Showing Off

When I received my first award for my pages (Point Top 5%) I have to admit that I was pretty chuffed; as more arrived, I became pretty blase about it all, especially as some of them seemed to be ways to flatter me into buying advertising space on commercial directories.

More important to me is that my pages are getting between 2,500 and 3,000 hits a week. I exist only to serve...

I've actually missed out some of the awards I've received, through carelessness with the notifying e-mails. The following are the ones I did manage to remember to keep.

[Majon's Web Select Award]    [A#1 Award for Excellence]
[Point Top 5%]   [Scout
Report]   [Internet University]
[Argus Clearinghouse Approved]   [Starting Point] [Snap Editors'
[Links2Go Key Resource award]

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