Religion on the Web

(For various individual figures, including Apollonius of Tyana and Aquinas, try my Individual Philosophers page. For Atheist and other Sceptical sites, you need my Scepticism page. Finally, you might find my Philosophy of Religion links useful.)

Conferences, Journals, etc.

* Millennium: Fear and Religion - conference
La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain; 3-6 February, 2000. (Main page in Spanish with a link to an English page.)

General Pages

* Boston University: Religion and Philosophy resources
Links, with useful descriptions, to a wide variety of religion and philosophy sites.
* C.E.N.'s Community Service BBS
On-line texts, links to relevant sites (including a large number of University departments).
* Church and State Issues Worldwide
Maintained by Gerald Huber. "Information on the sociological, economical, political, judicial, and geographical impacts of religion. The information is provided in German."
* Edge Hill University College
Religious Studies Department; Web Page. Details of the deparment & staff, plus links to religious-studies resources.
* Eighteenth Century Resources on the Net: Religion & Theology
Maintained by Jack Lynch.
* Facets of Religion Recommended
"World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Religion" , maintained by Casper Voogt. Texts from the main world religions, with a search engine that allows you to look for key words in the various files.
* Galaxy: Religion
The relevant pages from the Galaxy database.
* G.O.D.: Religion
"Religion Resources Page". Full and well-thought out site, employing a rather wider definition of "religion&quoat; than I do.
* Irving Hexham Not
A Home Page, with useful links to other sites. Or it used to have. Mr Hexham has become a frames-fashion victim. and his site is now unusable by, for example, those who use text-based browsers, such as me.
"This site contains further information about HCS-L, the Society for Hindu Christian Studies, and the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin."
* U.G. Krishnamurti
Maintained by Tomas Legas.
* NCSU's Library without Walls
The Religion & Philosophy section. There isn't much here (yet?), but it's worth a look for the searchable Koran and Book of Mormon.
* Mary Long's `The Source': Religion
Wide-ranging page, covering the major and some minor religions.
* Method & Theory in the Study of Religion
A bibliography maintained at the University of Toronto.
* Mysticism Resources Page
Maintained by Gene Thursby.
* Mysticism in World Religions
Maintained by Deb Platt. This site offers references to each of a long list of key terms in Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist texts. Good for browsing.
* Religion in England overview
This is a large hypertext document, intended originally as part of a larger project, and aimed at providing background material for the study of English literature. It's not an in-depth treatment, as the word `overview' implies, but it's an interesting and useful reference work for those who are new to the subject.
This site has disappeared; if anyone knows where (if anywhere) it's gone, I'd be grateful for the information.
* Religion Religions Religious Studies
Maintained by Gene Thursby. Links to various religion-related sites.
* Religious and Sacred Texts Not
A very wide range of on-line and down-loadable (in WordPerfect 4.2 format) texts. At least, there used to be. Now, using a text-based browser, all I get is a series of pages, each with an anonymous [Link] to the next. I can only assume that texts are no longer the point of this site.
* Science & Religion Forum
This site is poorly coded and frames crippled; though I've linked to a usable section, some apparent links don't work (yet?). What is available includes details of the Forum, activities, past conferences, etc.
* TalkReligion
"An open forum for all religious beliefs concerning today's most important topics."
* Andrew Tong (werdna)'s Religion Page
Another page offering links to a variety of (mainly Judaeo-Christian) religion-related sites.
* Usenet newsgroups
A round-up of the religion-related groups.
* Gerben Voss's Religion Page
Links to sites related to various religions and pseudo-religions, with a heavy emphasis on Christian links.
* World Scripture Recommended
A (vast) on-line comparative anthology of sacred texts, edited by Andrew Wilson.
* Yahoo - Society and Culture: Religion
The relevant section from the Yahoo database.

Societies, etc.

* European Society for the Study of Science and Theology
Details of the Society - membership, officers, etc. - plus events, publications, news, prizes, and links to other sites.
"This site contains further information about HCS-L, the Society for Hindu Christian Studies, and the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin."
* International Association for the History of Religions
Details of the Association, its aims and objectives, conferences past and future, membership, etc.
* Marburg Institute for the Study of Religions
Publications, events, people, links, and the Marburg Journal of Religion. In English and German.

Individual Religions


* Baha'i Faith Forum
Pages maintained by a Canadian Association, offering brief accounts of the history, beliefs, and nature of the Baha'i faith.
* Baha'i Faith Page
Maintained by Glen Little. A very large site, containing and linking to a number of introductory texts, central religious texts, pictures, socially-related material, and other internet resources. (Warning: users of some browsers will see "Baha'm" instead of "Baha'i" throughout.)
* Baha'i Faith Pages
Prop. Graham Sorenson. On-line texts, links to other sites, etc. Another large, resource-filled site.
* Baha'i Page at SunSite
Maintained by Mark Towfiq. Offering introductory material, Baha'i scriptures, and links to related sites.
* Baha'i Resources on the Internet
Maintained by Gordon Lane. An extensive range of resources, including a list of writings available on the Internet. (Even if you use a graphical browser, you might find the text version easier to use.):  graphical -- non-graphical.
* Baha'i Studies Page
Maintained by Juan Cole.
* Baha'i WWW resource index
Maintained by Casper Voogt.
* H-Bahai
"the major academic Web page for serious Baha'i studies, with enormous numbers of primary materials, scholarly articles, research notes, etc., in many languages."
* Oxford University Baha'i Society
Details of meetings, etc.
* Rachel's Baha'i and Arabic Pages
"There is a basic introduction to the Baha'i Faith with links, essay on the Progressive Nature of God's Revelation (within Islam and forcasting the Baha'i Faith); some wav files of Baha'i prayers and the opening Surah of the Qur'an and so forth."
* Virtual Library: Bahai-Faith
The relevant page of resources from the WWW Virtual Library.

Buddhism & Zen Buddhism

* Buddhism World
Information and links, run by Chien-Wen (Mark) Shen.
* Buddhist Bibliography
Maintained by Garin-Michaud-Roger.
* Buddhist Studies Facility
Gopher site based at A.N.U., with an extremely comprehensive set of resource materials and links.
* Chogye Zen WWW Page
Zen Buddhist Texts - a wide range of primary and secondary materials.
* Electronic Buddhist Archives
All the gopher sites are empty or have disappeared. A search on Alta Vista came up blank. I'm still looking, though - and if anyone has any information, I'd be grateful.
* Engaged Buddhist Dharma Page
Human rights issues from a Buddhist perspective.
* International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
Vast collection of on-line texts, plus details of the Institute, etc.
* Ngawang Geleg's Buddhist Home Page
Maintained by Henry Chia.
* Patriarch Zen Meditation
In English, Vietnamese, and Chinese versions.
* Samye Ling
* Shin Buddhism Network
Shin Buddhist Resources, links, etc.
* Shin Buddhist Resource Centre
A collection of links & texts, plus details of an e-mail newsletter and on-line discussion.
* Shingon Buddhist School
Hosted by Thierry Mollandin.
* U.K. Buddhist Addresses
* U.K. Buddhist Studies Association
Details of the Association, information about conferences and other events, links to related sites, etc.
* Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram
Includes articles about life in a Thai monastary and information on Dhammakaya medititation.
* Zen Texts
`Zen@SunSITE', run by Ben Walters.


* The Bible
The King James version, on line.
* Byzantine Catholic Information
Maintained by Christina Brundage.
* Catholic Resources on the Net
Very full, with texts on line (old and new), and links to other sites.
* Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A collection of on-line texts - not only straightforwardly theological, but things like G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown stories. Worth a look.
* Christian WWW Resource List
Simon Damberger's page of links - a catholic collection (with a small `c', of course):
* U.K. site
* U.S. site
* Christianity on the Web
"A wide-ranging selection of Christian resources on the World Wide Web. Including Bibles, Churches, Theology, History, Creeds, Culture, and Opinion. "
* Darkness to Light
Director: Gary F. Zeolla. Christianity "from a Reformed Baptist viewpoint".
* Gnosis Archive
A wide range of links, relevant texts, and other information relevant to Gnosticism (plus related areas).
* Gnostic Texts
On-line translations of the main gnostic texts, plus links to related sites.
* Guide to Early Church Documents
Links to on-line texts by early Christian writers.
"This site contains further information about HCS-L, the Society for Hindu Christian Studies, and the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin."
* In Hoc Signo Vinces
A Catholic web-site.
* Rajindrr Nijjhar
The text of his book First Gnostic Principles of One God One Faith, plus links to relevant sites.
"The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints". I'm not entirely sure that this belongs here, but here's where I've put it for the time being.
+Book of Mormon
A search engine, allowing you to look for occurrences of words and phrases, plus the option to browse the whole text.
+ LDS Resources
Prop. Gregory Woodhouse. A well-organised list of links.
+ WWW Links Related to Mormonism
Prop. David Bowie. Very full list of www resources.

* New Advent Web Page
Catholic-based page - very rich, with a vast range of texts, including the Writings of the Church Fathers.
* Rajinder Nijjhar's Gnosticism Page
On-line essays, links, etc.
"The Society of Friends"
+ Quaker Corner
Prop. Joanne Todd Rabun. Various links, but very much slanted towards genealogy
+ Quaker Electronic Archive
Prop. George Amoss. An archive of on-line texts.
+ Quaker e-mail Lists and Usenet Groups
Prop. Bill Samuel.
+ Quakers in Brief
"or Quakerism Made Easy" - an on-line book by David M. Murray-Rust.
+ Religious Society of Friends
On-line documents and links to a very wide variety of resources.

* Russia -- Religion
From "Russia on the Web" (courtesy of the "Transnational Institute"). Information, pictures, links to other sites, and a forum for discussion.
* Steven Schimmrich's Christianity Page
Links to a variety of resources, arranged into four categories.
* Searchable Bibles
King James Version | Revised Standard Version
Truth and Reason
Links to sites related (sometimes slightly, and interestingly, obliquely) to a sort of Thomist approach to Christianity, maintained by Stephen Adkins.
* Virtual Christianity
Links to a wide variety of Christian resources, maintained by Stephen Adkins.


* New Confucianism Page
Maintained by Keith Ammann. Offers details of the man and his work, pointers to the main texts on the Web and to other relevant sites, a bibliography, plus some other bits and pieces.


* The Bhagavad Gita
Down-loadable Sanskrit verses in Acrobat and PostScript formats.
* Bhagavad Gita for Schools
Introduction courtesy of the Vivekananda Centre.
* Documents on Hinduism
A gopher site, based at A.N.U., offering texts and links to other sites.
* Global Hindu Electric Network
"Hindu Scriptures Reference Centre". Translations, on line.
* Hare Krishna Home Page
"The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust." The text version is surprisingly understated; it offers information about publications, centres, beliefs, etc.
"This site contains information about HCS-L, the Society for Hindu Christian Studies, and the Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin."
* Hindu Tantrik Home Page
Maintained by Mike Magee. There's also a version for those infatuated with frames.
* Tantric Studies at the University of North Carolina
A gopher site, offering a number of documents, archives, bibliographies, etc. It seems to be pretty busy.
* The Vedanta Page
Information, links, and texts.
* Vivekananda Centre
London-based organisation, involved in the teaching of Hinduism (GCSE) in schools and other educational activities.
* Peter Wierny's "Temple of Understanding"
Another Krishna Consciousness site.


(See also Sufism.)

* Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association
A good range of texts, links, and other resources.
* Daar-ul-Ehsaan
"Daar-ul-Ehsaan a world wide Islamic non profit organization founder Shakih Abu Aneese Muhammad Barkat 'Ali Quddus Sirruhul 'Azeez. The aim is Muslim unity in every corner of the world through Islamic information and education."
* Islamic Ahlul-Bayt Student Association, U. of Toronto
Details of the Association, plus introductory texts, and links to relevant sites.
* Islamic Gopher Server
A variety of resources, including links to texts, discussion groups, other sites, etc.
* Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Religion
Very full resource, maintained by Alan Godlas.
* Islamic Texts and Resources MetaPage
Run by the Muslim Students' Association of the University of Buffalo. A very full site, offering a wide range of links.
* Muslim Television Ahmadiyya
Details of the organisation, its broadcasting, background, etc., plus the beginnings of an information service offering information about relevant publications, etc.
* Rizwi's Bibliography for Medieval Islam
Maintained by Rizwi S. Faizer.
* Ibrahim Shafi's Islamic Resources
A very full site, offering a wide range of texts, both primary and secondary, links to other sites, details of relevant newsgroups, etc.
* Shi'ite Encyclopediaversion 2.0
An on-line, searchable encyclopedia of Shi'a.
* Sunnah of Mohammed Home Page
An extensive collection of links, texts, and contacts.


* Jain Studies
Details of de Montfort University's degree programme, plus extensive links to Jain-related resources (including libraries).
* Jain World Wide Web Page
Introductory material, archives of the e-mail discussion list `Jain-List', and links to other Internet resources.
* Jainism at the University of North Carolina
A gopher site, offering a number of documents, archives, bibliographies, etc. It seems to be pretty busy.
* Mihir Shah's Page
A personal account of Jainism, plus links to other resources and some useful contacts.


* Dead Sea Scrolls
`The ancient library of Qumran and modern scholarship'. An exhibit at the Library of Congress.
* Divrei Torah
Huge collection of commentaries, with a search engine for those kept at the site.
* Jewish Meditation
"offers a FAQ on Jewish meditation, tips on getting started, instructions on a variety of Jewish meditative techniques, and a comprehensive bibliography on the subject, including books, audiotapes and links to related sites."
* Judaica Collection
A very extensive range of links - not all concerned with Judaism, the religion, though.
* The Lengthy List of Jewish Links
Maintained by Leonard Grossman. By no means all relevant to Judaism as a religion, but it is lengthy.
* Orthodox Judaism
Maintained by Michael Hamm.
* Shamash: The Jewish Internet Consortium
Another page of links - again, often social or political rather than religious.


* Religion in India: Sikhism
Gopher site, offering basic information about Sikhism.
* Sikhism: Religion of the Sikh People
Difficult if you use a non-graphical browser; use the first link, and things become easier and more interesting, with information, texts, and commentaries.
* Rajinder Nijjhar
"Sikhism Home Page".


(See also Islam.)

* Ali Ansari's Sufism Homepage
If you use Lynx, this page is rather confusing; it contains a number of links to Sufi-related sites.
* International Association of Sufism
Details of the Association - membership and events.
* Koran
A searchable on-line text.
* Mateen Siddiqui's Haqqani Sufi Home Page
Texts, introductory material, and links.
* Sufism - an Introduction
A brief history, plus a few links to related sites.
* Sufism's Many Paths
Maintained by Alan Godlas.
* Paul Yachnes' Sufism: an Annotated Resource Guide
Very full, containing an introduction, an extensive bibliography, sources for books, and a discography of Sufi music.


* Chad Hansen's Page
Chinese thought, with special emphasis on Taoism, from a philosophical perspective.
* Taoism Information Page
Links to texts (primary & secondary) and other resources; maintained by Gene R. Thursby.
* Taoism Resource Centre
There's lots here, though some might find the style (over-informal, lots of exclamation marks) off-putting.
* Tao Te Ching
An English translation by R.B. Blakney.
* Tao Te Ching: chapter one
An interesting site, offering a range of different translations of the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching:
* Netscape version - 10 translations, illustrated (with slide-show option)
* Text-only version - 27 translations.
* Tao Teh Ching Translations
Two versions: Peter Merel's interpolation of a number of translations, and Stan Rosenthal's translation, with an introduction and background material.


* Avesta Web Server
An extremely large set of texts in the original and in translation, plus language-related resources and links to other Zoroatrian sites.
* Larry Grant
This is one of the most appallingly frames crippled sites I've seen. I've linked to the most useful of the six frames making up the first page.
* Stanford University Zoroastrian Group
Some local information, introductory material, and links to other resources.
* Traditional Zoroastrianism
The central tenets of Zoroastrianism, plus a collection of articles, and links to other sites.


* African Traditional Religions
A list of links devoted to African Traditional Religion.
* Avatar Meher Baba
He started out as a Zoroastrian, but the material on this site suggests a rather catholic (with a small `c') attitude to religious notions, with an emphasis on the religions of India.
* Mjolnir's Pagan and Wicca Page
"a site dedicated to the unity of ALL religions. It is the sincere hope of the Webmaster that this site will help to dispel some of the misconceptions of some religions, thereby helping everyone to have a better understanding of each other, bringing us closer together."
* Theosophical Society in America
* World Union of Deists
"an in-depth look at the much overlooked idea of Deism. It also has many hard to find essays by Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson on topics such as religion, God, life, etc."
I've put this link here because, although the deism involved here seems to be the variety of Christianity to which the term has usually been applied, the site claims some vaguer (in fact extremely vague) religious identity, opposed to Christianity. I think that that's probably just a confusion, but judge for yourself.

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