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Societies, etc.
* American Catholic Philosophical Association.
Details of the Association, membership, events, publications, etc.
* American Humanist Association
Details of the Association, activities, events, publications, membership, humanism, etc.
* Centre for Philosophy of Religion
At the University of Notre Dame. It exists "in order to promote, support and disseminate scholarly work in philosophy of religion and Christian philosophy.&qout;
* Council for Secular Humanism
Features their journal, Free Inquiry, plus details of the Council, information about Humanism, and much more.
* International Association for the History of Religions
"serves to promote the academic study of religions through the international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject [...] It consists in principle of its member associations which are established in various countries and regions throughout the world."
* Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
Details of the Socity, events, membership, etc., and their Journal.
* Society of Christian Philosophers
"organized in 1978 to promote fellowship among Christian Philosophers and to stimulate study and discussion of issues which arise from their Christian and philosophical commitments. One of its chief aims is to go beyond the usual philosophy of religion sessions at the American Philosophical Association and to stimulate thinking about the nature and role of Christian commitment in philosophy."
Note: I've combined the Journals sections of this page and my Religion page, and the following list covers a much wider range of publications than simply the philosophical.

* American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly
The journal of the American Catholic Philosophical Association. Submission & subscription details, special issues, etc.,
* Augustinian Studies
"devoted to the scholarly study of the life, teachings, and influence of Augustine." Subscription details, contents pages, etc.
* Canadian Atheist Online
Newsletter of the Canadian Atheist Society. Generally pretty light-weight, not to say facetious.
* Contemporary Buddhism: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Details of the journal for contributors and subscribers.
* Dialogue
A Journal of Religion and Philosophy. The Web site offers no real information, but I get the impression that it's aimed at children. The site's difficult to use with a text-based browser.
* Diskus
"A disembodied journal of religious studies" edited by Brian Bocking. This was an on-disk journal, but has now shifted to being entirely Internet-based. It's incorporated into the Internet Journal of Religion site.
* Disputation Philosophica
"International Journal on Philosophy and Religion".
* Faith and Philosophy
"published quarterly by the Society of Christian Philosophers. The journal encourages discussions among philosophers representing a wide variety of denominations, theological perspectives, and philosophical orientations. It seeks critical and reflective self-understanding of Christian faith carried out in dialogue with those who do not, as well as with those who do, share its Christian commitment."
* Free Inquiry
Published by the Council for Secular Humanism. Subscription & editorial details, plus archives, previews, and information about back issues.
* The Humanist: A Magazine of Critical Inquiry and Social Concern
The bimonthly international magazine of the American Humanist Association. "The Humanist applies Humanism – a naturalistic and democratic outlook informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion – to broad areas of social and personal concern."
* Indo-Judaic Studies Journal
Details of the Journal and a call for papers.
* International Journal of Hindu Studies
"The site includes a statement of aims and scope, list of editors, information for prospective contributors, reviewers, subscribers, and advertisers. Also includes contents, abstracts, and information about authors for each issue as published, and plans for upcoming issues."
* Internet Journal of Religion
A site incorporating the following journals (for comments see the individual alphabetical entries):
o Diskus
o Marburg Journal of Religion
o Science of Religion
* Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal
"a peer-reviewed, electronic journal dealing with all fields of Jewish studies."
* Journal of Buddhist Ethics
On-line magazine "promoting academic research in Buddhist ethics". Subscription & editorial info., back issues, research resources, etc. Also offers an on-line eBook project.
* Journal of Global Buddhism
On-line journal "established to promote the study of Buddhism's globalization and its transcontinental interrelatedness."
* Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion
Page giving publication details, snail-mail address for subscriptions, etc.
* Journal of Religion
Formerly known as The American Journal of Theology; this page offers all the usual information about the journal. Also offers an electronic edition.
* Journal of Religious Ethics
Details of the journal and the monograph series, including an archive, the usual editorial & subscription details, etc.
* Journal of Religious Studies and Theology
"a semi-annual, refereed journal, featuring articles and book reviews in the fields for which it is named."
* Journal of Southern Religion
All the usual subscription & editorial detailsof "the first scholarly journal devoted to the study of religion in the American South", plus the Sam Hill Prize for student work.
* Journal of Theological Studies
Usual information, plus a contents page mailing service.
* Marburg Journal of Religion
On-line journal devoted to the study of religions, edited by Michael Pye. Incorporated into the Internet Journal of Religion site.
* Modern Theology
Subscription & editorial information, presented in Blackwell's usual messay way (if you're using a text-based browser, anyway).
* Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilsophie
"Die Neue Zeitschrift zeichnet sich dadurch aus, daß sie dem spannungsvollen Gespräch zwischen lutherisch-reformatorischer Theologie und Philosophie im weitesten Sinn dient, in den Auseinandersetzungen gegenwärtiger Theologie die Weite denkender Verantwortung offenzuhalten sucht, eine Vielfalt der Fragestellungen bietet, durch den internationalen Herausgeberkreis für einen Austausch deutsch- und englischsprachiger Theologie sorgt und in jedem Heft eine Zeitschriftenschau präsentiert."
* Philo
"devoted exclusively to criticisms of theism and defenses or developments of naturalism. To facilitate discussion and debate, Philo also publishes defenses of theism and criticisms of naturalism. The interest in naturalism extends to the relevant branches of naturalist philosophy, such as naturalist metaphysics, and especially naturalist ethics. [... It's] published biannually at the Center for Inquiry with assistance from Western Michigan University."
* Philosophia Christi
"a peer reviewed journal published twice a year by the Evangelical Philosophical Society with the support of Biola University as a vehicle for the scholarly discussion of philosophy and philosophical issues in the fields of ethics, theology, and religion." Subscription & editorial details, events, membership, etc.
* Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions
"A Journal of the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies [...] a multi-lingual (English - French - Spanish - German) philosophical journal, published annually [...] The journal aims at promoting dialogue and the fruitful exchange of ideas between philosophy and religious and cultural traditions. While recognizing the important contribution of Christianity to philosophy, articles appearing in the journal are not restricted to philosophy in the Christian or Catholic traditions."
* Philosophy and Theology
Published semi-annually in paper form and on disk, it "ddresses all areas of interest to both philosophy and theology. While not a journal of the philosophy of religion, Philosophy & Theology is especially open to the common ground joining these two ancient disciplines. Rather than viewing them as antagonistic, Philosophy & Theology promotes fruitful dialogue." This page offers a brief introduction to the journal, plus information for subscribers and contributors.
* Religious Studies
"an international journal devoted to the problems of the philosophy of religion as they arise out of classical and contemporary discussions and from varied religious traditions."
* Science of Religion
"A bibliographical journal published in hard copy under the auspices of the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR). The objective is to provide a systematic bibliography of journal articles which contribute in various ways to the the academic study of religions. This in turn is intended to facilitate "the international collaboration of all scholars whose work has a bearing on the subject"." Incorporated into the Internet Journal of Religion site.
* Secular Humanist Bulletin
Newsletter of the Council for Secular Humanism, sent free to all Associate Members of the Council. Details of membership and contents of past Bulletins.
* Sophia
"International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysical Theology and Ethics [...] a twice-yearly journal focusing on the interstices between metaphysics (traditional to modern) and theological thinking (antiquity to recent), as these issues are debated broadly within the philosophy of religion, taking cognizance of the wider ambience of the sciences ('natural' philosophy and human/social sciences), ethics or moral concerns in the public sphere, critical feminist theology and cross-cultural perspectives."
* Spirita: Zeitschrift fü Religionenswissenschaft
"Hintergründe, Analysen, Berichte, Buchbesprechungen — zu Religionenund religiösen Bewegungen, aus religionswissenschaftlicher Perspektive".
* Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses
Just subscription details and a very brief description of the journal.
* The Thomist
A Speculative Quarterly Review.
* Toronto Journal of Theology
Just subscription details and a very brief description of the journal.
* Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion
Subscription & editorial info. and past contents details.
On-line papers and books
(See also Individuals' Pages and the Philosophers section)
* Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Offers a huge range of on-line texts.
* Friesian School
Proceedings: Philosophy of Religion.
* Faith and Science
Dr Abdussalam.
* Relevant entries from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Design Arguments for the Existence of God (Kenneth Einar Himma)
English Deism
Faith and Reason (James Swindal)
French Deism
God, Western Concepts of (Brian Morley)
Gnosticism (Edward Moore)
The Logical Problem of Evil (James R. Beebe)
Natural Theology
The Ontological Argument (Kenneth Einar Himma)
Religious Epistemology (Kelly James Clark)
* Is Nothing Sacred?
My own dialogues — part of a work in progress, an introduction to the philosophy of religion.
* Origins
Features scholarly and popular resources concerning theism, including papers by Alston, Lane Craig, Plantinga, Swinburne, and others.
+ Secular Web Library: Essays on Atheism and Religious Disbelief
Part of the Secular Web site.
* Relevant entries from the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Atheism and Agnosticism (J.J.C. Smart)
Cosmological Argument (Bruce Reichenbach)
Creationism (Michael Ruse)
Divine Freedom (William Rowe)
Divine Illumination (Robert Pasnau)
Divine Providence (Hugh J. McCann)
Epistemology of Religion (Peter Forrest)
Heaven and Hell (Jonathan Kvanvig)
Immutability (Brian Leftow)
Miracles (Michael Levine)
Moral Arguments for the Existence of God (Peter Byrne)
Mysticism (Jerome Gellman)
Omnipotence (Joshua Hoffman & Gary Rosenkrantz)
Ontological Arguments (Graham Oppy)
Pantheism (Michael Levine)
Pascal's Wager (Alan Hájek)
Pragmatic Arguments for Believing in God (Jeff Jordan)
Problem of Evil (Michael Tooley)
Process Philosophy (Nicholas Rescher)
Process Theism (Donald Viney)
Religious Diversity (Pluralism) (David Basinger)
Theological Voluntarism (Mark Murphy)
Individuals' Pages
+ Tim Holt
Philosophy of Religion page, offering introductory discussions of some of the main questions in the area in an "attempt to demystify the philosophy of religion".
+ Bruce Janz
"Philosophy and Western Mysticism Resources".
+ William Lane Craig
"presents Dr Craig's work as philosopher, theologian, writer and speaker"; includes a number of his papers.
+ Scott H. Moore
Leans fairly heavily towards Christian theology, but offers links to a wide range of resources.
+ Wes Morriston
Offers some of his own papers on line, as well as useful resources connected with various courses that he teaches.
+ Michael Sudduth
Offers a number of on-line papers, teaching resources, links, etc. (warning: the site has pop-up windows).
Miscellaneous Sites
(including general & links pages and on-line reference resources)
+ Anthropic Principle
" Here you will find both popular overviews and scholarly material on everything related to observation selection effects, the anthropic principle, self-locating belief, and associated applications and paradoxes in science and philosophy." Maintained by Nick Bostrom.
* The Catholic Encyclopedia
"proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine".
* The Jury Is In: The Ruling on McDowell's "Evidence"
Edited by Jeff Lowder. A substantial response to a book by a Christian apologist [Josh McDowell - mercifully virtually unknown outside the US, I think; worth looking at, though].
* New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
By Philip Schaff; provided by the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.


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