[Silver leaf on a blue
pond] Cyprus

* Amnesty International
The Cyprus branch. In Greek (so you'll get little out of it with a text-based browser, I'm afraid).
* Crossings
A new bi-communal journal, just getting off the ground. This is a call for papers, as well as an introduction and explanation.
* The Cyprus Forum
A supposedly moderated discussion forum. If any messages are actually rejected by the moderator, I dread to think what they're like; I signed off very quickly when faced with a stream of barely literate, infantile squabbling. Still, you might have a better experience.
* Cyprus Green Party
Unfortunately not easily usable if you prefer a text-based browser.
The Home Page for the CYPRUS-L e-mail discussion list.
* "Cyprus: Land of Love"
Maintained by Kyros Hadjikyrou. A wide variety of topics, information, images, etc., limited almost entirely to Greek Cypriot concerns.
Note: this has disappeared; I'll up-date the link if I can find the new address.
* Cyprus Government Railway
[Train photo] Ray Berry's page, devoted to the sadly defunct Cyprus Railway. A history of the service, plus photographs by Bob Hillard.
(Unfortunately this page seems to have disappeared. I'm still looking for a new address (20 x 97), and I'll up-date the link as soon as I can.)
* Cyprus Mail
A newspaper on line. In English. It's primarily Greek-Cypriot oriented, but there's a section on the Turkish press.
* Turgut Durduran's Page
"You could spend weeks investigating all the documents, images, and links provided here - and then find that Turgut had been adding more."
That's what I used to say. Unfortunately, Turgut has gone the way of the frames-victim, so that his new page is unreadable by many browsers (including Lynx). For the frames-tolerant (those with hours to spend watching the screens draw), the new version is here.
* Our Country - Cyprus
A page devoted to reunification. At least, that's what the introductory text says. If you're using a text-based browser, that's all you'll see; I assume that there's more, but it's invisible to me.
* Pierides Dig
Photos, quicktime movies and brief descriptions of 417 artefacts housed in the Pierides Foundation Museum in Larnaca. Based at the Cobb Institute of Archaeology. As usual for pages linked to from this part of my site, it's poorly designed, being almost impossible to use with certain browsers.
* Trehantiri
One of my favourite places. Based in Harringay, North London, Trehantiri has a vast stock of Cypriot, as well as Greek and Arabic, music, together with books and periodicals.
* University of
* Panayiotis Zaphiris's page
One of the fullest Cyprus pages on the W-WW. I lost it for a while, but here it is again. Well worth browsing for a week or two.


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