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    Individual Poets

  • Kenneth Patchen
    A "Sleepers Awake" Introduction
    Marcus Williamson's Page
  • William Shakespeare (down-loadable complete works)
  • Alaric Sumner
    performance pieces (in Perihelion, edd Barbara Fletcher/Jennifer Ley)
    error studies and portraits (in Cartograffiti, ed. Taylor Brady)
  • Lawrence Upton (his own page)
  • Pages Devoted to the Poetry of a Country or of a Language

    Bulgarian Poetry Archive
    Maintained by Dragomir R. Radev.
    Cypriot Poetry
    Courtesy of Turgut Durduran's Cyprus page.
    Cypriot & Cyprus-related Poetry & Literature
    This one's from Panayiotis Zaphiris' Cyprus page.
    Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
    Anthologies of Greek Poetry in English and in Greek, with on-line versions and translations and links to other sites.
    Greek Poetry in translation
    My own translations (with Andrea Christofidou) of some Karyotakis and Kavafis poems.
    Irish Poetry Page
    A grand introduction to Irish poetry, with information about poets and their work, plus poetry on line, relevant Usenet groups, other sites... Well worth a visit.
    Lithuanian poetry
    A large collection of Lithuanian poetry translated into English, maintained by Valdas Anelauskas.
    Daphne Manoussakis' Poetry Page
    Not a page of Daphne's poetry, but Daphne's page of poetry. Various Greek poets (in Greek and English), plus a selection of non-Greeks, and links to other sites.


    Some on-line, some not

    The Poetry Place: Magazines
    Huge list of poetry magazines with details of addresses, editors, etc.
    Apples & Oranges, Oranges & Apples
    Ed. Tom Fallon.
    The Echo
    An on-line poetry magazine.
    Mind Fire
    Poetry journal, ed. Thomas Fortenberry.
    The Paris Review
    This links to the introduction page, which leads to a history of the Review and to the main Web site.
    Poet's Park
    "On-line chapbook"
    Riding the Meridian
    A Canadian poetry on-line magazine.
    Word Salad
    An on-line poetry magazine, edited by Lynn Krupey.
    words worth
    Magazine. A surprise, this discovery, because I was one of the founding editors (and publishers) of the original words worth back in the mid 70s. Best wishes to Alaric Sumner, the editor (and the other founder).

    Societies & Other Organisations

    Association of Little Presses
    Without little presses, there's a vast amount of writing (and a vast number of writers) that wouldn't have seen the light of day.
    Austin Texas International Poetry Festival
    This used to be the "Austin Poetry Scene", and offers the same mix of on-line poetry, information about events, venues, poets, etc.
    Poetry Society
    Details of Society, Events, Projects, etc.

    Pages Maintained by Individuals

    Some are poets, some not; some feature their own work, some don't

    Douglas Clark's Poetry Page
    On-line poetry from a small selection of poets, details of Douglas Clark's own work and his small press, plus a long list of relevant links.
    Ray Freed's Poetry Homepage
    His poetry, on line.
    Moonrabbit Blues
    Lee Ann Roripaugh's "Poetry Cyber-Salon & On-Line Bookstore". A large site, offering a variety of poetry resources.
    Poetry Cafe
    Maintained by Dennis M. Gaughan. Huge poetry site, including an anthology of contemporary poetry, access to a database of poetry ancient and modern, and Web resources.
    Poetry on the Web
    Prop. Richard Soos. A large amount of poetry by various people, plus a huge list of related sites.
    The Poetry Section
    My contributions - some serious, some not - plus translations from Kavafis and Karyotakis.
    Poets' Corner
    Prop. Sven L.L. Rafferty. Although he has his own poems here, the main attractions are the huge lists of poets' pages, poetry on the Web, etc.
    James Poulakos
    Just three of his own poems here.
    Scottish Writers on the Internet
    Maintained by Andrew Crumey. You have to wade through a fair bit of guff (and self-advertisement) before you get to the nitty gritty, but it's there, and it's big, and it's good. It's devoted to Scottish writers in general, so if it's poets you're after, you'll have to comb through the list.
    Nihat Tsolak
    An eclectic collection of poems from all over the world.

    On-line Archives, Collections, & Other Resources

    CMU's "English Server": Poetry
    A selection of petry on line, from Ovid to Longfellow, Beowulf to Poe, anonymous to cummings.
    A Celebration of Women Writers
    Massive, vastly ambitious site. There's an alphabetical list of writers, including many poets, with links to Web sites where they exist.
    The Centerfold Online
    Difficult to describe in a few words; look for yourself. Includes Project Equinox.
    The Electronic Poetry Centre
    Based at the University of Buffalo.
    Internet Poetry Archive
    At the University of North Carolina. On-line poetry from a selection of poets.
    Online Writing
    "Join free, get your writings seen, get comments, debate, join contests, role play and enjoy. Submit journals, poetry, stories or anything text based. Signup is fast. This is a writing critique forum."
    Have a look at this site by all means, but beware!: you might want first to read these warnings:
    Writing Scams
    Literary Contest Caution
    Yahoo: Poetry
    The relevant section from the Yahoo database.


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