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+ Agreement on the Conservation of Bats in Europe
From "The Convention on Migratory Species".

+ Bat Conservation International, Inc.
I can't make out whether this is a commercial site or not, but it offers a lot of useful and intersting information.

+ Bats! Bats! Bats!
A New Zealand based commercial site, offering a fair amount of child-oriented information.

+ Organisation for Bat Conservation
An organisation, founded in 1990, "dedicated to protecting all bats through education, conservation, rescue, and ecological research". This is a large and fascinating site.


+ Audubon Society of Central Arkansas (ASCA)
Details of the Society, its newsletter, and other bird-related information.

+ National [i.e., U.S.] Audubon Society
Information about the Society, its campaigns and other activities, magazine, etc.

+ Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
There's nothing here yet, but this is where the RSPB is destined to have its Web Page. Meanwhile, you could try the Nottinghamshire Branch, whose Web Page actually exists...


* Dolphins on the Web
Symbios Logic's page of dolphin-related links.

+ Protected Marine Species Research and Information Page
Prop. Wesley R. Elsberry. Lots of information, plus links to related sites.

+ The Whale and
Dolphin Conservation Society
Information about the countries whose barbarism is threatening these creatures, and about what can be and is being done to stop/civilise them. Plus material on pollution, current research, campaigns, etc., and how to join the Society.

+ Whale Information Network
Part of the South Australian Web. It offers a good deal of general interest, plus information for Australian whale-watchers.


+ Elephant Page
Not really an environmental site, but there are lots of pictures of elephants, plus links to elephant-related sites. Maintained by Nicole McDonald.
+ Elephants page
Maintained by Dey Alexander. Links to various elephant-related sites. I'm afraid that it rather non-Greenly includes motorcycles, too.


+ The
Chimpanzee Zone
Maintained by Alasdair McKee. Information about chimpanzee-rescue organisations, lots of links to relevant sites, and other material.

+ Jane Goodall Institute
Details of the Institute, of parks & sanctuaries, educational projects, membership, events, etc. See also the Jane Goodall Research Centre at the University of Southern California.

+ Great Ape Project
Details of GAP's work and aims, publications and other materials, and the opportunity to down-load and sign the Declaration on Great Apes.


+ Environmental Aspects of the African Great Lakes Region
Maintained by Linda Black. "On-line poster of the African Great Lakes Region, including the following aspects: Landsat images of Lac Kivu, elevation, human population growth, land cover characterization, monthly changes in vegetation, and drainage basins. The site also includes small sampling of links related to the Great Lakes region."
+ The Last Wild Horses in Western Canada
"There may be as few as 100 purebred wild mustangs left roaming the foothills of the Rockies in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, in western Canada. At one time these magnificent creatures numbered in the millions in the West.
Today they are hunted and skinned like muskrats."
Badly frames-crippled, but I've linked to a useful part.
+ Cotswold Water Park
"a non-profit making Trust charged with protecting and developing Britain's largest area of man made lakes. All manner of amenities and sports are available as well as bookable facilities."
+ Cyprus
o Cyprus Green Party - unfortunately not usable with a text-based browser
o Green Turtles in Cyprus
o Endangered Species of Cyprus
o Green Cyprus

+ European Forest Institute
"an independent and non-governmental research body, conducting problem-oriented and multi-discplinary forest research at the European level in order to serve the needs of policy-making and decision-making bodies in Europe."

+ Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire
"a charity established in 1988 to protect and promote Lincolnshire's rich heritage. Involved in a wide range of activities including historic buildings work and advice (we are a registered Building Preservation Trust), archaeological research and excavation, archaeological consultancy, managing historic properties and ancient monuments, promoting heritage events (we organise the annual Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days weekend) and publish books and booklets on Lincolnshire's Heritage."
+ Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
"There are contributions from field staff and members, with particular emphasis on conservation, natural history and education. Information, with photographs, on Trust reserves and activities, endangered species and habitats is aimed at supporting schools, colleges and libraries, as well as the general public and other wildlife/conservation groups."
+ Middle East and East Africa Environmental Law
Covering countries from Bahrain to Egypt, and Israel to Saudi Arabia.

+ New Forest and Pony Web Site
"concerned with the rehabilitation of abused horses and ponies. We are also looking for a web developer who might be interested in maintaining this site in future."

+ North-West Raptor Protection Group: Conservation of Birds of Prey in N.W. England & Scotland
"Fascinating insight into the work being undertaken by Britain's first raptor protection group to conserve rare and endangered upland birds of prey."
+ De Ommer Marke
"De Ommer Marke" is an organisation that tries to keep the country livable. In recent years, government and nature groups came up with a lot of rules and laws. These rules are best for the environment, but they ask a lot of changes from people. Members of "De Ommer Marke" consult with members of the gouvernment to try to help with this.

+ Recycling Council of Ontario
Information, events, databases, publications, etc. Some of this is purely local, but there's more generally useful information too. Not very text-friendly, though.

+ Polish National Parks
Maintained by Zbigniew Zwolinski. "Although hard circumstances and destructive existence put (and is continuously putting) a big dent on ecology in Poland - not everything is lost. There are 22 national parks covering about 1 percent of the coun try area. Their primary goal is to study and preserve the unity of natural systems of the area, as well as to restore the disturbed or extinct elements of native nature."

+ U.S. Green Party
Information and relevant links.


+ Environmental Change Unit (Oxford University)
Land Degradation and Rehabilitation Programme. Information about the problem and the programme, plus links to relevant (mainly governmental) sites.

+ Environmental Protection Site
"This site promotes awareness of the eroding environment. It contains the latest environmental issues as well as some environmental magazines. A section devoted to links to other sites will be added soon."

+ Global Change & Terrestrial Ecosystems
A project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme.


+ AnimaLife
"Founded in 1989 by Cornell Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (CSETA), AnimaLife is a forum for discussion, information, and education about animal rights and liberation issues. Though primarily written by and for Cornell students, AnimaLife is interested in publishing animal rights articles, poems, cartoons, etc., from anyone, especially other college students."

+ Animal Rights Resource Site
An EnviroLink site.

+ Conservation Ecology
"an electronic, peer-reviewed, scientific journal. There is no charge for subscription. The journal will cover a range of topics including the ecological bases for: i) the conservation of ecosystems, landscapes, species, populations and genetic diversity, ii) the restoration of ecosystems and habitats, and iii) the management of resources. In addition to insightful papers by such authors as Simon Levin, Steven Carpenter, Don Ludwig, and Carl Folke, the inaugural issue will include a thought-provoking series on the subject of science, policy, and advocacy.
Conservation Ecology seeks to tighten the link between research and policy development. To that end, we are dedicated to rapid publication of research results in the widely accessible medium of the Internet. The journal solicits comments on published articles and will link those accepted directly to the article in question. We will also conduct on-line public forums, or conferences, on key topics."

+ Convention on Migratory Species
Details of committees, reports, documents, etc.

+ EnviroLink
Numerous environmental projects, lots of information.

+ EnviroWeb
An EnviroLink project.
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+ Giant Pandas
"Collection of the endangered giant panda and red panda resources on the Net: photos, ascii graphics, Websites."

+ International Earth Day Activity

+ Peter Singer
A link to the appropriate section of my own pages.

+ Tree of Life Project
"The Tree of Life is a project designed to contain information about the phylogenetic relationships of organisms, to link biological information available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator, and to illustrate the diversity and unity of living organisms."

+ World Dictionary of Trees
By Miroslav M. Grandtner.

+ WWF - World Wide Fund For Nature

+ WWW page on Environmental Ethics
University of Gothenburg's page, available in Swedish and English. Lots of information, especially about Scandinavian countries.


+ Animal Aid
"the U.K.'s oldest, and largest, animal rights organisation". Campaigns against animal experimentation and other forms of animal cruelty.

+ Richard Field
"Protesters Supporters Page" -- campaigning against live animal exports.

+ Action for Animals Network
Hosted by envirolink.

+ American Anti-Vivisection Society

+ Animal Liberation Collective
Based at the University of Guelph.

+ Animal Protection Institute

+ Animal Rights Coalition
Minnesota-based organisation; site hosted by envirolink.

+ Campaign for the Abolition of Angling
Hosted by envirolink.

+ Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research
Dedicated to researching humane alternatives to animal experimentation. Site hosted by envirolink.

+ European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

+ Friends of the Earth
Plus the Scottish FoE Site.

+ Greenpeace
Should need no introduction. Perhaps best known either for daredevil stunts or for being the victim of various French governments' arrogant disregard for both common morality and international law. They don't only talk, they do.

+ Johns Hopkins Centre for Alternatives to Animal Testing
Pretty much what it says.

+ League Against Cruel Sports
The main U.K. campaigning organisation.

+ National Anti-Hunt Campaign
U.K. organisation; site hosted by envirolink.

+ National Anti-Vivisection Society
U.S. campaigning society.

+ Scotland Against Nuclear Dumping
Information about the organisation, its aims, work, and membership details.

+ Surfers Against Sewage
In the news recently, having won a victory against the polluters. Worth a look, even though they describe themselves as "cool".


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