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* Julian "Cannonball" Adderley
Profile & discography.
* Chet Baker: Lost & Found
A bit messy with a text-based browser, but navigable.
* Art Blakey
* Ornette Coleman
A New Jazz Archive page.
* John Coltrane
Maintained by Lenny Dyadel. Messy with a text-based browser; offers discography, biography, etc.
* Miles Davis
* Buddy DeFranco
Biography, itinerary, discography, fan contributions, etc.
* Duke Ellington
* Dizzy Gillespie Page
Short bio and a set of links.
* Dexter Gordon
* John McLaughlin
* Taj Mahal
Huge site, somewhat obscurely organised at times, but everything's there somewhere.
* Wes Montgomery
A bit messy with a text-based browser, but navigable.
* Charlie Parker
* The Art of Pepper
Art Pepper. A bit messy with a text-based browser, but navigable.
* Sonny Rollins
* John Surman

* Fats Waller
* WestbrookJazz
A site devoted to Mike and Kate Westbrook, including news about their projects, recordings and performances.
* Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
* Joe Zawinul
Italian Fan-Site (offering English & Italian versions). Takes in Weather Report too.

Reviews & Lists

* 52nd Street Jazz
* The Jazzlist
Maintained by Stan Anson. Very useful resource, offering collations from printed sources of recommended jazz recordings, plus information about buying jazz on line.
* David Reitzes
Two main offerings:
  1. Jazz Best of the Best -- a selective list from David Reitzes, giving suggested best recordings (and brief reviews) of suggested best composers/performers. Messy with a text-based browser, but interesting.
  2. Music essays and reviews -- jazz and pop.

Record labels

* Blue Note Records
One of the best-known labels; the site offers a good deal of information, though it's a bit messy with a text-based browser (why do Web-page programs insist on telling you that there's a graphic? I'm using a text-based browser because I don't care).
* BMG Classics: Jazz
* Impulse!

Miscellaneous Sites

* African Music Encyclopedia
A bit difficult to use at the beginning with a text-based browser, but worth sticking at.
* American Jazz Symposium
Huge site, with masses of information and links.
* The Blue Highway
The blues: the music, U.S.-based radio listings, the people, the Web.
* Blues World
E-magazine: articles, photo gallery, CD reviews, 78rpm record auction, plus the homepages for Blues & Rhythm: The Gospel Truth, Europe's leading English language blues mag, and Vintage Jazz & Blues Mart, record trading since 1954.
* Cheap or What! CDs
* Europe Jazz Network
* InterJazz
"The Internet's Jazz Plaza, where you can find all the resources on Jazz world-wide. From Festivals, Clubs, Record Labels, Industry Yellow Pages, to live IRC sessions with top artists that perform in venues participating in our programme."
* Japanese Music
Includes details of Japanese jazz musicians.
* Scott Joplin Rags
Four rags by Scott Joplin in zipped Finale (r) 3.5 *.MUS file format (ed. Randy D. Ralph).

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