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I've simply had to give up the idea of providing individual job-advertisements - the work involved is too great, especially given the up-keep of the rest of this site. In any case, the links I give below cover between them what I'd hoped to do here.

* Academic Jobs EU
"The Leading Site for Academic and Research Jobs in Europe!"
* Academic Careers Online
I'd have added a link to this site, except for the following e-mail. I dislike this style of dishonest advertising, partly because I dislike being treated like an idiot. Perhaps the site itself is useful and honest; perhaps "Dr Geoffrey Fowler" has nothing to do with them. Information gratefully received.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:32:27 -0500
From: Dr. Geoffrey Fowler 
To: "" 
Subject: Faculty, administrative, postdoc and library searches

Recently I used the academic job site Academic Careers Online for a search
and liked it.

Their Diversity/Affirmative Action Applicant Email alerts is an especially
important feature.

You can find or announce faculty, post doc, researcher, library, and
administrative jobs at colleges, universities and research institutes

Applicants can use all their services without being charged and employers
can post a job listing for up to three full months for US 195 (about CAD
234) or one month at US 145.

To see the site go to www.***.***

Regards and I hope you are doing well.

Dr. Geoffrey Fowler

* Academic Employment Network
" lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals. Here is your immediate, economical vehicle for reaching qualified educators throughout the world."
* :: Bioethics Jobs
just what the title says — a listing of Bioethics jobs, provided by
* Chronicle of Higher Education
The jobs section; articles, and a searchable database.
* Episteme Jobs
Links to relevant sites.
"The leading site for academic, science, research and related vacancies"
* H-Net Job Guide
" posts academic position announcements in History and the Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Rhetoric and Composition, and serves a broad audience of administrators, faculty members, archivists, librarians, and other professionals in the humanities and social sciences. The Job Guide is fully sortable and searchable, and is available via email and the web at no cost to the jobseeker."
"As well as all UK Universities, our client list includes Unilever, Bank of England, British Museum, MRC, NHS Trusts, and many others — and it's no surprise, with over 300,000 jobseekers using our site every month, 90% of whom are educated to degree level."
* Jobs in Philosophy
Pages provided by PhilNet in Hamburg, organised geographically, this site attempts to be as comprehensive as possible, with philosophy jobs world-wide. In four languages:
[English] [Deutsch] [Francais] [Espanol]
* Postes, subventions, et bourses | Jobs, Grants, and Fellowships
Provided by the Association canadienne de philosophie | Canadian Philosophical Association.
* Times Higher Education Supplement
Searchable database of academic jobs.

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