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Philosophy of Biology

This section is devoted to the State of Kansas.
See also Environmental Ethics section and the Environment page.
Page of relevant links.
* Darwin
The Writings of Charles Darwin on the Web
Edited & maintained by John van Wyhe.
The Origin of Species
On-line version, hosted by
The Origin of Species
A version for down-load and viewing/printing off line, hosted by Human-Nature.Com.
* Michael R. Dietrich
Resources, courses, journals, etc.
* Duke University
Centre for Philosophy of Biology.
* Claus Emmeche home page
Interesting Home Page of a theoretical biologist, offering on-line papers and useful links.
* International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology
"brings together scholars from diverse disciplines, including the life sciences as well as history, philosophy, and social studies of science. ISHPSSB summer meetings are known for innovative, transdisciplinary sessions, and for fostering informal, co-operative exchanges and on-going collaborations."
* Philosophy of Biology
&A blog dedicated to the history and philosophy of biology, including Darwinism, evolutionary ethics and game theory."
* Philosophy of Biology
Article by J. Ronald Munson, from the Encyclopedia Britannica.
* Teleological notions in biology
Article by Colin Allen; from the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.
* UCHII Soshichi
Assorted resources, inlcuding Prof. Uchii's on-line articles.
* Universidad del País Vasco
Philosophy of Biology research Group. "Some of our research topics are: the origin and definition of life, evolution and development, self-organisation, metabolism, symbolic and dynamic descriptions of living systems, material and historical constraints, information and function, origins and definition of cognition, simulations and realisations in Artificial Life, evaluation of models in AL and AI, emergence and hierarchical levels of organisation, complexity."

Philosophy of Physics

Articles and resources on the philosophy of physics.
* Foundations of Physics Group
"an affiliation of faculty and graduate students at the University of Maryland (College Park and Baltimore County), Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, and Elizabethtown College with interests in conceptual, philosophical, and historical issues in the foundations of physics."
* A Brief History and Philosophy of Physics
Article by Alan J. Slavin, Trent University.
* Philosophy of physics homepages
maintained by Oliver Pooley. A list " intended to be of interest to and useful for those working in the philosophy of physics. It includes physicists and philosophers who, in one way or another, work on the philosophy/foundations of physics."
* Quentin Smith
On-line versions of his published papers and books.
* UCHII Soshichi
Assorted resources, inlcuding Prof. Uchii's on-line articles.
* University of Oxford
Philosophy of Physics page, with details of teaching, research, events, etc.

Philosophy of Parapsychology

(See also my Parapsychology page -- in desperate need of up-dating, but I'll get to it soon [14 i 05].)
* Stephen Braude: Psi Explorer
Details of his publications, plus various sections including personal accounts of experiences of one sort or another, links, etc. Not much philosophy here, to be honest (well, actually none that I found on a quick trawl through). His publications certainly contain much of interest, but unfortunately none is provided here.
* Think
Issue 3 (2003) of Think was devoted in large part to the Philosophy of Parapsychology; the following papers are available on line:
Parapsychology with out the "para" (or the psychology) (Peter J. King) [PDF file]
The Paranormal, Miracles and David Hume (Terence Penelhum)
Thinking about Telepathy (Dean Radin)
Psychic Sophistry (Tony Youens)
* Philosophy and the Paranormal
Transcript of a discussion between Drew Khlentzos, Peter Forrest, & Arcady Blinov on a radio programme broadcast by 2SER FM in conjunction with the University of New England.
* Fiona Steinkamp
Details of her own research and links to other resources, especially her Parapsychology pages.

Centres, Departments, Institutions, etc.

* Centre for Philosophy of Science
At the University of Pittsburgh. Details of the Centre, its work, forthcoming events, visiting Fellows, etc.
* Centre for the Philosophy of the Natural and Social Sciences
At the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
* Centre of Philosophy, Technology, and Society
University of Aberdeen. They produce a journal (in both electronic and paper versions) called Ends and Means.
* History of Philosophy of Science Working Group
Details of the Working Group, forthcoming events, etc.
* Indiana University
Department of History and Philosophy of Science.
* University of Melbourne
History and Philosophy of Science.
* Minnesota Centre for Philosophy of Science
Details of the Centre, its staff, activities, and publications (with a down-loadable image of founder, Feigl!), plus a few links to other philosophy sites.
* Notre Dame: HPS
See also their Reilly Centre.
* Reilly Centre for Science, Technology, and Values
At the University of Notre Dame (see also their HPS page).
* Scientia
Institute for the history of science & culture, at Rice University.


* British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Details of the Society, Events, Membership, Journal, etc.
* Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
Information about the Society, its services, and its journals, plus links to related sites.
* Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science
Details of of the Society, membership, newsletter, etc.

Miscellaneous Resources

* Anthropic Principle
"A site for anthropic reasoning, the Doomsday argument, SETI and related issues." Maintained by Nick Bostrom.
* Andrew Boucher
On-line papers on parallel machines, philosophy, and the foundations of mathematics.
* Hartmut Krech
Bio-bibliographical Directory to over 730 Authors on the Culture and History of Science and the Humanities.
* MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Based at the University of St Andrews. Includes introductions to a wide range of major figures in the history of mathematics.
* Mathematical Scepticism: the Cartesian Approach
On-line paper by Luciano Floridi.
* Philosophy of Science and Mathematics in Britain
Brendan Larvor's page, offering `ordinary space-time' contact details for philosophers of science and mathematics, plus details of events and related links.
* Philip Thonemann
A selection of his own papers on line.

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