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Here I used to have a search facility to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, permission to use which was supposed to be an honour, the result of a Best Website award. However, without warning they've started using the link to put cookies onto the computers of anyone viewing my page. I regard that as unethical, and I've removed the facility and any links.
To be honest, it wasn't a very useful facility anyway...


The main purpose of this site is to act as a guide and a gateway to philosophy resources on the Internet. If you're interested only in the other things on offer (which have now expanded to take up more than half the space), you should skip to Everything Else.
There's also a simplified index of the main sections.

The heart of the site is a set of links organised into fourteen main categories. It's not always easy to categorise Web sites; I've cross-referenced where I can, but if you don't find what you're looking for straight away, try browsing through the other pages.

In some cases (for example, the list of University links) the relevant sites are stable enough to make completeness and accuracy a sensible goal, but for the most part I only hope to make this site useful and interesting.

(Some of the pages in my non-philosophical sections might be of interest to philosophers - in particular the Parapsychology, Religion page, Scepticism, and Teaching Resources pages.)

If you have any comments to make (additions, corrections, suggestions...), you can either e-mail me from the "mailto:" link below (I'm gradually adding one to every page) or, if your browser allows it, send me a comment from any of my pages (on Lynx, for example, just press "c").

I should, of course, like to make these pages exhaustive and accurate, but the nature of the Internet is against me. Sites appear, disappear, change contents or addresses, often without warning. Moreover, what counts as complete is a matter of opinion. There's a lot calling itself "philosophy" that isn't, and even more that simply duplicates what's otherwise available.

Finally, if you're worried by this notice:

any modification, duplication, or distribution of philosophy material, logos, or content is expressly prohibited without prior written consent of philosophy, inc.

then look here.


Philosophy Sections

Why Study Philosophy?
Various opinions, mostly from University Philosophy Departments. Now includes reasons not to enter philosophy. [Up-dated December 2004]
Regional Philosophy Pages
Pages relevant to geographical regions & languages. In practice, mainly an index of links to University Philosophy Departments on the Web. [Up-dated November 2004]
Philosophy Sites by Topic
Philosophical resources and indices organised into topics. [Up-dated November 2004]
Sites Devoted to Individual Philosophers
Including sites offering on-line or down-loadable texts; now offers 188 philosophers. [Up-dated January 2005]
Philosophy Journals
Conventional, paper-based journals' Home Pages (now organised by topic), and on-line & e-mail journals. [Up-dated November 2004]
Institutions, Commercial Organisations, etc.
A miscellany of sites - whatever doesn't fit easily into the other categories, including Societies, Libraries, etc. [Up-dated January 2005]
Individuals' Philosophy Pages
Philosophical resources and indices provided by individuals. [Up-dated January 2005]
Reference Sites
On-line philosophical dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and search engines. [Up-dated January 2005]
Philosophy Discussion on the Internet
Relevant Usenet and e-mail groups, plus information about on-line chat.
Philosophy Events
Conferences, seminars, departmental programmes, etc.
Vacation Courses & Continuing Education
This includes University Extra-Mural & Continuing Education Departments, and Distance Learning.
Philosophers on the Web
A directory of philosophers who have Web pages (however meagre).
Philosophy Jobs
Links to useful sites. [Up-dated December 2004]
Some of My Papers
Philosophical and journalistic, plus some poetry, original and translations.

[Texts] Buying, reading, searching texts on the Internet. Links to bookshops and publishers, and to on-line libraries. [January 2005: up-dated, & added University Presses]

[Surf] If you want to search the WWW for yourself, there are plenty of resources here to help you get started.

[e-mail me] If your browser doesn't support "mailto:", then you can reach me at: <> (replace AT with @)

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