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o McGunigle List of U.K. & Irish Depts
A list of Philosophy departments not necessarily on the Internet. [This has disappeared; any information gratefully received.]
o U.K. Universities and Colleges
A list provided by the University of Wolverhampton's School of Computing and I.T.
"Higher Education & research Opportunities in the United Kingdom [...] the official gateway to universities, colleges and research organisations in the UK."
The "Research Assessment Exercise" - for those who are unaware of this, it's a way to force the Universities into an hysterical obsession with research, so that they blow their budgets for the next few years on attracting people with good (i.e., long) publication-lists (regardless of their teaching ability or fitness for the post) so that the various Departments and Faculties get a good score and so attract Government funding. It's one of the most demeaning and despicable aspects of Higher Education at the moment (though there's a lot of competition).
This country is rapidly heading towards the U.S. system of turning academics into paper mills, their tenure depending on the quantity of publications they churn out (and so leading to an explosion in the number of journals needed to cope with the immense deluge of third-rate, hastily written, and pointless work that results).
+ British Society for Ethical Theory
Details of conferences, membership, etc., plus links to relevant resources.
* British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Details of the Society, Events, Membership, Journal, etc.


  • General
* Newcastle Philosophy Society
"an independent organisation, founded to make philosophy accessible in a way that suits the participants, not any institution or syllabus."
* Philosophical Society of England
"The Society helps to bring together professional philosophers and non-professionals, to bring philosophical ideas and problems to the public attention, and to encourage wider discussion of both traditional and topical philosophical issues. To carry out this function, the Society publishes its own journal, The Philosopher, sets up local groups for lectures and discussions, and awards diplomas to applicants who demonstrate the required competence in philosophy by writing papers or a dissertation."

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