* Woody Allen
Did you know that there are people who don't find Woody Allen funny...?
* KTEH's The Black Adder
Rowan Atkinson's finest hour, which even the execrable Mr Bean can't besmirch.
* Lewis Carroll Home Page
Charles Dodgson's alter ego.
* Gary Larson & The Far Side
Various sites pop up with copyright-breaking cartoons; this one is legal, offering a short introduction to the cartoonist and details of his work.
* Welcome to Fawlty Towers
Anyone who's ever stayed at a small seaside hotel in England will want to steer clear of this site, lest it bring back memories.
* Stephen Fry
* The Goons
Now just a page of links to other Goons sites, but useful for all that. His own page seems to have fallen in the water.
* Tony Hancock
Very nearly an armful here
* The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Get your electronic thumb ready.
* I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue
The antidote to panel games.
* Hello, Harold Lloyd
One of the few silent-film comedians who can make me laugh.
* Marx Brothers
Capital fun.
* Monty Python
Lots of sites to choose from here:
* Orts & Ports
Bits & pieces I've picked up here and there (or, in some cases, written), including a selection of howlers.
* Dorothy Parker
Sharp enough to shave with.
* Philosophy Humour
Kevin Klement's round up; all the usual suspects, plus some less familiar examples.
* L-Space Web
The Terry Pratchett site, with links to the Pratchett archives, the Usenet group (graced by the presence of the man himself), images, and other sites.
* Private Eye
* Ronald Reagan's Wisdom
It's not so much the content as the title that deserved inclusion here. I'm afraid that this page is meant to be serious...
* Rumpole's Home Page
The barrister's barrister.
* Scallywag Magazine
Scandal-mongering rag.

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