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N.B.: when an individual's page is devoted either to an individual philosopher or to just one topic, then I've included it in the relevant section. Because the trend is towards more specialised sites, this section is therefore shrinking.

These are philosophy pages — not necessarily philosophers' pages. If you're interested in philosophers' pages that aren't necessarily philosophy pages, look here. Some of the pages are devoted to a particular interest, some are general philosophy sites; I've tried to give a brief but accurate description of each.


thumbs down, unless otherwise stated, indicates that a site is frames-crippled.
[Well written] refers to the way the page looks in a text-based browser.

- A -
* Mortimer J. Adler & Max Weismann [Poorly written]
"Centre for the Study of Great Ideas". Dedicated to a certain view of philosophy — its nature, importance, and the way to teach it. Rather portentous in style given its populist basis, and crippled by Usemap menus.
* Varol Akman
Essentially a personal/departmental Web page, but with some useful links, and on-line papers.
* Dey Alexander [Poorly written]
"Philosophy in Cyberspace". A vast range of philosophy links, though the new front page depends upon a Usemap menu, otherwise offering links to five sections identified only by number — a sort of lucky dip. Apart from the main site (at Monash) there's an Italian mirror.
- B -
* Alexander Bird
Mainly materials related to his teaching, plus some of his own research, etc. After the first page, it's well written and easy to navigate.
* Simon Blackburn [Well written]
Details of his work, including on-line material, and forthcoming publications.
- C -
* Antonio Calonego [Poorly written]
"Dialegesthai — Philosophical Themes". Appallingly written, making it almost impossible to use with text-based browsers, browsers with Javascript turned off, etc.
* Sean Cearley [Javascript crippled]
"Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop". This used to be one of the fullest guides to philosophy resources, attractively and considerately presented so as to be usable with any browser; it's now been crippled by Javascript. In fact it works fine with Lynx, but hides its links from Opera (with Javascript off). Some of its internal links are dead, too.
* David Chalmers [Recommended]
Includes details of his own work, plus an extensive bibliography of recent work in the philosophy of mind (though there's an awful lot of "cognitive science" and A.I. as well), a listing of philosophers with papers available on line, and much more.
* Michael Chase
Details of his translations of various philosophical texts.
* Stephen Clark [Recommended]
"Philosophy at Large". One of the best (and longest lived) introductions to philosophy resources on the Internet.
* Tony Cole
Philosophy Lists; "an attempt to provide information on western philosophy as practiced around the world. It includes evaluative guides to journals, books and departments."
* Francesco Coniglione
"A Polish Philosophy Page [...] This page is devoted to Polish Philosophy of the 20th Century and it aims to be an instrument to aid knowledge and diffusion of the philosophical ideas of the main Polish philosophers since 1900."
* Raul Corazzon
"Ontology: a resource guide for philosophers" Very large site, dealing with ontology in a somewhat extended sense, historically and by topic.
- D -
* Stephen Darwall
A little about his own work, material for his students, and various philosophy links.
* Bob Drudge
"". A small, idiosyncratic, alphabetical list of links to Philosophy and other resources.
- E -
* Ron Ecker
The text of his book The Evolutionary Tales, which includes The Philosopher's Tale.
* Charles Ess
"Collection of Informal Fallacies", drawn from any number of "real-life" sources.
- F -
* Leon Felkins
"A Rational Life". Social dilemmas and related subjects -- such as vagueness, Rational Choice, Public Choice, politics, paradoxes, and the problems of governance in modern societies. Somewhat hastily thought out for the most part, and with an odd tension between a Mr-Spock-like attempt to suppress anything but logic (irrational and doomed to failure, of course) and a tendency to swallow outrageously unscientific and unphilosophical speculation like Richard Dawkins' memes...
* Luciano Floridi [Frames-crippled]
Material for his students (though worth looking at for others), plus some on-line papers. Not only frames-crippled, but tells you what browser and what screen resolution you should be using...
- H -
* Benoit Hardy-Vallée [Poorly written]
Crippled by just about every gimmick available to a Web page.
* Anthony Harrison-Barbet
"The Verulam Institute of Human Studies: Philosophical Anthropology". A linearly organised (that is, you have to read the pages in order) brief bibliographic introduction to a fairly narrow approach to a fairly broad area of thought, including the philosophy of culture, sociobiology, etc. Presumably based in St Albans?
* Marco Hirt
"Die Philosophieseite" based in Switzerland, written in German.
- I -
* ISE Toshiko
Also available in Japanese and French. Offerings include his own work, links to sites inside and outside Japan, and a calendar of Hume events in Japan.
- J -
* Bruce B. Janz
From here you can access all the various pages he's set up (on African philosophy, religion, continental philosophy, etc.), to which I have separate links in the appropriate sections of this site.
- K -
* Garth Kemerling [Recommended]
Various resources on offer, including a Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names.
* D.R. Khashaba [Javascript-crippled]
"Back to Socrates". Says that it contains all sorts of on-line documentsts, but all I see with either Lynx or graphical browsers with Javascript turned off is a page of text with no links.
* Franz Kiekeben [Well written]
Some philosophical pieces of his own, plus links to other sites, cartoons, and miscellanea.
- L -
* J. Karel Lambert
His own Web page, containing biographical info, plus a select bibliography.
* Josette Lanteigne
In French. Good set of links to philosophy resources.
* James Lenman
Apart from various ethics resources (also listed individually on the Ethics page), this page lists his own papers teaching materials, etc.
* Nils P. Lie-Gjeseth
A resource mainly for students in Norwegian upper-secondary schools: in Norwegian & English
* Graham Little
Personal site of a non-professional philosopher in New Zealand, offering papers concerning epistemology/philosophy of science.
* Mary K. Long
The Philosophy section of her site The Source.
- M -
* Nancy McGough [Well written]
"Infinite Ink: writing and publishing about computing, mathematics, science, and philosophy".
* Shannon Mauldin
"Analytic Philosophy Central". In terms of content this is well worth visiting, but with a text-based browser it's messy, and with a graphical browser parts of it are virtually unreadable (e.g., blue text on a black background).
* Dieter Münch
Cognitive science, pheneomenology, etc.
* Desiderio Murcho
Portuguese site.
- O -
* Orrin Onken [Recommended]
"The Big Dummy's Guide to Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics". An introduction to concepts and arguments for techies. Try it — really.
- P -
* Dusan Pajin
Offers on-line papers (published & unpublished), as well as poetry and paintings.
* Kent D. Palmer
Also his Thinknet Resource Centre.
* Steve Palmquist
Academic links, his articles and books, his teaching, and his Kant page.
* James Park
"An Existential Philosopher's Museum."
* Cheryl & Michael Patton
"Patton's Argument Clinic." Offers some amusing material, including a satirical piece on an Ethics debate, plus links to other sites, etc.
* Patrick Peccatte
"PIM — Philosophie, Informatique, Mathématiques". Links to philosophy resources, plus details of and an extract from a book by M. Peccatte. (In French.)
- R -
* Daniel Rönnedal
"The Philosophy Net" Swedish page, offering a discussion area, introductions to a selection of famous philosophers, etc.
- S -
* Pinar Saygin [Well written]
"Turing Test Homepage". Resources and links, mostly philosophical, relevant to the Turing Test.
* Annette Schlemm [Well written]
"Virtuelles Philosophenstübchen." Offers "hypertexts on philosophy, self organization, ecology, science fiction and so on". Mainly in German.
* Shlomit C. Schuster
Devoted to "Philosophical Counselling" — and yes, those are scare quotes. Regular users of my site might not be very surprised to discover that I'm more than a little dubious concerning this recent phenomenon. I'll limit my remarks (for the moment) to pointing out that Schuster's site trades on a pretty obvious equivocation between two meanings of the verb "counsel" in his attempt to link his activities with those of real philosophers like Plato, Descartes, and Locke.
* Seth Sharpless [Frames-crippled]
"on Analytic Philosophy and Psychology in the Twentieth Century — and other vitally important topics"
* Brock Sides
A collection of his own pages on various subjects, but especially metaphysics.
* Aaron Sloman [Well written]
Notes, papers, an ftp link to the Birmingham "Cognition and Affect" project, and more, all beautifully and considerately presented.
* Barry Smith
Home Page, including a number of on-line papers.
* Peter Suber [Recommended]
Very full and neatly organised guide to philosophical resources. He's no longer up-dating it, but it remains useful.
* Norman Swartz
Includes a number of on-line papers, lectures, and notes, especially Philosophy as a Blood Sport and two of his books for free down-load.
- T -
* Jonni B. Taylor [Poorly written]
It's gone from being difficult to use with a text-based browser to being almost impossible, depending as it does on a Usemap menu.
* David Thunder
"The Philosophy Site: an Irish website dedicated to the pursuit of truth and wisdom in a spirit of freedom, scholarly rigour and personal integrity."
- V -
* Sam Vaknin
"Philosophical Essays and Musings: Topics in current philosophy and culture studies." A collection of his papers (some in full, others just abstracts).
* J. David Velleman
On-line papers, teaching materials, even a book...
- W -
* Neal Weiner
"The Virtue of What Is — Philosophical Poetry and Fiction about God, Growth, Truth and the Meeting Place of Good and Evil at the Heart of Creation." The "philosophical" tag is a little hard to justify, and the poetry doesn't do it for me, though it might for you.
* Max Weismann
See Mortimer Adler.
* V. Alan White
Apart from the philosophical songs and other "phun", and personal-page sort of stuff, there are some on-line papers here.
* Uwe Wiedemann [Recommended]
"" in German, ofering many interesting and useful sections including ones on Philosophy, Logic, and Greek myth.
- Z -
* Edward N. Zalta [Recommended]
"Metaphysics Research Lab at CSLI". Interesting in its own right, but also for information on philosophers such as Ernst Mally and Gottlob Frege.
* Gordon L. Ziniewicz [Recommended]
Includes notes written for students to help them understand Western and Eastern philosophies, sections on Greek philosophy and John Dewey, on-line texts, philosophy crossword puzzles(!), links to other philosophy resources, and something for "adjunct professors" (which probably means something to Americans, but not to me). Well worth a look.

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