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Early Music
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* Carolina Culture Connection: Classical Music Links
Huge set of links; an invaluable Net resource.
* Cecilia's Circle
Women composers, mostly mediaeval to Baroque.
* ClarNan
Details of early music by women composers. Hosted by Continuo
* ClassicOL
Maintained by Andrew Tollervey. Not always easy to navigate using a text-based browser, but possible if one perseveres. A large site.
* Continuo Free ads
"CONTINUO is offering a place for freeads, updated daily. Quite a number of instruments for Sale and Wanted! Give it a look."
* Early- and Worldmusic links
Maintained by Maarten van de Kamp.
* Eric Charry's home page
Ethnomusicology resources, with an emphasis on Africa, including sound & video clips, links to relevant sites, etc.
* Digital Tradition
A searchable folk-song database - now moved to the Mudcat Cafe.
* Folk Roots
The magazine, online. Reviews, lists, festivals, links, and what's in the printed magazine this issue.
* Belen Gallego
His page (in Spanish) devoted to mainly Classical music.
* Hot Platters On-line Music Store
"All categories of: LPs, 45s, 78s, Books, Magazines, Sheet Music, Reel to Reel, Video, Photos, Cassettes, 8 Tracks, Movie Stuff, Memorabilia, Posters, Buttons, Elvis items, Links to dealers & more."
* House of Musical Traditions
"We have instruments, accessories, recordings, and books from the U.S. and around the world, specializing in rare and exotic music." David Eisner, owner.
The UK Branch of The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres. Information about the Association, awards, organisation, etc.
* International Folk Dancing and Music
Maintained by Knut Arne Wold.
* The Lark in the Morning
Mail-order service for [world-]musicians, offering instruments, music, recordings, etc.
* Maple Folk
Provides information about Canadian folk music CDs, through the CD Directory, and the Hall Of Fame. Includes links to sound samples and web sites.
* The Mudcat Cafe
Now hosts the Digital Tradition searchable folk-song database.
* Musica Viva
On-line & down-loadable scores for various instruments and combinations, of various types of music.
* Pascal Rinaldi
Swiss-based site; "world music" and French music (I'm not sure where the Beatles fit in...).
(N.B.: now badly frames-crippled, but a non-frames version is promised soon.)
* RootsWorld
Wide-ranging page, with information about and links to sites concerning music from all over the world. Run by Cliff Furnald.
* Sheet Music Plus
Sheet-music database which "now has 292,464 titles, including Early music titles."
* The WWW Virtual Library: Music
The music section of the Virtual Library, with a large collection of music-related links.
* Wighton Collection of National Music
The Central Library, Dundee. "effectively charts the course of British music from the 16th century to Victorian times, has now been catalogued in machine-readable form."
* Yahoo: Music
The relevant pages from the Yahoo database.

Early Music

* Bach Central Station
A directory of J.S. Bach resources on the Net.
* Bach Collegium Japan
Mainly a Concert Calendar at the moment.
* Robert W. Butts
A conductor, performer, composer, & teacher. There are sub-sites for The Baroque Orchestra of Boonton and the Highland Park Recorder Society & Chamber Orchestra, both of which primarily perform music before 1800.
* Burgundian Cadence
An Early-Music vocal quartet. The site includes details of the quartet, forthcoming events, and some clips in real audio of 15th century vocal music.
* Cecilia's Circle
Women composers, mostly mediaeval to Baroque.
* Gordon J. Callon's sites:
Baroque Music | Renaissance Music
Renaissance & Baroque Music Chronology
Links to Renaissance & Baroque composers
Down-loadable scores
* ClarNan
Details of early music by women composers. Hosted by Continuo
* Completorium
A Polish early-music site.
* Continuo
On-line magazine, ed. Matthew J. Redsell.
* Jonathan Dunford
In English and French.
"information on our summer course on viols and the lute at the Goutelas castle in Burgundy, France, Quicktime extracts of all of my CDs, and links to the VDGS in the US and Great Britain as well as links to editions that I've made for on-line sales."
* Early Music News
Events. news, links, etc.
* Early English Music
Previously unpublished scores by Thomas Tallis and Charles Wesley, on line. Scores transcribed by (and site maintained by) Roger Wibberley.
* Early Music
Journal from O.U.P.; subscription details, contents, etc.
* Early Music Index
Contains, among other things, the Early Music FAQ, which arose out of the EARLYM-L Early Music e-mail list (which is also available as the Usenet newsgroup). There's an archive of all postings to the list.
* Early & Baroque Music WWWorld.
* Early Music Women Composers WEB-Ring
This is incredibly rich - well worth spending a great deal of time on.
* Early Women Composers
Prop. Sarah Whitworth. A list of women composers in early music, some with biographical and discographical notes; sources of recordings, and other links.
* Early- and Worldmusic links
Maintained by Maarten van de Kamp.
* Eighteenth Century Resources on the Net: Music
A collection of links (in which "Eighteenth Century" is interpreted fairly liberally).
* Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Midi files, set by Randy D. Ralph & Christopher E. Ralph. Site hosted by Netstrider.
* Houston Early Music Society
(Was the Houston Harpsichord Society.) Features details of concerts, meetings, etc., as well as other Early Music links.
* Indiana University School of Music Library
Early-music resources.
* Internet Renaissance Band
Early-Music MIDI files by Curtis Clark.
* Drew Minter Web Site
Maintained by Tammy Kazanowski. Offers a biography, discography, list of scheduled appearances, relevant links, etc.
* Moscow Baroque
Baroque quartet. Press releases, biographies, repertoire, audio samples, etc.
* Les Musiciens de l'Ólot Royal
A Swedish baroque ensemble. This is a gadget-crippled site, but there are Real Audio files and a rudimentary menu.
* Playford's Dancing Master
Links to relevant sites, including on-line editions. Also, as it's based in Hawaii, there are links to Hawaii dance groups.
* Saeculum
Details of the Saeculum Early-Music Festival (currently only of the last one, in fact).
* Sheet Music Plus
Sheet-music database which "now has 292,464 titles, including Early music titles."
* Sixteen Canzonets by Thomas Morley
Sixteen canzonets by Thomas Morley set as duets for two treble instruments or two voices (zipped Finale (r) 3.5 *.MUS files); Randy D. Ralph.
* Society for Seventeenth-Century Music
Well-organised page, offering details of the Society, its purpose and activities, conferences, e-mail discussion list, the Journal of Seventeenth Century Music, and more.
* Spanish Early Music
MIDI files sequenced by F. Villanueva.
* Arto Wikla's Music Page
Mainly Early Music information & links, with an emphasis on lutes.


* African Music Archive
The Institute of Ethnology and African Studies at Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz. A history of and information about the archive, plus links to a huge range of other sites.
* Africa Music Page
Huge list of links, organised by type of site.
* African Music Encyclopedia
Not easy to use with a text-based browser, but worth the effort.
* Afro-Caribbean Music
Prop. Fabrice Gaillard. Lots of information, organised by country, style, artist, and recording label, plus a bibliography, links to other sites, scores, MIDI files, lyrics, and a section on Black Paris. In a French and an English version.
* See Eric Charry's page
* The Mbira Pages
"Welcome to the Mbira Page. I hope this will become a resource for people around the world who have an interest in Mbira, Marimba and Chimurenga styles of music from the indigenous cultures of Zimbabwe. Related topics, Shona and Ndebele customs, Shona language and literature, traditions and beliefs as they relate to mbira music are also discussed."


* The Ceolas Celtic Music Archive
This has to be the most comprehensive Celtic-music page on the Internet. The tunes, the words, the instruments, the players, the countries... not to mention links to all the other Celtic-music pages.
* Ari Davidov's Klezmer Shack
Large and detailed site, offering informationa and links to other sites; not wholly resticted to Klezmer, but spreads out a little into other Jewish music and culture.
* English Folk Dance & Song Society
An unofficial home page, maintained by Rhod Davies.
* English Folk & Traditional Music
A page of links to Internet sites.
* Farabi
Music from Turkey, Greece, and the Arab World. Includes a Rembetika Section.
* Finland's music through American Ears
Information on the music, current recordings, and performers, and links to related sites. A RootsWorld page.
* Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America
Songs and Ballads circa 1650 - 1900, maintained by Lesley Nelson. Offers down-loadable MIDI files and lots of information, but beware -- it's gimmick-laden (and if you're using a graphical browser, you might want to turn sound off...).
* Imagina Productions
"Imagina is an independent record label bringing to the West quality music from Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Imagina's focus is on music and artists reflecting the unique character and culture of their region, including folk, traditional, classical and popular influences.
The web site includes sound samples, detailed information about the recordings, and ordering information, as well as as list of additional resources."

* Internet Greek Songs Database
I've no idea what this is like, because it depends entirely on a [USEMAP], useless for text-based browsers. Just a little thought would have made it usable by everybody.
* Klezmer Music Theory
Maintained by Michael Scott Armel. Offers what it says it does, plus a few relevant links.
* The Launeddas
The history of, information about, how to make and play, Sardinia's ancient instrument (be prepared to learn circular breathing...).
* Mika's Klezmer pages
Very large site, offering lots of links to (mainly) Klezmer-related sites.
* Oysterband
More than a little confusing. This leads to a page that tells you that it's the old Oysterband page, and points to a page with the same address (except for a spelling mistake). There's still information here, though.
* Rembetika for beginners
Details of the music and the composers.
* Richard Robinson's Tunebook
Mostly Celtic, but English, Scandinavian, and other tunes appear here too.
* Tara Music Company
A recording company, specialising in Celtic music. Unfortunately it's not very friendly to text-based browsers.
* Tara's Jewish Music Store
On-line catalogues of books, recordings, and videos - a huge site (and much better coded than the Tara Music Company's page).
* Theodorakis
Information provided by Guy Wagner, with a complete list of works. Concentrates on Theodorakis as a "classical" composer. Page hosted by Jos Smeets.
* The Official Theodorakis Homepage
I'm not sure what "official" means here - the explanation given is somewhat incoherent (the English generally is fractured). Still, this is certainly a very full site. Also offers a French version and a German version.
* Trehantiri
One of my favourite places; based in Harringay, North London, Trehantiri is an Aladdin's cave of Greek, Cypriot, and, latterly, Arabic music.
* TuneWeb
An archive of traditional tunes.
* Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Hosted by the University of Sheffield, maintained by Mike Heaney.
* Xenophone Records
Bills itself as the "first and only record store specialising in the music of Greece, the Balkans, and the Middle East"! Still, there's some useful information here.

The Far East

(I love the gamelan, whether Javanese or Balinese, but don't forget the despicable behaviour of the Indonesian empire in East Timor and elsewhere.)
* Bali and Beyond
"Bali & Beyond is a group of Los Angeles performing artists inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. The ensemble offers original music, theatre and dance, traditional Gamelan music and Indonesian arts presentations." The ensemble is managed and directed by Maria Bodmann and Cliff DeArment; this site offers information about their work, some on-line examples, plus links to related resources, and a forum for discussion.
* Bate Collection Gamelan
A picture of the gamelan in which I used to play, back when I had time to do something other than keep this damn Web site up to date. This gamelan ("Kyai Madu Laras") is in fact no longer at the Bate Collection, having moved to the Balfour Building of the Pitt Rivers Museum. Details of the Oxford Gamelan Society, its meetings, etc. can be found here.
* Chinese Music
A large archive of .au sound files, from classical to folk music.
* Gamelan in Australia & New Zealand
Maintained by Danny Yee. Details of Australasian gamelans (all University based), recordings, and events, plus some relevant links.
* Gamelan Sekar
"a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to the study and performance of Balinese gamelan music and dance." This page offers details of the group, their work, performances, etc.
* Japanese Music
"Homepage for Japanese excellent musicians, especially jazz and Hougaku, Japanese traditional music." Some sections in English, some in Japanese only.
* Japanese Traditional Music
In Japanese only.
* Information about Javanese Gamelan
Maintained by Julian Guffogg. An introduction to the Javanese gamelan, its history, etc. Includes details of the Hastings & Rye Gamelan, on-line sound files, information about recording and books, and a few relevant links.
* Metalworks Gamelan
English-built gamelan, playing a range of styles from traditional Balinese & Javanese pieces to experimental English gamelan works, with all sorts of things in between. (The site is usable with a text-based browser, but not very friendly.)

The Middle East

(See the Europe section for Klezmer.)

* Cypriot Music
These are .au sound files, from Turgut Durduran's page.
* Cypriot Songs
At the moment this is just a collection of song lyrics, from Panayiotis Zaphiris' page - but if there's anyone with disk space and an interest, he has .au sound files.
* Discover Turkey: Music
A huge list of sites, organised by music-type, from traditional to pop.
* Farabi
Music from Turkey, Greece, and the Arab World.
* Nigun
Society for the promotion and exploration of Jewish Music.
* Tara's Jewish Music Store
On-line catalogues of books, recordings, and videos - a huge site.
* Trehantiri
One of my favourite places; based in Harringay, North London, Trehantiri is an Aladdin's cave of Greek, Cypriot, and, latterly, Arabic music.
* Traditional Turkish Music
Prop. Jaideep Ray. A collection of .au sound files in a number of categories (classical, folk, Azeri, etc.).
* Turkish Music
From the Turkish Student Association of the University of Tennessee. A collection of .au sound files.
* The Turkish Music HomePage
This is a page of links to Turkish-music resources, maintained by Jaideep Ray (and including, of course, a link to his own archive, above.

The Americas

* English, Appalachian Folksongs & Ballads: Duets for Recorder
27 zipped Finale (r) 3.5 *.MUS files drawn from English folksongs and ballads and from John Jacob Niles ballads of the American Appalachian Mountains. All are set as original arrangements for two soprano recorders or other treble instruments.
* Native American Music Site
On-line catalogue, sound samples, culture and music information, authentic Native music products, links to other Native sites.


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