Philosophy of Mind
Including the self, personal identity, etc., and the philosophy of psychology

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+ István A. Aranyosi
On-line papers.
+ John Beloff
Papers on dualism, from a parapsychological perspective.
+ David Chalmers
Among much else: Online papers on consciousness, an annotated bibliography of Contemporary Philosophy of Mind, Web Resources related to consciousness, etc., and Zombies on the Web.
+ Consciousness Razing
A short paper by Andrea Christofidou, originally published in the The Times Higher Educational Supplement, 29th July 1994 (under the title "A difficult subject for experiment"), on the question of consciousness.
+ Consciousness in the Natural World Project
Based at the University of Stirling. "It aims to bring together philosophers from the Scottish Universities and beyond to allow concerted and collective progress to be made on one of the central problems in the philosophy of mind - the problem of explaining the place of conscious psychological life within the natural world."
+ Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, and Cognition: Scientific, Philosophical and Historical Approaches
"A resource for the study of imagination and mental images and their relevance to the understanding of consciousness and cognition, as approached primarily through the methods of analytical philosophy, experimental psychology, cognitive science, and the history of ideas/intellectual history", maintained by Nigel J.T. Thomas.
+ One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Person
Abstract of one of own papers, due to be published in Mind and Its Place in Nature, edd Alexander Batthyany, Dimitri Constant, & Avshalom Elitzur (Ontos Verlag).
+ Christian Perring
He used to have a very well-designed site; unfortunately some of the key areas have been redesigned and are now frames crippled. I've linked to the useful part of his Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography.
+ Radical Constructivism
I have to confess that I'm not entirely sure what "Radical Constructivism" is (though I have a strong suspicion that, if I did know, I shouldn't like it) - but there's a lot of stuff here, and links to a lot more.
+ Teed Rockwell
"Cognitive Questions: The Only Cognitive Science Website Without a Picture of a Brain on it!". Features original papers with commentary by Ruth Millikan, Andy Clark, Tim Van Gelder, U.T. Place, Bob Kane, and others.
+ S.W.I.F. Philosophy of Mind Pages
The Italian Web Service for Philosophy pages, in English (I've mislaid the Italian version...), in association with Philosophy of Mind and Body Department of Philosophy - University of Hull


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