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Associations & Societies

(For Scieties, etc., devoted to particular philosophers, schools, or areas of philosophy, and for regional Associations, see the relevant sections of my Individual Philosophers pages, the Philosophy by Topic pages, and the Philosophy by Region pages. Many if not most of the following links will, once up-dated, be moved to those pages as appropriate, so this page should shrink considerably over the next week or so [24 xii 04].)
*  Association Internationale des Professeurs de Philosophie
The homepage of the Association, whose main aim is to promote "the teaching of philosophy in the schools and universities of the member countries"
* Budapest Mind Society
"aims to bring together researchers in Hungary with interests in philosophy of mind. The Society organises bimonthly talks and will sponsor reading groups to examine the latest monographs in philosophy of mind."
* Institute of Practical Philosophy
At Malaspina University-College. Maintained by Robert D. Lane.
* International Society for Philosophers
"launched in March 2002, with the aim of bringing together students and teachers of philosophy, and amateur philosophers from all over the world. We welcome everyone, of all faiths and nationalities, to join us in constructive dialogue seeking after truth."
* Society for Philosophical Inquiry
"a grassroots nonprofit organization devoted to supporting philosophical inquirers of all ages and walks of life as they become more empathetic and autonomous thinkers who take active part in creating a more deliberative democracy." Details of the Society, membership, events, etc., plus news stories and other philosophical items.
* Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
"The page contains information about the objectives of the society, its journal (including submission requirements), and its annual meeting in Estes Park Colorado."

Student Societies
* Aberdeen University
* Edinburgh University Philosophy Society
* Glasgow University
* Lewis & Clark College Philosophy Club
(a.k.a. "the Institute for Philosophical Pleasure")
* National Postgraduate Analytic Philosophy Association
"the association for UK postgraduate philosophers"
* Ockham Society
University of Oxford.
* Polyhymnia
Successor to the "Cal. Poly. Philosophy Club".
* Scottish Postgraduate Philosophy Association
Information about the association, how to join, forthcoming events, and details of last year's conference, with abstracts of the papers.

Commercial Organisations

(See also my separate page for Booksellers and Publishers)

* InteLex Corporation
"We publish the largest collection of electronic texts in philosophy in the world. We publish both in English translation and in languages other than English. We are also engaged in a pilot project to place philosophy journals online."
*  No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed  [Poorly written]
A U.S. television programme. I can't say much more about the programme, not being in the U.S., but the site is unfortunately partially Javascript-crippled.
*  UMI Dissertation Services
"UMI publishes and archives dissertations and theses; sells copies on demand; and maintains the definitive bibliographic record for over 2 million doctoral dissertations and master's theses."

Libraries & Academic-Based sites

*  Mind and Body: René Descartes to William James — an exhibition
The accounts of the various philosophical positions are — well, dubious in places. Look for yourself, though.
*  Serendip
Based at Bryn Mawr. " is a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous and incomplete. Originating in interactions among neurobiologists, computer scientists, business people, and educators, Serendip is both an expanding forum and a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education, in social organization... and in how one makes sense of life."
*  Virtual Library: Philosophy
Maintained by Daniel Brickley at Bristol. An extensive set of philosophy links.


* Good Company Club
Maintained by Aaron Paul Bell. "Our goal is to offer a website where philosophy essays, rebuttals, critiques, satire, ideas and literature can be read by those with a philosophical stance on life" Undergraduates and philosophical tyros beware: the on-line essays at which I've looked have been of pretty low quality, and should probably be avoided.
*  The Idea Channel  [Poorly written]
"Here you will find recorded conversations held by and between some of the world's greatest thinkers, including many Nobel Prize Winners. All programs are available for purchase on videocassette. Select programs are available on audio CD, DVD, or in transcript form." Not just philosophy, but includes interviews with philosophers and other relevant material. It has a pretty obvious right-wing slant in just about everything it does (lots of stuff on Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, etc.). It's also partially crippled by reliance on Usemap menus for some its internal links.
* Philosophers' Imprint  [Poorly written]
"Edited by philosophers. Published by librarians. Free to readers of the Web." I've no idea what this is, as it's both Javascript and frames-crippled.
* Philosophy News Service
"a set of free services designed to help keep philosophers current on the latest news, events, books, jobs, and resources." Offers a news service, philosophy forums, adn a Listserv.

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