Directory of Philosophers

Some of these people are professional philosophers, some are graduate students of philosophy, some undergraduates. All of them have personal Web pages of some sort, of which the type of content varies tremendously. In many cases, the pages in question are provided by the philosophers' departments, though I've stuck to my main principle, and included only individual pages - there are no links to multi-person pages here.

Think of this as a lucky dip; you might pull out a well-designed and interesting page, with information and links that broaden your horizons - or you might pull out a useful example of how not to design a Web page. I've made no attempt at ordering other than by the alphabet, so stick in your hand and feel around.



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(Thank you to Sean Cearley, who pointed out that the page was getting too long to be manageable, and who's therefore responsible for my splitting it into four.)

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