: 12th Bienniel International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology
University of Aberdeen; 9-11 July, 2001.
* Philosophy and the Emotions: The Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference
University of Manchester; 11-13 July, 2001.
* Intersubjectivity -- the Role & Scope of a Philosophical Concept
7th International French-German Philosophy Colloquium
Evian (Lake Geneva), France; 15-21 July, 2001.
* Philosophy in the Contemporary World
St John's College, Santa Fe; 23-27 July, 2001.
* 28th Hume Society Conference
Victoria, British Columbia; 25-28 July, 2001.


* 6th Symposium Platonicum: on The Laws
Jerusalem; 5-10 August, 2001. Call for papers
* Twenty-ninth Annual Hume Society Conference
University of Helsinki; 6-10 August, 2002.
* Analytic Existentialism
University of Cape Town; 15-16 August, 2001.
* 13th International Conference on Greek Philosophy: The Philosophy of Communication
Rhodes; 18-25 August, 2001.
* 4th Annual Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference: Freedom and Determinism
Moscow, ID & Pullman, WA; 27-29, 2001.


* VIIth International Leibniz Congress
Berlin, 10-14 September, 2001.


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